Alli Diet Pill: Some Call It A Nasty Side Effect, I Call It Motivation

It has been a week since deciding to test out the Alli diet pill so I am now better able to give you the scoop (which rhymes with poop) on the Alli Program. I have found that there is a huge benefit to taking the Alli weight loss pill in addition to eating a low fat, low calorie diet and exercising…it’s called MOTIVATION.

The motivation that the Alli diet pill offers is that if you cheat on your low fat diet even in the slightest bit you will suffer the wrath of the Alli diet pill’s side effects. I know, you are saying… what? What kind of motivation is that?

Now My Alli Pill Side Effects

Let me list the side effects, which Alli lovingly calls it’s “treatment effects”, using the verbiage found in the Alli Companion Guide. This guide comes along with the Alli diet pill starter pack. “Treatment effects may include gas with oily spotting, loose stools, and more frequent stools that may be hard to control.” Are you going to tell me that this is not motivation to follow your diet to the letter? You can’t ask for better motivation than that.

You can take it from me that cheating on your diet while using the Alli diet pill just isn’t worth the consequences. Sure, eating nachos seemed like a good idea at the time, later on…not so much. Let me again say, frequent stools THAT MAY BE HARD TO CONTROL! The Alli side effects are no fun. I don’t care what your idea of fun is, the side effects do not fall into the fun category. I’ll leave it at that.

Can’t take my word for it? If you are going to use the Alli diet pill maybe you should cheat once, just to get an idea of what you are dealing with here. I think once is all it will take. Once you have cheated and experienced the Alli side effects, you will find yourself being very strict when it comes to the amount of fat that you consume.

On To The Alli Diet Pill Weight Loss Results

So far I would have to say that I’m pretty pleased with the results I am seeing with the Alli diet pill. In just five days of using Alli I was down 3 pounds. It does seem that the claims made by Alli are ringing true. They claim that Alli will double the amount of weight you will lose while exercising and eating a low fat diet.

For myself, a normal weight loss amount with diet and exercise alone would have been right around a pound and a half for a five day period. Instead? Three. I’m no arithmetician but the Alli diet pill has seemed to live up to it’s claims so far. They have lived up to both the weight loss claims and also what they claim will happen to you if you do not follow a low fat diet.

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  1. Hello Ken:
    I am one of the producers for the food show referenced above. Thanks very much for your offer, but we are working on a piece regarding women’s health so I was trying to reach “Erin” that posted to your blog. Could you put me in contact with her?


  2. Hi Candace, this is Erin. Ken is my husband and we write together on this blog. You can also reach me at erin at erinsgifts dot com or fill out the form on that page.
    Once you email me I can also give you my phone number.


    • Well Alli has work for me great. I have noticed that when I take vitamins I poop but is not like I am going to poop on my self lol. But the vitamins do help!

  3. Hi Ken,
    I am so glad I found your website. I agree totally with you. alli does
    keep my overeating under control. I also find it a motivational tool. Think before you eat. Too much neg. feedback going around. I know it is working for me. I especially love that I don’t get jittery like with all other pills I’ve taken. It has my vote!

  4. Hi

    I have lost 3 inches on my waistline and cellulite on my thighs since starting alli three weeks ago. I do stay away from high fat foods now as a result. I exercise regularly as I did prior to using the product, but was not able to lose inches on my waist previously. It worked for me.

  5. what’s new with that product he? Eating a low fat, low calorie diet and exercising, of course you will loose weight. That’s what I hate with those program. You don’t need more than doing that, I’t sure you’re gonna loose weight. The day they will put a pill on the market saying that you will loose weight what ever you eat, let me know.

    • It increases you weight loss…and it does work. But yea won’t that be the day. We’ll just have to keep

  6. I just started yesterday on the Alli Diet plan. I am excited about losing at least 20-25 pounds. I am 3 1/2 ” tall and I weigh 160 pounds. I have thyroid disease and my metabolism is very low. So I have gained a lot of weight since the thyroid problem I have. I also am weak in disciplining myself to the wrong food types. I think this may be my answer since there are consequences if I stray from the diet. My concern is what happens when you reach your goal in the weight lose and you stop taking the Alli diet pill? Is there a chance of colon cancer or other problems with taking the fat out of your diet for a long period of time?

  7. I’ve been using Alli for about 10 days. I’m conducting a personal test with it.

    First phase is taking Alli with no change in diet and exercise. Second will be take it with increased exercise. Third is to take it with diet. Fourth is to take it with exercise and diet.

    I haven’t changed diet much and have lost about 2 to 4 pounds with few unpleasant side effects. Maybe a little gas and an increased volume of stool, I haven’t had discomfort or embarrassing sprints to the toilet. I’m surprised because I expected, it either not to work or to have significant side effects.

    Overall, I’m pleased and my next step is Phase 2 – exercise and Alli.

  8. alli made by GlaxoSmithKline is the first FDA approved otc diet pill…it is a fat blocker pill that helps your body loses weight by limiting the amount of dietary fat the fat that is blocked by Alli diet pill is simply passed through the body naturally

  9. Im scared to use alli i have been phentermine for about 7 months its ok but i feel i need a boost and maybe i need to switch to something else. I will let everyone know how it works if i do decide to really do it but im scared!!!!

