Laugh Your Way Through Your Root Canal With Laughing Gas

Laughing gas Nitrous OxideNitrous Oxide, more commonly referred to as laughing gas, is a form of inhalation sedation regularly used in dentist offices. If you are in need of a dental procedure such as a root canal I say strap on the mask and let the nitrous oxide do what it is supposed to…get you buzzed.

Laughing gas is primarily used by dentists to alleviate tension and anxiety in their patients. Moments after putting the mask over your nose you will begin breathing in nitrous oxide which will almost instantly make you feel completely relaxed. You may even find that you have a smile on your face. Imagine that…smiling while waiting for your dentist to begin your root canal?

One of the best features of Nitrous Oxide is that if you are trying it for the first time and you aren’t comfortable with the way it makes you feel, the effects can be stopped almost immediately by stopping the flow of the nitrous oxide that you are inhaling. Presto! Back to your normal self again.

If you have never used laughing gas for a dental procedure you may be wondering what the effects of inhaling the nitrous oxide are. Here is how it is most commonly described:

  • slightly euphoric
  • sense of well being
  • feeling of calmness
  • increased pain threshold
  • tingling sensation throughout body
  • warm sensation

Say you have to go to a cool dentist and have endodontic treatment, more commonly known as a root canal, and you are really nervous about the pain associated with this procedure. One of the ways to help you through your anxiety is the use of laughing gas. So you may ask yourself, “Do all dentists use nitrous oxide?“.

The answer is no. For some reason some dentist offices do not see the benefit to having this as an option in their practice. I guess it is just a personal choice for the dentist. The best way is to ask on the phone prior to making your appointment with the office. If the answer is no, I say find another office.

There are sites out there that will do the work for you. One that I found was the Sedation Dentist Network. This site will provide certified dentists in your area who believe that a patient’s relaxation it a huge part of their dental visit.

If you have to have a dental procedure like teeth whitening or a root canal, why not do it with a smile on your face?

8 thoughts on “Laugh Your Way Through Your Root Canal With Laughing Gas

  1. I’ve had my fair share of root canals and plenty-o-gas… Although the feeling from the gas was groovy that pain and experience was not something I’d like to repeat.

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  3. I had a filling at the dentist today and my dentist gave me laughing gas. It made me feel really silly, kinda a happy-drunk feeling. I was nervous to start with but after a minute or 2 of sniffing the gas I didn’t have a care in the world. I barely remember the dentist giving me the filling.

  4. This really helps. For the first time I will ave to ha a root canal and I think am gong to get som of that happy laughing gas. I as sure shocked that I wuld have to have the root canal but now it does not seembad with tha laughing gas.

  5. I agree that relaxation of the patient can affect the outcome of a dental procedure. Nitrous oxide, is considered as an advanced medical technique that aims to assist the patient during the process.

    My brother is usually distracted because of the pain that he feels during a dental crowning. Last month, he visited his dentists. In Charleston SC and other clinics in the country, trace amounts of ‘laughing gas’ are now made available for patients. He tried this and was satisfied because he wasn’t in any way distracted during his last crowning. It can also be a good solution for other people who experience panic attacks whenever they are in a dental clinic.

    Thanks for sharing this information!

  6. I had Nit. Ox for a rt canal last week. I am also on Lexapro for anxiety and depression. Also was given novocaine before the rt canal. During the proceedure if I tried to raise my forarms or hands, hands and fingers shook uncontrolably, and I felt like I wanted to jump out of the chair; that feeling built til large tears ran out my eyes. I silently shook and cried. Felt weird all day.

    • Had the same experience for a filling yesterday, Susan. I am also on Lexapro. Had about 12 novocaine shots that took a long time to numb, so I opted for the “laughing” gas. I started to cry, felt like I was having an out of body experience. Totally freaked me out.

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