Halloween 2007 Brings Some New Costume Ideas

With every new year comes new Halloween costume ideas. So what 2007 Halloween costumes can we look forward to seeing? Here are just a few Halloween costumes I think we’ll see hitting the streets and the Halloween costume parties this year.

The Diaper Wearing Astronaut

Yes, thanks to Astronaut Lisa Nowak and her attempted kidnapping/diaper caper, I’m sure we’ll see some pretty creative renditions of an astronaut wearing an adult diaper this year.

Brittany Spears Sans Hair

Thank goodness Brittany Spears had a meltdown earlier this year and shaved her head…I didn’t know what to do with that old Sinead O’Connor costume I had from the 90’s. There is also a variation to the Brittany Spears Sans Hair costume…

Brittany Spears Sans Hair & Sans Panties

I’ll let you figure out the details to this one but I will make a suggestion that you fashion something out of silly putty in the shape of a busted ravioli…too graphic? Too bad.

Pregnant Hannah Montana

The rumors were flying early in September that child star Miley Cyrus age 14, better known as Hannah Montana, was with child. These rumors were untrue but that doesn’t take away from the pure genius of this costume.

President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

This costume is geared more toward you political types out there…or anyone that caught the news anytime this past week. With a jet black hair piece, some Groucho Marx eyebrows, and a cheap Borat looking suit you could have the perfect costume.

Paris Hilton Featuring Her Stylish Ankle Monitor

No party is ever a part until Paris Hilton shows up and that goes for Halloween parties too. Only this year we will be seeing a lot of Paris Hilton’s strutting their stuff at Halloween parties, rocking their court ordered ankle monitors.

The Dick In A Box Guy

Step one: cut a whole in the box Step two: put your junk in that box Step three: Make her open that box…ok so you would probably leave out step three, but this would make a killer costume!

The Turkey Effing Psycho From The Thanksgiving Trailer

This is going to be along the same lines as The Dick In A Box Guy only substitute a cooked turkey for the box…and there’s already a whole in the turkey so just skip right over step one. That really only leaves you with Step two: put your junk in the turkey. You get the idea.

Bobby Light

Ahhh Bobby Light, the alter-ego of Rob Dyrdek from MTV’s Rob & Big show. Cheesy white suit, color me bad lead singer wig and some nice shades and there you go. What is great about this costume is if you have more than one party to hit you can turn this into the Dick In A Box Guy costume with hardly any effort at all. Just add the box!

So there you have it, 2007 has given us a plethora of Halloween costume ideas. My personal favorite you ask? I gotta go with The Dick In A Box Guy. It’s like a sore dick in a box…you can’t beat it.

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  1. My boyfriend and I went as the Dick in a Box pair—which is how it should be. There were other Dick in a Box guys at the party we went to. Not as funny as a solo costume. And definitely not as funny as a chick dressed as Justin Timberlake…people actually thought I was a dude…freaked them out when I spoke and gave away the fact that I was, indeed, a chick. Pics on my myspace profile if you wanna check em out!

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