Johnny Damon Agrees to Sign With New York Yankees


I just saw on TV that Johnny Damon agreed to sign a contract with the New York Yankees.

Johnny, say it’s not true.

Free agent center fielder Johnny Damon might not want to return to the Boston Red Sox because of their front-office shuffling, the Newark Star-Ledger reported Friday. The Star-Ledger cited an unidentified person who spoke recently with Damon, who sentimentally prefers returning to the Red Sox but will take the best offer available.

On Thursday, Mike Myers gushed about Damon, sounding like the center fielder’s campaign manager.
Johnny Damon did the expected and turned down salary arbitration late Monday night, but veteran infielder Tony Graffanino tossed the Red Sox a bit of a curve when he accepted the offer before the midnight ET deadline.

Damon, who turned down the club’s last contract bid, believed to be four years at $40 million, can still negotiate and sign with Boston until Jan. 8. If no deal is signed by then, he wouldn’t be able to return to the Red Sox until May 1 and it would likely never come to that. And from what I’m hearing on the TV news, Johnny Damon has agreed to sign with the New York Yankees. Gross!

5 thoughts on “Johnny Damon Agrees to Sign With New York Yankees

  1. There are 28 other teams he could have gone to and he would have received standing ovations every time he came back to Boston. Now his memorable service to our beloved Red Sox may as well not have happened. He will fully understand the passion of Red Sox nation and the hatred we have for the dark-side when he first returns to Fenway.

    I’d like to see how those 2 queers who call the Jankee games handle Damon’s first “nine hopper to home plate!!!”

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