Still unemployed!?

Yup still unemployed and I guess as far as a job working for someone else. I decided about a month ago that I’m fucking tired of working for people and getting laid off or fired because he their plans change or I’m too expensive for them (yea that was a good excuse) or just plainly I hated a place.

So I decided to start a company doing what I’ve been unemployed by others to do. Web design, graphics and web marketing. Well I guess the web marketing is been on my own but I think I’m pretty good with getting the word out on my own websites. Whether it’s promotions with search engines or online ads. I’m pretty good at what I do.

So Erin and I will incorporate our own parent company and I’ll develop a web prescience to design and host other websites as well as a separate site to focus on web marketing.

Two different things as far as I’m concerned. Anyone can build a site but get 100,000 people in one day to visit and then you’ve accomplished something. This is called search engine marketing (or SEM).

Besides I want to start making some money with my skills rather than messing around with other peoples sites for free.

Want a website? Let’s talk money first.

Besides I hooked up with a few great people already for some work and it could turn into something BIG.

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