Kid Rock and Scott Stapp Sex Tape. So Where's Pam Anderson?

Kid Rock has now joined the ranks of Pam Anderson, Collin Farrell, and Paris Hilton, as a sex tape of he, Creed front man Scott Stapp, and several groupies is set to be released by Red Light District. Red Light president David Joseph told US that “we acquired the tape from a third party. We haven’t decided exactly what we are doing with it but our goal is to release it toward the middle or end of this year.” That’s the same thing they said about the Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee tape.

The California-based Red Light District has uploaded a 40-second clip showing Kid Rock and Scott Stapp tag-teaming for a 45-minute love fest with several groupies while making a sex tape. Although recorded back in 1999, when Rock and Creed were on the road together, the tape only surfaced recently, according to Red Light’s president, David Joseph.

Reps for both musicians did not immediately respond to calls seeking comment, so it’s not known whether they will endorse the sale of the video in exchange for a percentage of profits, as Hilton and Rock’s ex Pamela Anderson (with her former hubby, Tommy Lee) eventually did with their sex tapes, or whether they will sue to block its release, as was the case with Colin Farrell.

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