    • where did you get your phentermine at? i have ordered on line and got my across seas but it isn’t what it used to be. i found that it’s more like sugar pills now. it used to help me in the past,

      • I’m sure this is because you got it on-line. The only reliable source for medication is a pharmacy. I think it would be great if we could all just order stuff on-line, but there are too many people out there making an easy buck. It very well could be a sugar pill.

  10. I have been on Alli for about 3 months now, lost 17 lbs (215 to 198) I have not exercised at all to this point, but plan to start running this year. I can guarantee the treatment effects are motivation to stay away from the fatty foods. I have only had one “accident” that caught me off guard, it ain’t pretty 🙂 But, if you stay even close to the diet, the “treatment effects” don’t exist. BBQ ribs where worth it 🙂

  11. Just heard about Alli the other day. Reading all these comments,I don’t know whether to try it or not…afraid of the side effects. Will keep on watching & reading your comments and then decide

    • Ive been taking them for a few days and I’m actually rather disappointed…I haven’t had any “treatment effects” so I tested it out I ate tacos, pepperoni pizza, a large movie theater popcorn with a twix, Olive Garden salad, breadsticks, and chicken parmaseana with spagetti, IHop spinach and mushroom olmlet add ham with hashbrowns and pancakes, mcdonalds mcdouble and a mcchicken and i haven’t noticed much fat in my shit, maybe the oily residue on the top of the toliet but when I worked out really hard on my own without the pills I shit more solidlike fat, lol! I even varied when I took the Alli pill, before a meal, right before a meal, during a meal…nothing…I guess the scale will tell, I’m going back to my regular low fat diet tomorrow.

  12. i tried the alli diet and have cut back on fat intake but prob not as much as i should.. and i haven’t had too bad of side effects. mainly just gas sometimes.. i really like the alli diet pill so far.. and i have been on it for about 3 wks and plan to continue with it.

  13. hello, I’m amatuer at all this diet stuff. Right now im actually watching The E! story on diet pills and Alli actually caught my eye. I love to eat, however, i could over do it at times. Im only a couple pounds over weight and i dont want to wait til its too late to lose the weight. I have read everyone’s comments and they didnt change my mind. I’m actually really excited about this.. the side effects are kind of iffy but im willing to take a chance. I think i’ll try anything once. I hope to deliver some positive feedback in the future.

  14. I was just wondering what kinds of foods are good to eat while on Alli. I know it’s supposed to be a low fat diet. But what foods are ok. I have a really hard time figuring out what to eat.

    • i have a over weight grand son (16) i just put him on alli..i am wondering sence he is autistic and takes ritalin if there is any side effects? so far his doctor does not seem think there is any harm. ?

  15. I am currently taking Alli and just read a disturbing article on Fox News Website. It says that the ingredient used in Alli has caused precancerous pollups on the colons of mice. They feel that Alli was released without doing enough research on the effects. Everyone should read that article before continuing Alli. Just google Fox News Alli article.

  16. Well im a 31 year old women and Alli is great.I have tried it all.I exercise every day to.
    I dont have any side affects so far.I have been taking Alli for 2 weeks.And I have lost 16 pounds.So good luck to anyone who wants to try them out they work.

  17. Hello…
    I just started using Alli on Saturday ( 4/12/2008, under Dr.’s advice) and am curious what is exactly considered fatty foods..? I ate chicken and noddles and did get gas with the oily tinge and more softer stools, I do not eat like one should due to working for the state and am on the road all day, so, It’s usually stopping and grabbin a burger and coke on my way to next client…so, please someone maybe give me some advice on different foods to take with less fat. I should also note I’m on Synthroid for my thyroid, and that is I believe alot of my weight as well..
    I went from weighing 125 to 155… 5’4, not wanting to lose much, just get back down to about 120-125lbs.
    Thanks to all who respond respectfully!

  18. Tina I can tell you this, I’m no doctor but if you;re on Alli and you eat a burger no matter how lean, you are going to have an explosive situation.

    Anything with more than 10% calories from fat have given me problems especially in the beginning.

    Being on the road all day is no excuse. You gotta pack your food then and bring it with you. We’re not going to get thin by eating fast food or popping pills although these have done great for me.

    good luck and let us know how it does for you.

  19. Omg!! i just experianced the “Treatment Effect” you call it! lol! this is only my second day using it!

  20. I have been on ALLI for 4 months I have only lost 13 pounds. Now let me tell you there are not always “treatment effects” regardless of how much fat you consume in a meal. I have not hd a treatment effect in 2 months and there are days I cheat by consuming more fat than I am suppose to. I would have thought and my doctor thought that having IBS would make things worse not so. After this bottle I am not buying anymore. The problem is that it on occasion will get rid of the greasy fat but not fat from things such as cake.

  21. I’ve been on ALLI for 4 months and have excersied & ate a low fat diet; I’ve lost 35 lbs and have 15 more to go. ALLI treatment effects have been my motivating factor to avoid fatty foods, however, I have cheated and the affects are minimal for me. You have to be commited to ALLI & the program to have the success I’ve had.

