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  • How to Submit and Market Your eBook on Amazon Kindle

    Changes in the publishing world have made it possible to publish and sell your own eBook for free on Amazon’s website. Publishing industry professionals who were once the gatekeepers and kept many good books from being published are no longer a barrier to publishing. Even a guy like me can write a how to ebook […] More

  • The Laptop Lifestyle I Want to Live

    Woke up from a dream (nightmare?) this morning wondering why I’m driving 2 hours a day to and from a job that can be done from practically anywhere in the world. And why am I putting up with this daily aggravation at a fixed income and making some other person’s company wealthy. As hard as […] More

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    Successful Ways to Unlock Local Social Media Strategies For Your Small Business

    Social media presents today’s small business owner with a wealth of opportunities to find success in a major way. While many claim it’s all just too complicated, the reality is that most successful local social media strategies can be implemented at little to no out-of-pocket cost. You just need to know what works, what doesn’t […] More

  • Using Foursquare for local business marketing

    How Local Business Can Use Foursquare

    Companies are starting to use LBS (location-based services) as the new cutting edge marketing to attract a new crowd. The question is whether they’ll pay for the privilege. Or whether Foursquare, which has 400,000 users now voluntarily “checking in” at locations, and broadcasting that to their followers, will transcend its current “it” status among the […] More