A Guide to Staying Motivated

Setting goals is completely useless if you don’t stay motivated to achieve them. Sometime in your journey, you might find yourself just not having it in you to chase these dreams and aspirations. You might think it will take too long, that it’s probably not what you want, or that it’s not worth it. When you finally realize what it is that you’ve always wanted, you can’t waste time dilly-dallying on your efforts to work for it! Find ways to keep yourself energized and motivated, and it will do wonders for your strength to reach your dreams and pursue your passions.

Choose something you love

Basically, you should work on achieving something which you are passionate about and that you really think is important. Otherwise, you wouldn’t find any reason to bother with it at all. You will only be wasting your time if you spend it on something you know can’t keep you going. In whatever you do when you work for it, find good reasons for why you have to do it. Whatever you have go power through when in pursuit of it will only reward you with good stuff later on. It wouldn’t be so difficult to overcome obstacles if you are working for the one thing you love.

Keep things fun

Just because you have goals and staying healthy and you’re working at achieving them doesn’t mean you have to go through hell. Some days can be worse than others, but there’s no point in obsessing about the little things that don’t matter. Find an anxiety cure by looking for something fun when dealing with any difficult situation. Make it enjoyable for you and for other people who are helping you out. While not everything can be sunshiny at the thought of keeping things light, it could change the way you think about things by giving you a more positive outlook when going through tough times.

Check your progress

It could surprise you sometimes, so it’s always good to check in on how far along you are since you started working on your passion. You can slowly see how you’ve improved your skills, or how you’ve gotten better at dealing with situations. See how you’ve matured in the course of the time you spent working for something you are passionate about. This will propel you forward and inspire you to just keep getting better at what you do. There is nothing like knowing that you’ve come a long way and that you only plan on going farther.

Keep the end in mind

You know what they say, “Begin with the end in mind.” Remember this so that you will have the will to power through whatever life throws at you that could hinder you from reaching your goals. Anything you’ve achieved so far will be put to waste if you just decide to abandon ship and leave everything behind. Everything that you have worked hard for since day one will not matter if you choose to just stop doing it. If this is your passion, you shouldn’t just give up on it. Fight and live to conquer another day.

Keeping yourself motivated and energized wouldn’t be much of a problem if you really love what you do and think that you are meant to do it. In most cases, you probably are, so just keep working for it and watch it unfold in front of you. See it grow and revel in the thought of all the heart and hard work you put into it. Only then will you realize that it was worth it.

4 thoughts on “A Guide to Staying Motivated

  1. I would agree that setting goals is extremely important but not that helpful if we’re not going to stay motivated. I think it’s also great to have good friends to hold you accountable for goals that you might have. Sometimes that person may be your spouse, but a bit of accountability in staying motivated with our goal setting is helpful to many.

  2. I agree with what you say about keeping things fun. I appreciate the strategies you mentioned to use when we are feeling anxiety. This is so important and so often overlooked.

    Lately I have been making a point of dispelling anxiety and worry by looking at the humor in the situation. I find this helps me to refocus on my goals and what I need to do in that moment to stay on track.

  3. This is really the truth, the best way to stay motivated is to do something which you yourself enjoy.

    If everyone follows this one rule they’ll never have any problems keeping the motivation going and everything will become fun automatically.

  4. I agree on your advice. I’ve also started appreciating the progress on my baby steps to my goal. Aside from that, sharing my progress with a loved one who provides moral support keeps me on track.

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