  22. Hey My doctor just told me to take Alli she said it is great to take since i have been on healthy diet and i m gaining weight

  23. what I dont get about these pills is how to take them because the directions are take 1 tablet with fat foods but what if your foods aren’t high in fat? what do you do then and if you dont take it because most of your foods are not high in fact then what? like i dont quite understand it someone please explain because i am really excited bout these pills however im puzzled about it as well

  24. Blanca, alli is easy to take if you don’t eat any fat don’t take alli. For example, i eat special K with no fat milk and coffee with non fat creamer for breakfast; i don’t take alli at this meal. I do take alli for lunch and dinner since it tougher to avoid fat at these meals. I’ve lost a total of 38 lbs now and had my cholestoral re-checked this week and in 6 months it dropped from 257 to 176. I couldn’t be happier taking alli. Good Luck!

  25. I just started Alli yesterday. My question is ” How much exercise are you suppose to do ” ? I walk on my treadmill for an hour. Is that enough ?

  26. Hi! I lost 7 pounds in two weeks and have had no clench the butt cheeks and run for the toilet type sumptoms! I have had looser stools, but nothing to complain about, with Alli you do think about what you are putting into your mouth, you begin to make better choices for yourself. I am happy with Alli, I have found however, that you need to watch taking any regular medications with it, space it out, because alli will interfere with absorption of your medications. AND PLEASE! Take your vitamin every nite before bed!!! This is inportant!
    and like the commercial says….get up get up get up..feel better!!!! take those morning walks, they make a great start to your day!!

  27. I have recently started taking Alli as most of you have. You are correct when you say you start to watch what you eat. I made homemade pizza the other day and thought oh don’t get to eat that. I am excited about the weight loss some of you have reported. I am eager to do the same. I have tried most everything including the excercise the low fat to the no fat diets. All of the fad diets, only to find the weight coming back and then some. Is there a site that has some recipes that would be good to make for those of us who are challenged? I get confused when reading the labels in the grocery store as I am sure some of you do.

    The side effects are there if you have too much fat intake. I have not sprinted to the restroom in an airport or anything but I know there is a possibility if I don’t watch my fat intake.

    Thanks for any comments.

  28. I had heard of Alli Diet Pill but not of its side effects. I did not read about its side effects so I was not ready for what happened next. Shocked! Oh well, now I know what everyone is talking about, and it’s TRUE! Since I have been on it after that one experience and no other to follow. However, I feel as if I need to use the bathroom all day but nothing happens and when I do go, I still feel as if I have to go again. I’m staying on it for awhile and see how much weight I will lose, it is doing something because I do not have an appetite as much.

  29. I’ve been on alli for about a week now and have minimal side effects. I’m just very careful to follow the diet and have no more than 10grams of fat and I’ve already seen great results. I’m very excited about this product.

    But boy I miss mexican food and chili cheese fries.

    But like this article says, you don’t dare break the diet out of fear of consequences. Its accidental but genius.

  30. In the past 2 years I have been able to take off 40 pounds. I want to take off another 15-20 pounds but have been struggling for the past 8 months. Maybe due to the fact I am menapausal. I have started alli just this evening. I do work out and watch my food intake very carefully. HOWEVER! Being a recovering addict I have a weakness for choc!!! In fact I just had a huge hand full of M & M’s! Now I’m afraid to leave the house for fear of the side effects! Well lesson learned here! next weekend I plan on a trip with my family for my 50th birthday and now I’m afraid to have my cake and eat it too :O What do I do? HELP! On a positive note I am looking forward to a positive reaction with the alli product.

  31. @Connie – So far I have been taking Alli for 3 weeks. The 1st week I did experience some of the loose stool and some stomach cramps. The 2nd week I was still cramping a liitle but the loose stool had stopped. Now on my 3rd week I have no cramps no loose stool and I do eat a high cal. diet some days. I even tryed taking 2 pills at one time to make it work more effectively but I still have the same results. Sometimes I might not have a movement at all. Not sure what I might be doing wrong but this pill is not working for me

  32. I have to admit I don’t agree with all the negative hype that this pill is getting. The box and its instructions clearly tell a potential user that their are side effects called “treatment effects” should you choose to over indulge in fatty foods. Hello, how hard is it to understand the concept of; if you eat the fatty stuff, you’re gonna have to poo.

    I agree with the idea that the “treatment effects” are certainly a motivational tool to keep you from eating more fatty foods. I’ve only been taking Alli for about a week. And, shall I say, lesson learned about treatment effect. I started off doing great, low fat breakfast, lunch and dinner…but I slipped one night….ate a humungous meatball sub…God it was delicious…However, at about 6 a.m. the following morning, I was off to the bathroom….and yeah, you could definately tell I’d eaten too much fat…yuck…So, I’m back on track. Definately gonna have to avoid the giant meatball subs…probably the reason I’m overweight to being with…but that’s another story…

    Bought a bike and keeping my fingers crossed on the actual pounds lossed.

