Will Same Sex Marriage in Massachusetts Be Overturned?

Massachusetts law makers pushed forward the proposed ban to make same sex marriage illegal in it’s state. Although 132 voted against the ban, 62 members voted to get rid of gay marriage. Since the cutoff to keep a proposition alive is 50 votes, this one will appear for further consideration on the next legislative which then has the possibility of appearing on the next ballot in 2008.

So what effect would this proposed amendment have on Massachusetts marriages? It would clearly define that Massachusetts marriages would only be legal between a man and a woman. Therefor, same sex marriage would no longer be considered legal. And all the current same sex marriages in Massachusetts would be safe. If this amendment was voted in, it would have an effect on the same sex marriages that took place before it came into effect. All of the gay marriages occurring in Massachusetts prior to this ban would be grandfathered in. I just don’t understand why the fear of gays in this state.

Currently, Massachusetts is one of very few states to recognize same sex marriages. Which, being from Massachusetts myself, I am quite proud of. I personally do not agree with this ban and will vote against it when given the opportunity. Currently the number of couples that have had same sex marriages performed is up around 8,000. I personally hoped that once same sex marriage became legal in Massachusetts that other states would soon follow.

The Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney, actually called the advancement of this ban “a huge victory for the people of Massachusetts”. Well, he does not speak for me and has lost my support over this. Well, I don’t know if he ever really had my support, he’s pretty goofy but that is neither here not there. He is using this as his rallying point for his run for office in the next election. Does he really get offended by same sex marriages so much that he would support that a ban on it be passed? I bet not.

Personally I don’t understand why this bothers people so much. If everyone would think about themselves we would be a lot better off in life. I say let Henry and Martha worry about Henry and Martha not about Sally and Cindy. My opinion on the matter is that legal Massachusetts marriages should continue to include same sex unions from now until the end of time.

7 thoughts on “Will Same Sex Marriage in Massachusetts Be Overturned?

  1. I support the ban of same sex marriage everywhere.

    Same sex marriage is not only an abnormality, but sheer insanity.

    Depraved people need help and not unholy wedlock.

    May God help us all to care for these sick and needy people.

  2. Orikinla,

    Not everyone believes in your god. You have no right to force your beliefs on other people, or to deny them the rights you take for granted.

    But you know, there is no arguing with people like you. I’m not going to change your mind so why bother…

    Mr. Savage you have my utmost respect. I am a proud, straight, married man who does not fear gays and doesn’t give a rats a$$ what they do in their own bedroom, whether they get married, etc.

    Want to talk about sick and depraved? Look at all of the “straight” catholic priests who rape little boys, or the “straight” evangelical preachers who take drugs and hire male prostitutes. That’s sick. Loving someone and wanting to be a family isn’t.

    BTW: You’ve been stumbled.

  3. Luckily in America we have rights that many countries won’t even consider.

    I say let anyone marry. If religion shouldn’t be part of law then religion plays no part in a mutual marriage.

    Same sex couples should have the right in massachusetts to marry if I’d have my say.

  4. Everett:

    Orikinla was simply stating his opinion as you did. Why do you think he is “forcing his beliefs” when all he did was state his opinion?

    Also…why are you trying to “change his/her mind”? He/she’s not trying to change yours?

    From an external view of this post, it appears that you’re the one that’s trying to force your beliefs. I’ll never understand that line of thinking…probably because it’s not valid.

  5. Matthew,
    Everett does not know that I am closer to gays than he knows.
    I have gay friends in Nigeria and even did strip tease with one in his chambers and my other gay friend won a gay pageant in Lagos, Nigeria.
    But, I still tell them they need help and guess what? They agreed with me.
    If being gay is normal, nobody will raise an eyebrow or even bother about gay rights.

    Now,is it not ironical for gay couples to adopt children?

    How does the following sound?

    “I don’t want to have children, but I want to adopt some!”

    Does it make sense?

    Most gays suffer from depressions and I know, because I have stayed with them. And I would have been gay.

    Cheers and God bless.

  6. Mathew, how can you say that Orikinla was not forcing his opinion? He supports a ban that would disallow gay couples to wed. How is that not forceful and unfair? Why does your opinion, or mine, even matter with these people’s personal lives? Why should the government have the right to discriminate against GLTB people?
    Ken savage was right though, people have far more basic human rights that in other countries where they are beat up and told they are sick, needy, and must be depressed.
    I find it ironic that you condemn a person and then follow with god bless. I imagine/hope god would bless all people, not based on their skin color, sexuality, or personal beliefs, but on how they live their lives and treat others.
    “I don’t want to have any children, I want to adopt some!,” does in fact sound weird. For me it is because I don’t think that they don’t want to “have” children, it’s just that they can’t.
    Gays do suffer from depression, and it is because of the discriminations against them. I imagine slaves suffered from depression as well.
    Being against gay marriage is a valid belief and is yours. What gives you the right to decide for another?

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