How Do You Rate On The Gaydar – Are You Gay Test?

gaydar testEveryone has some degree of gaydar within them but have you ever thought there was a science to gaydar? What researchers are now finding is that there are certain traits that are very common with homosexuals that could be telltale signs of their sexual preference. How do you rate on the gaydar?

Do you know what a hair whorl is? If you have ever looked at the back of a man’s head you may have noticed that there is a circular pattern in which the hair grows. This is called a hair whorl. Researchers have found that in a large number of homosexual males the hair whorl pattern goes counter clockwise which is in contrast to the majority of heterosexual males having a clockwise hair whorl. Ever since hearing this I have been checking the hair whorl on the back of every heterosexual male that I know and guess what – all have a clockwise hair whorl.

Another common trait has to do with the length of the index finger compared to the ring finger. This one is really interesting to me. On heterosexual woman the index finger is usually either the same length or slightly shorter than the ring finger. In lesbians? The opposite. Lesbians typically have a ring finger that is longer than their index finger. Their ring finger is usually longer than the index. Heterosexual males usually have ring fingers that are longer than the index finger and homosexual males are just the opposite.

There is also research that shows that the thumb and little finger on the left hand of homosexual males and heterosexual woman have thicker fingerprint ridges than that of heterosexual males and homosexual woman.

gaydar testNow none of these traits are a cut and dry answer to someones sexual preference. Just because someone has traits that are more commonly seen in homosexuals obviously does not mean that they are automatically homosexual. What researchers are showing with this data is that more than anything, these traits are what make people appear to be gay.

This is what is meant by gaydar. There are times when you meet someone that you, for reasons unknown to yourself, automatically assume the persons sexual preference. I’m not talking about when you meet someone who would be considered a flaming homosexual (no disrespect intended, really), I’m talking about when you meet someone and you just get a sense that they are homosexual. The traits above are what researchers are saying gives you that impression.

Obviously you are not going around comparing people’s finger lengths and checking our their hair whorls. It could be something we do subconsciously. We always size people up when we first meet them mostly without even realizing we are doing it. Why do we think some people are pretty and others aren’t.

Wow…some could say that this points to the conclusion that homosexual people truly are born that way. I happen to have always been a believer of this. Hopefully with this new information researchers will be able to narrow down their studies and finally be able to say for a fact that this right here is the reason that people are born with the sexual preference that they are.

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