Giant Shark Offshore of Boston Massachusetts

Fishing out on Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary just outside of Boston Massachusetts on a perfect calm day we saw some action on the horizon and decided to check it out. As we approached we could see the dorsal and tail fin of a large shark. We thought it was a great white shark at first.

Typically a basking shark which are very harmless we came very close to observe it but at the last second you can see that this was not basking shark. Looked like a 12 foot great white shark that was sun bathing at the surface taking in the sun.

18 thoughts on “Giant Shark Offshore of Boston Massachusetts

  1. Sharks would probably not be very interested in boats anyway. They’re barely interested in humans ( you’re more likely to be bitten by a Newyorker then a shark). But still it’s a very cool video!

  2. That was a really mind blowing video! I agree with Ken, it looks like the shark could be sleeping. It looked like he was ”lying” on his back! He could be just chilling out, taking a sun bath, the shark probably fell asleep 😛 I would have a heart attack if I saw something like that so close to my boat, that’s for sure!

  3. Sharks are fascinating to me! They kill so few people each year (especially compared to the number of sharks humans kill!), but when they do it is a gruesome ordeal! If I were in a kayak I’d be concerned, large boat, I’d probably be taking as many photos as possible 😉

  4. That’s an amazing video of a very mellow shark who did not seem to care whatsoever about the boat. Yes, sunbathing indeed.

    I must say I am fascinated by the fascination with sharks. Shark Week, Sharknado (and the upcoming sequel!)…we humans can’t seem to get enough of sharks. It’s great fun, and aside from that we do have an opportunity to learn more about them since they are so widely studied.

  5. I didn’t realize sharks especially on of that size would be that close to shores. I’m surprised it wasn’t at all bothered by the boat speeding past it. You would think that would disturb the shark’s sunbathing.

  6. I’m astonished that a shark of that size even lives in the coastal Atlantic region. Could you imagine going on a “routine” fishing trip and coming upon a mythical creature like this? Gives some insight in to why maps of old labelled open water with “Monsters be here”!

  7. The shark clearly forgot his suntan lotion. And umbrella. Kidding aside, that looked so cool. I never thought they did that, the idea is almost cartoony.

  8. I had no idea that a great white shark would even cruise that close to the surface. It’s even amazing how its so close to the shore. I thought they were only found in deep waters and extremely hard to see. It’s like shark week again.

  9. I feel so lucky that I’ve never in my life seen a shark or even come close to one at all. If I was in that boat in the video I think I would be in a panic attack.

  10. Pretty amazing video as it’s always interesting to get a close up of the animals we consider dangerous. I do wonder why a shark that big could be doing all the way in Massachusetts though. Probably took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up lost.

    • I read somewhere (probably reddit, hah) that an issue that whales and dolphins were possibly experiencing is disorientation due to shipping traffic. From how I understood the article, the amount of engine noise in the water (though difficult for us to detect) is interfering with the echolocation and manner in which whales and dolphins communicate. This eventually manifests in events like mass beachings or whales straying too far from their regular feeding zones and starving.

      Perhaps the shark(s?) are being interfered with in a similar manner… baseless speculation of course.

  11. Wow, that really is amazing how it just doesn’t care about the boat being almost on top of it! If I would’ve been there I probably would stand there shaking, they’re such monstrous creatures.

    As nonsiccsus said, maybe he’s hypnotized by the boats engine or something?

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