Giving a Bonsai Tree as a Gift

Giving a Bonsai tree gift can be a great idea, but it depends on the circumstances and who you are buying the Bonsai tree for. For people who show an interest and are always bringing the subject up, the gift giving idea could be perfect.

Before you purchase the first bonsai, you should find out if the person who is interested really wants to grow and train their own tree, or maintain a tree that is already developed. You will also need to know if they want an inside tree or want an outdoor Bonsai tree.

If they want to grow their own tree, then the Bonsai tree gift might be best if given in the form of a Bonsai starter kit from seed or from a young tree. There are many gift giving ideas for Bonsai starter kits. These come in nice gift containers supplying everything that a person will need to get started.

Given as a Christmas gift, for example, the type of tree might be a spruce or fur. They have special cards for different seasons and occasions to record the age of the tree and all the stages of growth that it goes through. As the need arises, you can add extra tools, soil and new pots as more gift giving ideas.

There are many people who admire a fully developed Bonsai tree. The Bonsai tree gift will suit them if you know that they have the time to look after the tree as well as have a suitable environment to put it in. The Bonsai gift giving idea should not be given in place of a bouquet of flowers. You can’t just water it and forget about it as it will die.

New Bonsai Gift owner

Like any tree, it will need maintenance to remain healthy. If you do choose to go with the Bonsai gift giving idea, make sure that the tree is the type desired and that the person receiving it would truly enjoy it. Many developed trees can be found for decent prices and still provide you with a quality tree. For those who already have Bonsai trees, a new Bonsai tree gift is an addition to the Bonsai family.

The perfect purchase for a gift giving idea might be a tree type that they do not already have. This will give variety to what they have as well as another challenge to work with. For people who collect Bonsai trees as a work of art, the gift giving idea can become quite expensive but will always be appreciated. In this case, it is important to know the type of tree and its Bonsai design. The receiver will also want to know the name of the grower and designer, the age of the tree and where the tree came from.

Whatever the Bonsai tree gift is, it will be appreciated as a memorable gift giving idea.

14 thoughts on “Giving a Bonsai Tree as a Gift

    • Thanks. I might gift myself one tree one day. I might start with a grown bonsai and move on to growing my own in time.

  1. Thanks a lot for the gifting ideas! I never thought there were so MANY things to consider before buying a bonsai tree, specially one that you want to give as a gift to someone. To be honest I’m the type of person who would prefer to recieve a fully developed bonsai tree as a gift 🙂

    • Haha, you could always try giving a bonsai tree to a friend out of the blue. Start a betting pool with the rest of your friends to see how long it takes for them to neglect the plant to death. Fun for everyone (except the caretaker)!

  2. I really love them! They were just in a movie we saw recently too, Admission (not great movie, but I liked the bonsai plants she tried not to kill!).
    Maybe a gift idea for the family one of these days, they are so gracefull

  3. This was great info. Thanks so much. I have long been fascinated by bonsai trees although I have never owned one mainly because I feel intimidated about being able to care for it and keep it alive. I tend to do better with varieties of houseplants that are virtually indestructible such as a peace lily, a cactus or a spider plant.

    I do look at them in stores and I think they are really beautiful. I would definitely buy one as a gift for someone who showed an interest although I don’t know of anyone at this point unless they have a hidden side I don’t know about.

    These tips are very helpful. Who knows, perhaps I might take that risk and get one for myself!

  4. Bonsai trees are really beautiful and they would make great gifts. My friend has just finished laying out a 300 page bonsai book and all the bosai’s there looked really great. I agree that they would make good gifts to people who seem to be willing to take care of them. Much time and effort has been spent to grow these trees so it would be such a waste if they aren’t maintained or cared for. I will probably get a few indoor bonsai trees for myself when we move next year. 🙂

    • Bonsai trees are one of those things that I think I want to get… I mean, they look great, they seem like they would be fun to maintain and would really tie a room together. It’s a great idea on paper, but then when it comes down to it, any bonsai tree that I would own would probably die a long drawn out death due to neglect.

      • YES! This is me to a tee (T? Never know how to spell that out haha).
        I love the idea of it, but I have problems keeping potted plants alive…except I tend to drown them.

  5. These are really a thing of beauty. Who doesn’t like the idea of growing a miniature tree? But when it really comes to it there are a lot of factor which need to be considered when giving such a gift.

    These article really helps in determining if giving such a gift is viable for a person or not, thanks!

  6. I’m just imagining gifting this to a busy on-the-go individual. It could be taken in two ways… a curse as it forces them to slow down and spend time maintaining their gift, otherwise it dies…. which would make for an awkward dinner party the next time you ask them where the plant is. On the other hand, it could be a blessing as it affords them some time to contemplate life as they perform maintenance on the plant.

    Either way, now I really want to check out a bonsai tree.

  7. It seems like a bonsai tree would require a lot of maintenance as a gift. However, it is a pretty nice thing to give to someone. Bonsai trees are so graceful and beautiful and I think anyone who received one as a gift would love it.

  8. I think that this is a very great way of giving a present to someone formal like your parents or a superior in your company because of the difficulty of getting these people a present sometimes. The elderly would enjoy it a lot because of the fact that it requires time to maintain these plants. It also looks very nice and comfortable that most people will find it a nice addition to their homes.

  9. Gifting a bonsai is veri original idea, but I think it can only be done to people you know well and that they will not only appreciate the gift, but also won’t feel it as a burden. Me, for example – I love Japanese culture, I went on several cultural festivals with beautiful bonsai exhibitions. But as my best friends know, even a weed can’t survive around me, what is left for a delicate and beautiful thing like a bonsai tree. I wouldn”t want one, because I don’t want his death to burden my soul, lol!
    Anyway, if you are sure of your choice (and don’t see any dead plants in the person-in-question’s house) then go ahead! Give them the most memorable present ever 🙂

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