Buy a Beat LA Tshirt. Boston Celtics Are in the Finals.

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Beating the Detroit Pistons in Detroit tonight should remove any doubts about this team and their coach, Doc Rivers. There were so many great plays made tonight.

The ones that stood out began with Ray Allen still on fire knocking down big time shots. The slump is over for him and after tonight’s celtics game it’s proof that the Celtics are unbeatable when he is shooting the ball well.

This was a real gut check game where we witnessed the mental toughness of this team.

The big shot by Rondo, the steal by Posey and the block by Perkins.

The composure of Paul Pierce after they took away a possible 4 pt play. He just smiled and went on to the next play. I have never seen him this composed.
KG did not shoot the ball well tonight except when it counted, in the post, on the elbow just draining jumpers.
Yes the Celtics are exactly where they wanted to be at this point in the playoffs. I think it is time to really temper the endless loop of negativity against individual players and especially Doc Rivers. This is a wonderful team to embrace.

Let me say it again it again. The Celtics and their coach are learning how to win in the playoffs and so far they have not disappointed themselves or their fans! Now if we can just get a post game party organized with the Celtics Dancers we’d all be happy.

Celtics vs Lakers! BEAT LA

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