  33. I just finished reading all the comments on Alli and would like to tell you abouth my experience. I started taking Alli as soon as it came on the market in June 2007. I started losing 2 lbs a week, every week for several months and then 1 to 1 1/2 lbs a week. I had very little in the way of side effects, just a little in the beginning until I got used to following a low fat diet. By the time Thanksgiving 2007 rolled around I had lost 30 lbs. I have kept it off and I must say this has been nothing but a positive experience for me. A friend of mine just gave me a bottle because they decided they did not want to use Alli. I started taking it again today and hope to knock off aniother 15 or 20 lbs. I am 59 years old and if I can do this I will weight what I did when I was 45 years old. Yeah, that will be wonderful.
    By the way I went back to my doctor for my yearly checkup last month and he was so happy that I had dropped the weight. He had no problems with me taking Alli.

  34. Hi i am about to embark on the alli plan. I am so ready to get healthy and maybe if I am lucky smaller size in jeans. I am not looking for a miracle drug. Just something to help me. I need motivation and something to help calm the stress eatings. My Dad is going through cancer bone,liver and lung. Not saying that is my reason for being so over weight. But I ahave gained extra since the dx.

    I hope alli works for me as it has for you all. Any last minute recommendations before I go and buy my box of help. Thanks ever so much. If you like you can email me back.

  35. I have started using alli in addition to weight watchers. I have been on weight watchers since May of this year and I had been doing well but I find old habbits starting to creep back in and I am lacking the self discipline to stay on track. I started Alli about 10 days ago and am using this product to keep myself honest. It may seem like a strange thing but it works for me. I have lost 6.6 pounds. It is very logical to say that all you need is diet and exercise and that is true but food addictions and compulsive behavior always overcome even the best of intentions.

  36. My daughter and I are starting Alli today together. Due to some medications we have been taking we have both found our metabolisms seem to have slowed – and we are tired, etc. I’ve gained 15 lbs in the last year and she’s gained about 25. She’s getting married in February, and both of us would like to take off at least 10 – 15 lbs and neither of us is having any luck. I find the possible side effects a good motivator – because in addition to a 50 minute train ride in the morning, I have to walk about 10 blocks to my office. The idea of having an attack while on my way to or from work is pretty good motivation to behave. I already walk the equivalent of two miles per day to and from work, plus walk 3 miles 3 nights per week with a friend, and I still have been gaining this weight. Time to get a little help. Am hoping this works. 🙂

  37. I’ve been on alli for about 2 weeks now and I’m having reverse effects from the pill. i have lost 6.5lbs , I’m on a low calorie and low fat diet (prob 600 cal & 15 grams of fat daily) and i find that i’m NOT using the bathroom regular—Why is this and what can i do ? should i buy laxitives or stool softners?

  38. I started Ali 4 days ago I have been experiencing headaches is that common? Other then that everything has been ok.


  39. Sue, headaches? No.

    I have been on Alli for about 18 months, never had any headaches. Common “Effects” all deal with your backside 🙂 Gas, runny bowel movements, grease/oil. If you are bad and eat too much fat, it can sneak up on you too.

    Especially in the beginning, when the feel the urge, don’t hesitate, don’t think to yourself, “I can hold it until I finish…..” After a month or so you will get use to it.

  40. I started using alli 5 days ago…I was stupid and didnt weigh myself first (no scale) but I will tell you a few things…I ate out with my daughter and physically looked at taco meat dripping with grease and consoled myself that just a few tablespoons wouldnt hurt. Boy was I wrong! It was on my lunch hour from work, and I spent the next hour and a half making multiple trips to the restroom. So, lesson learned 🙂 But almost more than anything else, I feel better! I feel more healthy, more in control, and actually feel positive about being on a diet.

  41. Comment to Allison on the low cal diet: 600 calories per day is not healthy for anyone, and you may not be having “any effects” because you are following a diet too low in calories. Talk to your doctor or a nutritionist to sort this out!

  42. i have been taking alli for 4 days and have lost 2 lbs. i have had no side effects and am overall very happy with it 🙂 i have a question though, can you eat a fatty meal with no side effects if you skip a dose or will you still have the effect from the dose earlier that day?

  43. I am a 39 year old that isn’t that over weight but would love to loose a few extra pounds… Im at 123.5 pounds at 5 “2” and look bigger than I am. I would love to get down to 110/108. Is this diet for me????

  44. sue- you may not be eating enough carbs or did you stop drinking caffeine when you started alli? those are just some little reasons why you may be experiencing headache

  45. Rox – I believe once you are on the plan for awhile, regardless of whether you take a pill with the “fatty” meal or not, you will have some side effects regardless, they may not be as bad. I have a “fatty” meal once in a while and just deal with the side effects.

    Tracy – I am sure you will be fine with the program.

  46. If you reduce the amount of Alli you take will that reduce the side affects? For example, only take 2 pills a day rather than 3? Also, would it still work if you only take it on weekends, maybe just not work as well and would you still have the side affects during the week?

  47. hi everyone! well im very excited because im starting the alli program tommorow and i cant wait to see the weight loss! but i am starting the diet befor i do it with the pills

  48. will ppl w/ epilepsy, have any side effects,
    caused by alli or med taking for epilepsy?
    friend wants 2 take it,
    she’s gained alot of weight sience her historectomy,
    a few yrs ago,
    she wants 2 loose about 50 lbs.
    she’s 47.
    she’d always been light weight,
    now cause of the extra weight,
    she won’t even go out (no-where)
    she’s 178lbs., normally 135lbs.
    should i encourage, or discourage her fron using alli?
    pls help!!!!!!!!!!!!


