What Was Extreme Sports in the 80s? BMX, Surf and Skateboarding Videos

What was the 80’s like for extreme sports compared to today?

I remember when bmx freestyle riding became popular and every kid in my town wanted to have pegs on his bike and be the first to bunnyhop the curb.

Then there were the punk surfers at the beach who would rather make fun of people in the water than catch a knarly tube and shred.

bad 80’s haircutThe worse though had to be some of the hair styles and clothes that skateboarders wore in the mid 80s. Half shirts and knee high socks were the uniform then. Lots of kids were trying to ollie high enough to say they saw daylight between themselves and the ground. Then you saw every commerical on tv jumping on skateboard craze. No wonder skaters later began to wear baggy clothes and rebel against everything lawful and commercial. At least that’s how I remember it when I lived though it.

Bob Dole runs for president and then later campaigns for Viagra.
Charges of conspiracy against the US come out from The Iran-Contra Affair.
Surgeon General C. Everett Koop says smoking addictions of nicotine are similar to those of heroin and cocaine.
Gleaming the Cube and Rad are released in movie theaters!

Matt Hoffman rips is up on the quarter pipes in 1987

Some cheezy surfing video with some funny surf slang

If you were Rad enough to live through the 80’s as a kid, comment below and share some of the things you remember about those time. Damn I can’t believe how we all thought that we were the coolest.

4 thoughts on “What Was Extreme Sports in the 80s? BMX, Surf and Skateboarding Videos

  1. We were not concerned about being cool, we already were. And as far as I am concerned I am still more cool than the fucking 60’s throwbacks that call themselves punk rock cool today. That is why I am 37 and still ride, and outride all these Nintendo, Playstation, refrigerator eating slobs today. Later, out.

  2. Dude. I hear ya. I raced BMX through the 80’s and rode my mountain bike and snowboarded through the 90’s. Now I’m in my mid 30’s too and I can still ollie on a skateboard. Bunnyhop a garbage barrel and 360 tailslide with the best of them. Most of these kids I see now only know this stuff cause of the games they play.

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