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  • The Dangers of Too Much Caffeine

    caffeine drink danger

    When people think of caffeine they think of coffee and soda, but caffeine is also in medicine, tea, energy drinks and more. Many people rely on caffeine to give them a boost of energy through the day, but consuming too much caffeine can have negative health consequences. Caffeine can even be dangerous to your health […] More

  • Carving A Pumpkin Into A Jack-O-Lantern with Stencil


    With Halloween approaching it is time, once again, to think about pumpkin carving. Carving a pumpkin into a Jack-o-lantern has been a tradition ever since the first Halloweens way back when. In this day and age carving a pumpkin into a Jack-o-lantern is done for decorative purposes. But that wasn’t always the case. It used […] More

  • What is Growth Hacking & Why Should Your Company Care


    The name of the game in today’s business scene is growth. Marketers are struggling to find ways to compete in an overcrowded marketplace. Business leaders want big results in the way of increased traffic, more engagement and improved lead generation. The pressure is on for marketers. How can we deliver to such high expectations? Many […] More

  • How a Business Can Improve Its Search Rankings

    improve search rankings for your business

    Learning how to improve your search ranking numbers in Google is much easier when you are using the steps here. You have to remember that there are several factors, and you need cover every one if you want your website to rise in the search engine rankings. You can create a website that is going […] More

  • How Voice Biometrics Reduce the Risk of a Security Breach

    voice biometrics

    In a world still heavily reliant on passwords and security questions, fraudsters are now breaching phone, mobile and IVR security measures by using social engineering to hijack customer credentials. In fact, Infinity Research revealed that the annual cost of fraud is going to reach $6.3 billion dollars in 2015 for the banking and financial sector. […] More

  • How to Use Terapeak to Reach Your Goals Faster

    how to use Terapeak

    There are a lot of people out there who want to succeed but they just aren’t prepared to spend any money on education or tools that will help them get to where they want to be, I know because I went down this path for a while until I saw the light. Clichés are clichés […] More

  • Microsoft Office 365 is Now on the iPad – Here’s My Full Review

    Microsoft Office 365

    Microsoft has just released Office for iPad, the first time you can download an official Office Suite of software from Microsoft just for you iPad via the iTunes app store. Office for iPad contains fully functional versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Now while anyone can download the apps and read documents or presentation PowerPoint […] More

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