  49. For those of you having side effects like hair loss, headaches, constipation. Make sure you are taking a multi vitamin at night. VERY IMPORTANT! Also, make sure you are drinking enough water.

  50. Ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have been on this plan for a month now and haven’t lost BUT a pound…. What am I doing wrong???? Is it that Im really not to over weight??? Im 5″2 123 lb ??? I feel like I spent the money for nothing… I would like to be at 108. How or what am I doing wrong???

  51. I have epilepsy but i had A baby 3 months ago andgl gain about 30 pounds and would like to go on alli would it be risky or could i cause any danger to my health due to the epilepsy? im on topomax.

    • I have read and read about ali I also take topamax for my headaches and it says that ali will not interfere with topamax.

  52. Tracy: Are you snacking? The pill only works when taken with the meal and every meal that has fat content.

    Bibi: Talk to your doctor.

  53. I started Alli and had extremley bad headaches all day/night for the 3 days I was taking it. I stopped after the 3rd day and headaches left. Does anyone have the same problems as I do?

  54. I have been on Alli for about 3 weeks–I agree the “treatment effects” are a good motivator–but mine have not been “uncontrolable”. I got the same effects when I did the Atkins diet and ate the sugar free carmels–I pretty much stick to the diet, mostly just the reduced amount of food I eat since my problem wasn’t so much eating bad food–just eating to much. I have lost 9 lbs. If you are looking for pill that will allow you to eat anything and loose or maintain your weight, this isn’t it. If you want to change your lifestyle and be healthy, go for it!

  55. I’ve been using alli for 5 days and am having uncontrollable “effects” – I’m eating very low fat meals – salad, veg, teeny bit of fish and meat – no sauces – I make sure all my meals have lss than 5g of fat in them but I can’t control the effects. Should I stop the tablets?

  56. I have been on Ali for a week now. I already lost 14 lbs by myself and now I am ready for a helping hand. I would like to lose 60lbs. It has been okay this week, I had 3 days of adjusting and my sluggish digestive system did not really want to work. On day 4 I had a couple bouts of “treatment” but they were managable and have been alright since then. I have discovered for weight loss and I lost 20lbs last year too that sometimes more is less. I say that because I was strugglng along on 1200 calories and not losing an ounce – then I decided to switch up a little bit and I started to lose weight ….. why?
    well it seems you need food in order for your body to metabolise (my own words and findings LOL), eat too little and things wont work as well. Hence my “more is less” Eat smaller more frequesnt meals and you will put less weight on. I am hoping with this in mind and Alli by my side I can continue toward meeting my goal.

  57. hi i started the alli pills 6days ago an know its best not to keep getting on the scales every day lol but i sneak on just to see if the pills are 2my supprize YES they r,id lost 2lb in 4days,im looking forward 2 seeing a new me in a few months,THANKS 2 +

  58. hi this is my 3rd week on alli pills feel great lost 10 pounds and i exercise 3 times a week .had no side effects .

  59. hi,i,ve been on alli for 2weeks now and have lost 6lbs….i,m pretty happy with that because i believe a steady weight loss is a permanent one…i have 2stone to lose.i have had hypothyroid for 3 years and have gone from a size 12-18,very depressing.i would like to know about how and when to take my thyroxine,i,m on 175mcg and always take them in the morning.i understand alli can interfer with the absorbtion,so i take my thyroxine 2 hours b4 my breakfast…would it be better to take it in the evening with my multivitamin?can anyone advise??thanks

    • Thyroid medication (for hypothyroid conditions) should be taken in the morning – same time every day – and @ an hour before eating.

  60. I started taking Alli for the first time in Jan. 2009. I was on it for about 1 month and the results were absolutely amazing. I was down about 21 lbs. in 4 weeks time. I developed dysentary at the end of that time frame and had to go to the hospital. A colonoscopy was performed and a polyp was found in my colon. I am a smoker and have had a poor diet all along so there is no telling where the polyp came from.

    I began taking Alli again about 2 weeks ago and am having good results again. I have experienced treatment effects but nothing off putting. I am heavy enough that the side effects are minimal to the health problems being heavy causes.

    Best wishes to you all and good luck with the weight loss. -P

  61. Me and My friend started a diet on May 18,2009. We exercise 3 x’s a week at the gym and i have seen results. She dosen’t know i have been using alli.. Well the first week not sure if dieting and exercised helped but, within 6-8 days on my diet i had lost 8 pounds.. i was estatic! its bn almost a month and everyone is telling me i am looking good. So i am very thankful. i have 22 more lbs to go!!!

  62. I bought Alli about a month ago and still skeptical. I have a stroke about 2yrs ago ( I believe from taking diet pills from thailand or GNC) I look good though, from size 8 to 3.
    But after reading all this comment about alli, I’m so tempted.
    Will any anyone advice if I should take it?

