christmas drinking games

3 Christmas Drinking Games For Your Holiday Party

christmas drinking games
Nothing says Merry Christmas like a good old fashioned Christmas drinking game. If you are having a holiday party this year and want to get your guests in the Christmas mood by getting them completely drunk, any one of these Christmas drinking games will get the job done.

There are two great things about December: Holiday specials on the TV and seasonal affective depression. (OK, the second one’s not exactly great, but it does give you sorrows to drown.) And what better way to combine the two than a drinking game?

How The Grinch Stole Christmas Drinking Game

All you will need in order to play the How The Grinch Stole Christmas Drinking Game is 1) Alcohol 2) The movie:

  • Divide into two teams – The Whos From Whoville and The Grinch
  • Every time the narrator says the name of your team…drink
  • The team with the most functional players at the end of the movie is the winner

Twelve Days Of Christmas Drinking Game

This game is not for the lightweights out there. There is an opportunity to drink 364 times in this game! All you will need to play the Twelve Days of Christmas Drinking Game is 12 varieties of alcohol.

  • Each variety of alcohol represents one of the twelve days of Christmas – line em up
  • Start singing – take 1 shot on the first day then 2 shots for the second day and 1 shot for the first day etc, etc.
  • Whomever makes it the longest is the winner

A Christmas Story Drinking Game

Everyone loves the story of Ralphie and his red rider bb gun so why not pair it with alcohol this year. In the Christmas Story drinking game you will need: 1)the movie 2)your drink of choice 3)a bottle of tequila or some Harpoon Winter Warmer beer:

  • This game works best with 8 or more people because of the number of sayings you need to look out for
  • Assign each player one of the following situations to pick up on and then announce to the group:
  1. Scut Farkas and his toadie either threaten to beat someone up or actually do beat someone up
  2. Randy whines or cries
  3. Ralphie’s old man mentions the furnace
  4. Mom serves food
  5. Ralphie daydreams
  6. Ralphie mentions his secret decoder ring
  7. The next door neighbor’s dogs piss off Ralphie’s old man
  8. Someone says “you’ll shoot your eye out”
  9. Anytime anyone mentions a Red Rider BB Gun – TEQUILA!
  • Every time someone hears their assigned phrase in the movie they yell out “drink” and everyone takes a sip of their own drink
  • Each time the Red Rider BB Gun is mentioned everyone takes a shot of Tequila
  • Most functional person at the end of the movie is the winner

It should go without saying but I’ll say it anyway – please do not drink and drive. Nothing ruins a Christmas quicker than being slapped with a DUI. Please drink responsibly. Have a safe and merry Christmas.

9 thoughts on “3 Christmas Drinking Games For Your Holiday Party

  1. although jimmy’s comment appears to me two sentences that were crammed poorly together into one, he has a point; that game is stupid. “There is an opportunity to drink 364 times”? heh. fuck that.

  2. Doesn’t mean you have to adopt all the rules.

    I like the A Christmas Story game. You’ll be hammered in 1 hour and 30 minutes and watch a cool movie to get you in the holiday spirit.

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