Interview: Laurel Wolff of Jaded

Laurel Wolff of Boston’s all female rock band JADED

3LDP: Laurel, you are seasoned musician, you play bass and you sing. What or who was your inspiration for playing music in general?
Laurel Wolff: Thank you :) Music has always been around me. My father is a classically trained pianist and I remember listening to him practice all the time growing up. Music was always on in the house and I was picking up different instruments waiting for one to stick-which was the bass. What really got me to take my bass playing further was seeing and hearing White Zombie’s bassist (Sean Yseult) play. I saw her and thought to myself, now thats what I want to do! As far as the singing, I wanted to form an all-girl band when I was 14 or so and we couldn’t find a singer, so I decided to take the job (as well as playing bass) and I’m glad I did, I’ve been singing ever since.

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3LDP: JADED has had a few different lineups since it’s forming. Do you think this lineup is the most solidified since your joining and what is the relationship you ladies have with JADED?
Laurel Wolff: I think that we have THE lineup for the band now! We took our time looking for the right girl after Marina left and we definitely have found her! We are all very close, like sisters in a way. I feel very lucky to be working with such talented and smart chix!

3LDP: JADED has toured throughout the US and Europe. Any particular show you remember or that stands out the most?
Laurel Wolff: Oh man, there’s quite a few! Playing the London Astoria was one of my favorites though! The energy was electric! We also had a total Spinal Tap moment trying to find the stage!

3LDP: Your New single “Higher”, who produced it, where was it produced/mixed/mastered and how did the process of writing the single happen?
Laurel Wolff: The whole EP was produced and mixed by Richard Marr, Sammy Miami and JADED at Galaxy Park Studios in Allston MA and it was mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering. “Higher” had been a song in the works for a year or two actually, with many different versions. The version we have now is completely different than all the others, but has the same concept lyrically. The song came about at practice, just riffing around and then coming in with new parts/ideas, piecing it together.

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3LDP: The New CD, has the writing process been a new experience with current singer Katy Reign?
Laurel Wolff: Yes, definitely! Katy comes up with really cool melodies and she just gels with us. I feel like we have matured a lot together!

3LDP: I have personally seen JADED live at shows and I must say, you ladies can ROCK and the stage presence is very theatrical and tight. Use one word that would best describe you band mates on stage.
Wow, thanx! …man, I’m not good at these types of questions haha but here ya go-
Britt Lightning: Flashy
Katy Reign: Strong
Hillary Blaze: On fire
Laurel Wolff: Aggressive

3LDP: Name a few artists that you have shared the stage with. Also name your influences.
Laurel Wolff: Alice in Chains, Halestorm, Doro Pesch, WASP, Twisted Sister, Buckcherry, Kittie, Disturbed. A few of my influences are Type O Negative, White Zombie, Iron Maiden, Drain STH.

3LDP: What are some of your goals as a band moving forward into the future?
Laurel Wolff: To spread our music around the world!

3LDP: How can fans-to-be gain access to your music? Do you have a website with samples?
Laurel Wolff: You can find us and hear us on:, or our website (which is under construction at the moment) You can also go to to hear my other project (Suicide Dream).

3LDP: What equipment do you use? Endorsers?
Laurel Wolff: I play an Ibanez SRX300 bass with Dunlop strings/picks. I’m also working with Carlino Guitars on a custom bass which I’m very excited about! I play through an Ampeg PR410H cab with a Hartke 2500 head.

3LDP: Thank you so much for your time, it has been a pleasure as usual. See you at the next show! Is there anything else you would like share with all the JADED fans?
Laurel Wolff: Anytime and thank you! To all the fans-you guys are amazing and keep checking the sites for more to come.

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  1. As a long time fan & friend of the band, I can say with all honesty that these ladies really have what it takes to make it. I have been to many shows (over 400 now) and very few bands really have the kind of energy & drive that JADED does. If any band really deserves a major break into the big time, its them. They have a bright future ahead of them & I am glad I met them along the way. I wish nothing but success & good fortune for the ladies of JADED.

    • I agree Keith, maybe we should get a totally awesome video together for their single “higher” and make them youtube phenoms!!

  2. You look fabulous- you are gorgeous. You are talented. You are special.
    Your looks set you apart from the crowd. What eyes….
    Believe in your own talent- you shine brighter above the others! For real!

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