  63. I am starting Alli today (6/29). Can someone tell me where i can get a copy of a diet plan for alli. i want to place it on my refrigerator to make sure i follow the plan. Please keep me motivated. i desperately need to loose 75 lbs. This weight is killing me and i have tried everything. THANKS

  64. alli worked for me the first day i tried it! but notw it has stopped.. i know it has stopped working because i tested it one day by eating fried chicken, and never had any consequence. i am wondering if i am doing something wrong

    • I don’t think u are doing anything wrong! I have lost 40 pounds on Alli. But now I feel like my pills are not working as well as they did when I 1st started them. I often wonder WHY… I am going to try to drink a lot more water and see if that helps kick start my weight loss again. I eat WAY WAY less than I used to. And I do go for walks and stay active. But, I am wondering if i my body is just not reacting to the Alli diet pill anymore. The pills are costly so I want them to WORK! Ya know? LoL thanks!! Dayna

  65. I was wanting to know that if I am on a diet of low fat foods and a lot of fruits an vegtables, will the alli pill still work and help me lose weight?

  66. hi its me agen a few months in2 the alli diet an still sneaking on the scales most days lol,but i must say im very pleased with ALLI as i hav now lost just over One an a half Stone in weight,im feeling more confident each day,alli helps me not to cheat cos dont want the treatment affects,THANKS2ALLI :O)

  67. ive just started the ali diet today .
    I am not obese just wanting to loose abit of puppy fat.
    I weight 9 stone after losing a stone and just want to drop to 8 which is perfect for my height.
    I am planning to only use the pill one a day with a main meal do you think it it will still work??
    someone get back to me.

  68. It depends on your intake the other meals. I use a pill for lunch and dinner for the last 2 years. My breakfast is oatmeal everyday, so I assumed it isn’t high in fat. I will take one with a snack too, if it is high in fat.

    I buy my Alli at Sam’s Club at a discount too, which helps reduce cost.

  69. I am not taking alli but after I consult my doctor my mother and I are planning to start Alli. The only problem is I’m still in school. I probably wouldn’t need to take a pill before breakfast because my meal is very small or on somedays I don’t eat breakfast. I would be able to take one before dinner but lunch time is the thing that would be an issue. The thing is I can’t take a pill at school, it’s against the rules, with serious consequences if your cought taking any substance. I mean i could take it discretely in the bathroom. So I guess my real question is, how long before a meal should you take the pill, right before or could you get away with a few hours before. And if not will it still work If I just take Alli before dinner?

    • Yeah just take it in the bathroom the odds are you will never get caugth.
      One key thing that helps with losing weight is breackfast ALWAYS have it every morning !
      It kick starts your motabolism (shit i cant spell )
      You can take the ali pill a hour after before or during.

  70. yeah i never take one for breackfast i only have bran flakes.I have noticed that the effects im getting are minimal even thougth i have cheated with a choclate cake lol
    The only thing i get is the oily spots when i take a number 2 lol but the poos are normal like the same as b4 i started taking the tablets.
    I think this may be due to the fact i only eat one main meal a day and dont snack just the odd treat
    How much have you lost so far mitch

  71. can you take something to control the gas? Also, can anyone give me a list of the foods I can eat or maybe give me a menu of your day

  72. I have been taking alli for 5 days i am feeling better and watching my diet and also exersising… I hope that in a month i will come here again and tell you guys that I had lost atleast 15 pounds

  73. Hello alli family I just started the diet plan a few days ago 3/26/10 about 3weeks b4 I had to have my gallbaldder removed my doc told me to go on a low fat diet so I did I could tell I lost weight by eatting right.I need extra help with losing the weight so if anybody could tell me if alli will do good for me ever tho I don’t have a gallbaldder? Thank SJ

  74. I have been taking Alli for exactly one month now, and I must say that other than a few episodes of side effects, I am very happy with it. 15 pounds lost so far, with at least another 50 to go. My only problem is finding extra time to get more exercise in other than what I get during my normal work hours. During work, I’m always walking (for a total of at least 2 hrs each day) or lifting and carrying heavy objects, depending on what has to be done that day. I take the stairs whenever possible, but due to knee problems, I have to be very careful with it. Any tips on how I might be able to squeeze more exercise in?

  75. I Purchased Alli but have not started taking it yet. I am 19, 5’7 and 145lbs. It says I am within the healthy weight range but I still want to loose weight. What should I expect from being not overweight and taking alli?


  76. hello everyone, i stated taking alli 3 days ago and i am 5″4 and 9st 3
    im a size 10 but used to always be a size 6-8. all i wann do is loss a stone and be a size 8bagen due to me getting married in sept this year…. can some one please let me know weather this product really workes for some one of my size and should i be taking it when i have breakfast inn morning as i only ever really eat speacil k with skimmed milk and a peace of fruit.
    many thanks

  77. @Tina

    I have been taking it for about 2 years, in the first 6 months I lost about 25 lbs (3 Stones? 🙂 (215 to 190) and have leveled off since then. My target weight is around 180, but at 54 years old, I am at a good weight for my size.

    I generally only take it with lunch and dinner, as my breakfast is only oatmeal and not real fatty. If I am going to be “bad” and have a fatty snack, I will take it then too.

    The side-effects will generally encourage you to eat healthier, I stay away from all things fried. You can generally judge how healthy you are eating by the lack of side affects.

