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  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-04-03

    I’m totally burnt out on Microsoft Windows lately. Think I’m going to try working in Ubuntu or god forbid a Mac # going to attend: 7 Simple Steps to Email Compliance Webinar # how do you get around expensive PPC keywords. The main keywords for my company are $16-$32 PER CLICK on Google adwords! […] More

  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-03-27

    anyone have advice on how to out-bid someone with PPC ads using the same domain? I’m in a PPC direct linking war. # Hey I”m trying to place an ad on your website and your form sucks. Also telephone salesI gotta leave a message? FAIL WTFPWN # “Bid is below first page bid estimate […] More

  • Online Marketing Recommendation – David Meerman Scott

    The The New Rules of Marketing and PR by David Meerman Scott I’d definitely recommend this and I bought it for a few other people too. Marketing and public relations is vastly different on the Web than in mainstream media. He says that the “old rules” of mainstream media (which he says do not work […] More

  • Are You Responsible for Comments Left on Your Blog?

    If you run a blog, are you responsible for the comments left there? I always thought that I was NOT responsible until I received a subpoena last week about a court case I wrote about 10 months earlier. I have to testify and give personal information about the commenters on my blog. I guess the […] More