Howard Stern's daughter was nude on stage

Howard Stern’s daughter Emily has pulled out of a satirical stage performance in which she appears nude, apparently worried that enemies of her father would distribute pictures of her on the Internet.

Emily Stern, 22, has starred since November in “Kaballah,” staged by the Jewish Theater of New York at the Triad Theater, 158 W. 72nd St. She has been playing Madonna, the pop singer who gained an interest in the mystic Jewish form of study.

Tuesday, the company abruptly canceled its scheduled performances for this week at the 136-seat theater, saying Stern had dropped out after learning that she had become the subject of rumors on several Howard Stern fan club Web sites.

“She’s very scared now,” said Isi Tenonbom, a spokeswoman for the Jewish Theater, who said the company was looking for a replacement actress.

Tenonbom said that members of at least one fan club had left “vulgar” comments about Emily in online chat rooms, “thus creating the possibility that throngs of them would come to take her pictures in compromising poses.”

The operator of one site said he was aware that some photos of Emily Stern had made their way to the Web, and that site administrators were attempting to have them removed.

Tenonbom said the company had previously agreed not to divulge Stern’s relationship to the talk show host, whose morning program enters a second life next week on satellite radio.

Tuvia Tenonbom, the show’s director, said Stern’s departure puts the rest of the cast “in a very tough spot.”

A Web site for “Kaballah,” updated to announce its planned extension into 2006, says only that the lead, Madonna, will be played by “Long Island-born-and-raised Jewish actress, the talented Emily Stern.”

Tenonbom said Stern’s mother, Alison, had seen the show, but that Howard had not. She said Howard did not want his daughter to do the show because he was afraid his enemies would try to take advantage of the situation.

According to a bio posted on the Jewish Theater’s Web site, Stern is a Tisch School of the Arts graduate who has recently appeared in the 7th Sign’s production of “Zastrozzi: The Master of Discipline.”

A spokesman for Howard Stern could not be reached Tuesday night.

Emily Stern nude

Emily Stern in her pointy bra

34 thoughts on “Howard Stern's daughter was nude on stage

  1. Well I have been looking all over the net for the actual nude pics. All I can find is the video and pics of her in the pointy bra. Lets see a link to the good stuff. Oh and she is pretty hot.

  2. No wonder Howards angry, she’s not very attractive. I’ll bet he’s abit disappointed in her looks. I’ve listened to Howard for many years and know how he thinks and feels about that sort of stuff.

  3. Actually she looks pretty decent…just not in that picture.

    Enjoy. I am still looking for the nude pics. Somebody throw me a bone.

  4. Ha! It’s all innocent fun protected by the consituition… oh… until it’s YOUR daughter that’s degraded. He’s made his fortune on the misfortune and degradation of others, and now it’s come to bite him in the @ss. Too bad for her, but I’m glad he’s getting his.

  5. I won’t be happy until I find pictures of her with bologna stuck to her ass. I guess the above poster was right…it seems to be “Coming around” to Me Stern.

  6. why no pics of Emily Stern? I kinda was hoping that she looked a little like the girl on that show a few years ago___about Howard Sterns’ problems getting into “shock (disc)jocking”

  7. You guys are so damned hateful. Get some rest, it’ll all be better in the morning. Emily is just a kid expressing herself and trying to find her legs as an artist. No one has anything on her or her father. You guys make me sick.

  8. It was obvious Howard Stern’s daughters would end up doing something to embarrass him. He always clips that strippers & whores usually come from a family where the father isn’t there, or is but doesn’t pay attention to his kids. You just described yourself, Howard. I hope you enjoy the bed you made for yourself.

  9. Howard was actually proud of her for doing her own thing. I guess you people that think you know him through the news and other media don’t know what you’re talking about.

  10. I don’t see what the big deal is? Ronald Reagon and Frank Sinatra’s daughter posed nude! Paris Hilton made a video nude making love to someon!

    Charlie Sheen is a druggie etc.

  11. She looks like a **cking idiot just like her crazy looking father, I am not surprised in the least! A very unattractive girl!!! Howard should be really proud (for real!!), that is what his family stands for!! And he has the nerve to talk about “Gabby”!! He needs to clean up his own trashy daughter before he goes around talking about other peoples children! What a Jerk!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I feel bad for her. Howard cant say anything because he ridicules everyone now he is going to know what it feels like when it hits home.
    And his daughter is an idiot to appear on stage nude in the first place.
    What does she hope to gain???? She is 22 but must be stupid enough to think that she could get away with this being Howard Sterns Daughter.

  13. she kind of looks like courtney love on other than looks but her father is so smart and now that of taking to her father is a genius and she has been head spun by the ideas he has for her, or so it seems. big fans of courtney, nirvana, stp, headspun, alice in chains, and that new rock best rock band ever, I forget the name but it’ll come to me, not white stripes. so it seems.

  14. I am 33 and have been listening to Howard since I was 15 in L.A. I got his sense
    of humor right from the start. A lot of the stuff he says I agree with and giggle at silly comments he makes/The Stern show has
    made tons of my mornings in traffic berable. I hate that people are saying unfair things about his daugher. She has nothing to do with
    Howard does or says on the air. Now she is being persecuted for being a daughter of someone hated by so many closed
    minded people. Who choose to attack a girl who is just trying to make her way in life. You people should take a good look at yourself before you make such ugly comments about someone you have never met… What does that say about you?????

  15. Rochelle, you must be a very attractive girl!!! and you must have beautiful kids. Why are YOU saying ugly things about somebody’s child? Especially if you feel no one should say anything about Gabby? You are and idiot you are calling someone ugly just because of her parent!! You Dope!!!! Anywho, sometime you should take the time to hear what he really said about Gabby and NOT pay attention to what your big fat beautiful ears heard from a second source.

  16. What is the deal with Miss Hilton? I read somewhere that she would definitely be in a Guinness World Records book for the world’s “Most Overrated Celeb.” As if! Can she act? Is she popular as a model? Double yuck! And getting out of jail early? Ms. Untalented skirting her accountability due to her remarkable grandpa, or was it her celeb standing?

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