2008 Popular Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is creeping (oooh spooky) up on us pretty quickly so it’s time once again to start thinking about popular Halloween costume ideas.

If you don’t remember last year’s list, let me give you just a taste. It included things such as Rob & Big’s Bobby Light Costume, the diaper wearing astronaut psycho Lisa Nowak, and the ever popular Dick in a Box costume. Anyone who actually dressed up as any of these characters can tell you… they were a big hit.

So without any further ado, let’s list some popular 2008 Halloween Costume Ideas.

Sarah Palin Costume

I figured we would start off with the obvious… politics. Now if you are going a couples costume you could obviously go with either Sarah Palin and John McCain or you could go with Sarah Palin and Barack Obama. Either would work out fine.
Sarah Palin CostumeBut… if you wanted to be a little different you could go as Tina Fey dressed as Sarah Palin.

Amy Winehouse Costume

Ahhh, Amy Winehouse. She brought us tons of entertainment this year. It’s only fit that we honor her by dressing up as her on Halloween and mocking the tragedy that is her life.

There are two different versions of the Amy Winehouse costume that you could do and both would be completely acceptable.

Amy Winehouse CostumeBlonde Amy Winehouse Costume – For this version of the Amy Winehouse costume you will need a bleach blond wig that has the texture of straw. You’ll need heavy eyeliner that flares out into wings on either side of your eyes. You’ll also need a crackpipe and… no that’s it.
Amy Winehouse CostumeClassic Amy Winehouse Costume (missing tooth and all) – Classic Amy Winehouse Costume – you’ll want to go with the dark haired bouffant style that we have all come to identify with Amy. You’ll need to simulate a missing front tooth. You’ll also need a crackpip and… no that’s it.

Messing With Sasquatch, Sasquatch costume

It’s not very often that TV commercials are both enjoyable and funny but Jack Link’s Beef Jerky has blessed us with some this year. They are called “Messin With Sasquatch”.

Enough said.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia costumes

For anyone who is a fan of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, they know that this show is just busting with possible Halloween Costumes.

day man costumeDay Man Dennis and Charlie Costume – this costume is going to require some work. You’ll need to find clothes similar to what Ziggy Stardust (David Bowey) wore. Not easy but so worth it. Along with dressing like a femmed out rock star you’ll also get to spend the night singing the Day Man lyrics which, let’s face it, are genius.

mcpoyle costumeThe McPoyle’s – This costume is very easy, and might I say, comfy. You will need a bathrobe, tighty whiteys, and a glass of milk. You’ll also want to make yourself look as sweaty as possible. Those are all the ingredients you’ll need for the perfect McPoyle’s costume.

2008 Movie Halloween Costume Ideas

Although there were tons of great movies to pick from this year, I figured I would list the most popular and the easiest.

Joker Nurse costumeThe Joker costume – Now you could either go for the classic Joker look which would include a purple blazer or you could go for the updated Joker look… nurse joker. This would be based on the hospital scene in this year’s Dark Night Movie. You would keep the Joker face going but your clothes would be a nurse’s uniform. Either way, the Joker costume is very easy and very recognizable.

hancock costumeHancock costume – I know you’re saying “where and I supposed to get a spandex superhero costume?”. My answer… “you’re not”. You’re going to go for the Hancock in the beginning of the movie. You’ll need some bummy clothes, kit hat, sunglasses and… alcohol. Perfect.

So there you have it, just some of the possible 2008 Halloween costume ideas that would be both easy and recognizable. Have fun, be creative and most of all… be safe.

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  1. Nice list of costumes there! Of course, i’m partial to The Joker this year. I like this character because even though there will be many there are lots of props to this guy. A person can easily add their own touch to it and still be recognizable. An then the nurse as you mentioned…fabulous! And how about this: The Joker is so recognizable that you could dress as anyone famous…except be the joker! How cool would that be? A good example would be Ronald McConald…except for the face! lol…Can’t wait for Halloween!

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