    Good Luck with that wedding thing,

    (only thing english about me is my Triumph motorcycle 🙂

  78. Alli and its suggested diet will ruin your health. If you want to lose weight and be healthy, cut out grains and sugar — especially refined grains! A low fat, high carb diet stimulates insulin release, which causes fat accumulation and leads to diabetes, heart disease, abd metabolic syndrome.

    Fats and protein will make you feel fuller longer, you’ll lose your craving for carbs and you’ll get off crave/binge cycle.

  79. I am thinking about taking the alli pill but have a few worries. I fear that I won’t be able to control my eating. Right now I basically eat whatever I want to. With the alli pill I cannot do this. What should I do to prepare myself with taking the pill???

  80. Well, after reading all of the comments–I am still unsure as to whether this will work for me or not. I am soon to be 45, 137 lbs., 5’5″. I generally try to eat healthy–but do eat what I want–in years past I have been at 118-123, I always felt so much better–in the last two years no matter how much exercise I do the scale has inched up to 137—hoping that this Alli will get me back to where I want to be. Not too excited about possible “treatment effects” but am going to give it a shot anyhow and keep my fingers crossed. Will keep you all posted on my results in a week!

  81. It seems the good outweigh the bad when it comes to Alli. I started taking it yesterday and look foward to this journey towards a healthier me. I’ll be back with an update soon.

  82. I started Alli 5 days ago and have lost 2.5 pounds. I am an athletic male just under 6’1 and weighed 189 lbs before i started. I am not out of out of shape at all but wanted to use this to get down to around 180-182lbs which would be a very healthy weight. The weight loss has been great, but my eating habits are not stellar. I drink quite frequently and am going out to dinner with friends, so it is hard to monitor my fat intake. So far I have just been reducing my portion sizes and eating foods that are less in fat than I normally eat. I am most likely eating around 18-20 grams of fat. The nice thing about the drug is it does motivate you to watch what you eat because the effects are awful. I don’t have the diharria, but the oily liquids that come out are brutal. So, this early in the game I am certainly going to follow the rules as best as possible. If this drug does not allow any room for error then I feel it is not really realistic for someone who cannot be extremely disciplined and exhaust their efforts to monitor their fat intake. But, it certainly does work. It basically forces you to be on a diet while also reduces your body’s ability to digest the fats. SO the excess fat comes out from the rear. Gross but it works. I will report back when I am farther into my plan, which is what I want to test as a more realistic plan. Cut out the burgers fries and pizza but allow some slips. I am not trying to loose a ton of weight, only about eight pounds so I will see if it works. This seems somewhat similar to your situation lisa.

  83. LMAO! But you’re so right. I have a lot of business lunches that were hard to manage, but Alli forces me to stay focussed. I now eat just a starter as a main course or Alli will kick in (and as you say; not fun!). This change in my eating habits has helped me lose weight and has a positive side effect at that: I actually get work done in the afternoon instead of longing to take a nap all the time! For me the sheer price of the pills is also great motivation: I spent $50, I’d better make the most of it. I’ve been using Alli for 3 weeks and lost 12 pounds. Only 10 more to go!
    Just noticed your post is from 3 years ago: how did you do since?

  84. I am thinking about trying Ali and wanted to know if you can be on birth control pills and still take Ali. Is there anyone out there who is on the pill and takes Ali as well? I really hope I can take Ali because I really need something to motivate me not to eat so poorly. I feel that the horrible side effects from eating too much fat will be just the motivation I need to finally lose weight and be the skinny girl I use to be!

    • Hi Stephanie
      Don’t know if anyone answered your question about Alli and birthcontrol pills, but just in case no one did: Alli prevents fat from entering your system, but it may also block other things. That’s the reason the manufacturers recommend taking a multi-vitamin every night while using Alli. Also, diarea is a known side effect of Alli (if you eat too much fat a day). Thus taking Alli will make the bc pills less effective. So unless you want to risk not being the skinny girl you used to be but ending up with a baby bump: Don’t do it! If you use Alli, use condoms (or another form of bc)!

  85. i started on alli 2 wks ago…lost 6 pounds!!!! i love it !!! remember if you try it…take it WITH meals…especially ones that contain fat…360 calories of fat per meal… 1 gram fat = 7 calories. if eat eat high fat meal….????…. you better stay home or wear a diaper!!!! good luck everyone!!!! jennie

  86. I really start on Monday, JAn 3,2011.Im happy with the variety of the diet, so far so good, no side effects.I have more energy, and feel great.
    Ive been trying to lose weight with Atkins and so, does not work, will see, I let you know in a week,

  87. This is my third day on the Alli diet and I have had NO side effects. I’ve been really aware of everything I put in my mouth, and can’t believe how much fat I was eating prior to me starting the diet. Let’s face it, 2 tablespoons of salad dressing has 19+ grams of fat – holy smokes batman!

    I have already lost three pounds, and I’m making realistic goals for myself. I want to give this a week before I start going to the gym (just in case).

    Good luck everyone!

  88. I’m a 47 yr old over the road truck driver..5’7 198 pds. I am miserably overweight. I eat truck stop food and fast food. Does anyone think Ali will help me?

