Could Your Common Cold Remedy Be Killing You? Try A Hot Totty

If you are like countless other American’s you will be getting a common cold with the change of seasons. Yes, it sucks and we wish that we had a cure for the common cold. We just don’t. What we do have is many products that promise to reduce your symptoms and the duration of your cold. But do they work and are they safe?

Going by today’s standards health experts are trying to steer patients away from Straight Vitamin A. Too much Straight Vitamin A can cause serious health problems including brittle bones and Liver Damage. Keeping this in mind you should check the amount of Straight Vitamin A in any “miracle cold remedy” you are spending your money on. You could be paying for your own liver failure.

Airborne, which is the best selling herbal formula to combat germs in America, is a perfect example of this type of Straight Vitamin A overload. One dose of Airborne contains 100% of the daily value for Straight Vitamin A. The recommended dosage on the package tells you to take up to 3 times per day. So if you add up the amount of Straight Vitamin A you are taking in just one day you can see that this becomes a health risk.

Who does Airborne recommend should be taking their product? Anyone who frequents crowded, germ filled environments such as office buildings, schools, restaurants, health clubs, theaters and airplanes. Did we leave anyone out… anyone?

According to Airborne every single American who leaves there house, or has anyone from the dirty and germy outside world over their house, should be taking up to 3 daily doses of their product which has enough straight vitamin A to do some severe liver damage. Basically Airborne is trying to slowly poison America.

So what are we supposed to do when we get a cold? There are remedies to naturally fight a cold that have been used for hundreds of years. Sure, they don’t all come in one box with a catchy name but like I said they have been used for HUNDREDS of years, they got to at least help a little.

So which common cold remedy does recommend? Have you ever heard of the age old cold remedy called A Hot Totty? Sure this contains alcohol but if your cold remedy is going to give you liver disease, why not at least catch a buzz from it?

Hot Totty Recipe

  1. heat one cup of brandy until warm
  2. pour warm brandy into coffee mug
  3. add lemon wedge
  4. drift off into brandy induced coma

27 thoughts on “Could Your Common Cold Remedy Be Killing You? Try A Hot Totty

  1. You spelled incompetent wrong. Prick is right on. Ironic. By the way: Are you sure that “prick” is the best jab at “Jill”?

    Also, do you really recommend using eight ounces of brandy? The “age-old remedy” of which I’m aware involves brandy, yes, but mixed into a cup of hot water, with a spoonful of honey stirred in.

    Judging from the above turnaround, I’ll be getting a snappy response from you in about six months. I look forward to it.

    • well it does work, i have a bs in sports nutrition and the best one i have drank my grandpa made and is two shots of brandy half a cup of honey two tablespoons of suger and one shot of lemon juice what it does is relax the cilia which are tiny hair like particles in the throat “hint when you have a cold the mucus irritates these cilia which causes you to cough” so the totty or toddy “which ever you prefer” numbs these structures and allows you to drift off to sleep without coughing and gives you that nice relaxed feel, its not a cure it just helps you sleep. Sleep is when the body starts repairing itself by the way but i will save that one for another topic. Everyone is different it may or may not work depends on your alcohol tolerance!

  2. It can be spelled “totty” or “toddy” – it’s a regional preference.

    I also have heard that the brandy is mixed with another drink like hot water, cider, cocoa etc.

  3. Eight ounces of brandy? That’s eight shots! I want to feel better, not get f***ed up! 🙂

    I thought i’d look on the internet to see if i was making it right or not, but it seems like there are many, many versions of this classic. I think i’ll go try warming up some Maker’s Mark (bourbon), putting a lemon and some (blueberry) honey in it, and then use a mug of hot tea as a chaser…

  4. Brian- (I know…post is a few days old)
    That is exactly what I do. I can’t really stand the taste of alcohol so I can’t bear to drink it mixed into something else, but if I down a shot and then chase it with the hottest tea I can standm go to bed in the warmest pj’s I can find, and sweat my a** off all night…I usually feel a lot better in the morning! This works really well when you have a fever too. But it may make your body temp rise a bit, so only try it if your fever isn’t too high.
    Hope everyone feels better!

    • I have been blowing and sniffling snot for 2 days and sneezing in between so I thought I’d try to fix,drink,and aabsorb one of these most famous home cold remedies and I am drinking it now and will be glad to keep you posted! I kinda like the “sweating it out” theory, I put my bet on that! Lol!

  5. I know original post is almost a year old…but I think Erin was joking with the recipe. At least I laughed out loud at the last line!

  6. Well IDK how ever its spelled…this is a hot totty recipe..

    1 shot whiskey (ur prefrence)
    2 Tbls honey
    3 tsp lemon
    3/4 cup full of hot tea

    This is sooo good and sure to warm your sore throat

  7. Hmmm, I think I will try it with dark rum, no whiskey… and don’t like whiskey. It would make me puke out any toxins sitting in that digestive tract, although maybe thats what the original 8oz recipe was made to do 😉

  8. A friend of mine drinks it, he says use straight lemon juice and any brown liquor…..most commonly henessey….idk….all I do know is shortly after, he passed out….lmao

  9. It’s toTTY !! Trust me – it’s an old family concoction – here’s the original recipe:

    Equal parts bourbon ( or dark rum), lemon juice, and honey; mix, heat, stir, and guzzle it ’till ya feel better or feel nothing at all !

  10. I have been reading these posts and I’m lol. But I have heard it works and I’m not a drinker either, but I’m sicker than a dog right now and uncomfortable. So…… here I go getting ready to mix up my own hot totty lol. But thanks for all the advice.

  11. my grandma used to make it for me esp if I
    had strep throat, she didn’t add any water though
    just made a shot with honey and lemon , I remember it
    burned like hell going down , but it will sweat the cold out
    of me .

  12. It’s Hot ToDDy for sure. This isn’t preference or a regional spelling – Toddy is correct. You can see its etymology AND definition here:

    As a drinker of the hot toddy the moment I get a cold, flu, chest infection, or similar – I drink it with either 3cl of Whiskey or Brandy mixed with 50cl honey, 50cl lemon juice, and hot water infused with green tea.

    Interesting addition of the Green Tea I understand, but there’s no harm in throwing a few more anti-oxidants in there without affecting the flavour at all!

    If I am able to eat, I will follow this with a 3-egg ommelette covered in chopped red chillis. Talk about sweating a cold out!!


  13. I know that when you have cold you just want it to vanish and you would try almost everything to get better (specially medicines), but we should start thinking about how we affect our body at the end, that is why I recommend to try home remedies first and why not trying this nice recipe.

  14. The hot totty home remedy is a very old concept that actually works rather well. I have used this myself and found it to be very effective. The recipe I use is a very old southern staple.
    1 shot of wiskey
    4 ounces of lemon juice
    2 ounces of water
    1 tablespoon of sugar
    mixed and heated on the stove.

    You should drink this right before bed. After drinking it, go to bed. Make sure you cover up with sheets and/or blankets until you are very warm. What happens next is what a lot of older southerners call “sweating out a cold”. Basically it is a false fever. This is where the science comes in. Elevated body temperature is a controlled response to infection. It results in a modification of the levels of zinc and iron in the bloodstream, which significantly reduces the growth rate of pathogenic bacteria. Increased temperature also enhances bactericidal activity of white blood cells, and increases their motility. Increased body temperature shows that the immune system is increasing its efforts to fight infection. Fever is a good thing. Unlike Influenza,a common cold rarely results in a fever, so the hot totty is an excellent way to help you body fight that nasty cold.

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