Category: My Photography

  • Arriving in Paris – No Sleep – No English

    Long flight but arriving at 6am has its perks. No lines anywhere and I was out of the plane and through customs super quick. Got my bag and called the hotel to check my reservation. Because I’m arriving 2 days late they dropped my reservation so no hotel for me. Do I go right to […] More

  • Sunset Portrait Photo – Meg & Alex

    Great photo session with Meg and Alex at a beautiful lake in Brookline NH right at sunset. I love these shots because not only is the background pleasing and accents the subject but the couple is so damn cute. Are you looking for a Lowell MA photographer? Contact me and let’s talk about your photography […] More

  • Good morning

    woke up to this and a sunny day this morning. Time to get Jake to school and hopefully shoot some photos. More

  • Some recent shots from my iPhone

    Here are some recent shots I’ve taken with my iPhone. I feel like the 100’s of photos I’ve taken with my camera would go to waste just if I was the only one who sat and stared a them on my phone whenever I have a spare minute. I literally look at my photos I […] More