Alli Diet Pill: Some Call It A Nasty Side Effect, I Call It Motivation

It has been a week since deciding to test out the Alli diet pill so I am now better able to give you the scoop (which rhymes with poop) on the Alli Program. I have found that there is a huge benefit to taking the Alli weight loss pill in addition to eating a low fat, low calorie diet and exercising…it’s called MOTIVATION.

The motivation that the Alli diet pill offers is that if you cheat on your low fat diet even in the slightest bit you will suffer the wrath of the Alli diet pill’s side effects. I know, you are saying… what? What kind of motivation is that?

Now My Alli Pill Side Effects

Let me list the side effects, which Alli lovingly calls it’s “treatment effects”, using the verbiage found in the Alli Companion Guide. This guide comes along with the Alli diet pill starter pack. “Treatment effects may include gas with oily spotting, loose stools, and more frequent stools that may be hard to control.” Are you going to tell me that this is not motivation to follow your diet to the letter? You can’t ask for better motivation than that.

You can take it from me that cheating on your diet while using the Alli diet pill just isn’t worth the consequences. Sure, eating nachos seemed like a good idea at the time, later on…not so much. Let me again say, frequent stools THAT MAY BE HARD TO CONTROL! The Alli side effects are no fun. I don’t care what your idea of fun is, the side effects do not fall into the fun category. I’ll leave it at that.

Can’t take my word for it? If you are going to use the Alli diet pill maybe you should cheat once, just to get an idea of what you are dealing with here. I think once is all it will take. Once you have cheated and experienced the Alli side effects, you will find yourself being very strict when it comes to the amount of fat that you consume.

On To The Alli Diet Pill Weight Loss Results

So far I would have to say that I’m pretty pleased with the results I am seeing with the Alli diet pill. In just five days of using Alli I was down 3 pounds. It does seem that the claims made by Alli are ringing true. They claim that Alli will double the amount of weight you will lose while exercising and eating a low fat diet.

For myself, a normal weight loss amount with diet and exercise alone would have been right around a pound and a half for a five day period. Instead? Three. I’m no arithmetician but the Alli diet pill has seemed to live up to it’s claims so far. They have lived up to both the weight loss claims and also what they claim will happen to you if you do not follow a low fat diet.

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