Our Summer Vacation in Paris France

Some photos of Lori and I when we visited Paris France this past summer. The city is beautiful and exactly what you’d expect from an old European city. And surprisingly it’s very modern with great transportation and ways to move people in and around the city. Our favorite part was Montmartre. Montmartre is a hill in the north of Paris, France.

Montmartre is primarily known for the white-domed Basilica of the Sacré Coeur on its summit and as a nightclub district. The other, older, church on the hill is Saint Pierre de Montmartre, which claims to be the location at which the Jesuit order of priests was founded.

Many artists had studios or worked around the community of Montmartre such as Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso and Vincent van Gogh.

Le Sacre Coeur








Looking for a Lowell MA Photographer?

Hello, I’m Ken Savage and I’m a Lowell Massachusetts photographer.

We all have mobile phones and we all take photos daily of the sky, a child walking a dog or even a clown on the street. But it’s a gift to capture someone in great lighting where you look at an image and say “WOW.”

That’s what I strive to shoot. I use everything I can to capture something that I would be proud to display in my home as well as a local business.

So what else am I about? I’m a Dad to a 9 year old boy. We love hockey and loud music. Jake and I ride our mountain bikes as much as we can in this New England climate and always try to come home muddy and scarred. We’re guys. We both appreciate an awesome sunset and can sit for hours watching people or listening to frogs croak at night.

Fill out the contact form and let’s talk about planning a photo shoot for you.

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Recent Studio Photography Sessions

A few recent photos from a studio session I had earlier this year. It’s fun shooting indoors under the bright glamour lights sometimes. It breaks up the routine of shooting outdoors and stirs up some of the creative juices sometimes.

This fall after the foliage is gone I plan on setting up some shoots with local models and artists and having a networking night. Come see a Lowell photographer and get your portraits done and meet up with other local creative people. I’ll update here as plans come together.

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Arriving in Paris – No Sleep – No English

Long flight but arriving at 6am has its perks. No lines anywhere and I was out of the plane and through customs super quick. Got my bag and called the hotel to check my reservation. Because I’m arriving 2 days late they dropped my reservation so no hotel for me. Do I go right to the office? Find another hotel? Luckily in my morning 0 sleep haze my coworker Kristen called and booked me a room. So now I jump into a taxi and make the hour trip to the hotel close to the champs elysees. I think I’m spelling that wrong. Fix it later. What a weird room setup too. I’ll blog about that later after I wake up.

Summertime at the Eiffel Tower
Summertime at the Eiffel Tower
Driving downtown Paris in a taxi
Arc de Triomphe late at night

Looking for a Lowell MA photographer? Contact me and let’s talk about your photography ideas.

Marissa & Dylan Family Portrait Photos – Windrush Farms, Boxford MA

When you think of New England Autumns and the foliage this is what I imagined for a photo to represent that. Great day with Marissa and Dylan at Windrush Farms in Boxford MA. It was nice to be able to walk the grounds and Dylan give us a tour where he plays and learns to ride his horse Cadence.

Are you looking for a Lowell MA photographer? Contact me and let’s talk about your photography ideas.

Some recent shots from my iPhone

Here are some recent shots I’ve taken with my iPhone.

I feel like the 100’s of photos I’ve taken with my camera would go to waste just if I was the only one who sat and stared a them on my phone whenever I have a spare minute. I literally look at my photos I take with the phone alot because I took them when I was feeling creative and I always want to stay in that mode.

For better or worse, here they are.