Could Your Common Cold Remedy Be Killing You? Try A Hot Totty

If you are like countless other American’s you will be getting a common cold with the change of seasons. Yes, it sucks and we wish that we had a cure for the common cold. We just don’t. What we do have is many products that promise to reduce your symptoms and the duration of your cold. But do they work and are they safe?

Going by today’s standards health experts are trying to steer patients away from Straight Vitamin A. Too much Straight Vitamin A can cause serious health problems including brittle bones and Liver Damage. Keeping this in mind you should check the amount of Straight Vitamin A in any “miracle cold remedy” you are spending your money on. You could be paying for your own liver failure.

Airborne, which is the best selling herbal formula to combat germs in America, is a perfect example of this type of Straight Vitamin A overload. One dose of Airborne contains 100% of the daily value for Straight Vitamin A. The recommended dosage on the package tells you to take up to 3 times per day. So if you add up the amount of Straight Vitamin A you are taking in just one day you can see that this becomes a health risk.

Who does Airborne recommend should be taking their product? Anyone who frequents crowded, germ filled environments such as office buildings, schools, restaurants, health clubs, theaters and airplanes. Did we leave anyone out… anyone?

According to Airborne every single American who leaves there house, or has anyone from the dirty and germy outside world over their house, should be taking up to 3 daily doses of their product which has enough straight vitamin A to do some severe liver damage. Basically Airborne is trying to slowly poison America.

So what are we supposed to do when we get a cold? There are remedies to naturally fight a cold that have been used for hundreds of years. Sure, they don’t all come in one box with a catchy name but like I said they have been used for HUNDREDS of years, they got to at least help a little.

So which common cold remedy does recommend? Have you ever heard of the age old cold remedy called A Hot Totty? Sure this contains alcohol but if your cold remedy is going to give you liver disease, why not at least catch a buzz from it?

Hot Totty Recipe

  1. heat one cup of brandy until warm
  2. pour warm brandy into coffee mug
  3. add lemon wedge
  4. drift off into brandy induced coma

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