    • yes it will really help u, try it! but u will really stay in the bathroom so u might wanto buy u a bag of depends while u on the road. but thats the truth, my husband been on it three wks an he already lost 25lbs.gone give it a try!

  89. Hey all, don’t know if anyone is still looking at this blog. I am 5’1″ and weigh about 182. I have a thyroid condition, lupus and fibromyalgia. Since I am only 26, I’m not going to let these things keep me down, so I’m taking control of my own health again. I have issues with my joints, but I still try to stay active. Will Alli help me? I am overweight, work full time and have kids. My exercise is walking and some light aerobics. I’m afraid of the side effects and how to know what foods are right to eat. ANy suggestions?

  90. So I have been using Alli for a month now and am very happy with the results so far. I have hypothyroidism and was having a very hard time losing weight on my own. Altogether for the month I have lost about 12 lbs and I really don’t work out I just watch what I eat. I cheated ONE time and “felt the wrath” of the side effects and never again! If you’re weak in the stomach you can stop reading. I was working an overnight doing security and did what I thought was pass some gas. Well it didn’t feel like just gas so I ran in the bathroom and noticed a huge yellow/orange grease stain in my WHITE panties! O.O I was terribly embarrassed but worked by myself and the pants were black so I just threw the panties out and washed that spot in my pants (because it went through the panties!). No one saw anything but I sure did learn my lesson. So if you are starting and think you can get away with McDonald’s think again! Or just take the hit and don’t take a pill with that particular meal.

    • Heavy sigh. I’ve been on the program for three days now…and have gained a pound! I’ve been keeping to the program…eating 1370 calories today (I’m on the 1400 cal/day plan) with a total of 29 g of fat (far less than the 54 g allowed). I’ve been stationary biking for 20 minutes in the the morning and walking for about 25 minutes in the evening. Anyone ELSE have this disappointing start? Everyone’s response seems pretty positive…

    • Just some extra Pizza oil in your panties? Not a big deal really. I lost 30 lbs with another pill, but have not been losing as fast as I would like. It seems that most people are okay with the “leakage” – I’ll have to try and report back!

  91. I need a recommendation for the multivitamin you’re supposed to be taking every night with Alli. I was having a problem finding one with ALL of these: A, D, E, K, and beta carotene

  92. From most of the comments I’m reading it seems like Alli really works. I am really trying to start eating better and loosing weight. I’m a little nervous but I know loosing the weight is important.

  93. WOW!!! Started using Alli two days ago, and the “treatment effects” scared the crap out of me. I had no idea of the “treatment effects” and I thought that something was seriously wrong with me. Let’s just say I need to eat less fat. I really hope that this helps me with my weight goal. I am going to get my husband to try it as well. Will keep you posted on the weight loss, and any other exciting news! LOL!!!!

  94. I started Alli a couple of days ago as well and I also gained two pounds and didnt understand why, but am hoping that this is a sudden and temporary thing, I have had no side effects whatsoever,neither has anyone I know on Alli or even Xenical. and I always had gas even before so I couldnt tell what caused it anyhow, thats typical of my body.I am five foot two and weight 189 pounds now, started at 187, and need to lose at least 45 to be happy for my own self. I have a question, since my Dr. actually wanted me on Xenical (same med.) different name and dose, and that is 120 Mgs. per capsule whilst Alli is half that, he says take two pills each meal to equal it at a cheaper cost that the Rx. My question is, could I space out the six pills into taking one every few hours instead and eating six things?

  95. I have been using ALLI for ~2 years…one dose a day w/ my largest meal, which is the evening meal. If I eat lunch or breakfast out (where I cannot control the fat) I will take another, maybe once a week.

    I exercise moderately but have a sedentary job so I figure that cancels out! I have lost over 35 pounds w/o a good deal of effort…170 to 135 and am finally “regular” if you get my drift. At 5’6”, I look darn good.

    The one a day plan works for me, but everyone needs to find their own balance.

  96. I would like to ask if anyone else is having a problem buying alli at stores? We live in Oklahoma and it has been taken off the shelves. We have asked all of the pharmacist and they don’t know why. Help, as this was really helping my hubby lose his weight and now is upset that he can’t get it!

  97. I started using Alli at lunchtime today. My current weight (as of last night) is 147lbs…so let’s see how this goes. I started a low carb diet (keeping heavier carbs to one meal a day) on Monday and I am also staying away from sugar (didn’t help that I was faced with chocolate cake in the office this morning lol!). My aim is to loose 20lbs, so I will watch this space!

  98. I have been using Alli since yesterday. I’m finding it pretty easy tp stay under the 12g of fat recommended for my weight and have been doing a low cal, low carb diet since Monday. The only difference I have seen so far, is more flatulence. I slept like a baby and haven’t had any other syptoms as yet. Will give it at least a week to see how effective it is for me personally 🙂

  99. Um.. you say that the side effects are not fun despite somebody’s idea of fun?

    Well I am into scat play and enjoy not having control of my bowel that these pills give on greasy foods.. all in all its pretty fun.

  100. Jennifer Lewis is bipolar but still looks great…I think this is the cause of something else… Being bipolar does not phuck up your face like that….

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