This is Called #Hernandezing

This is Hernandezing
The arrest of Aaron Hernandez on charges of first-degree murder, coupled with fans’ fondness for mimicking iconic sports poses, has brought out the worst in the Internet.

Television crews captured Hernandez being taken from his home in handcuffs. At the time of the arrest, Hernandez was shirtless. Police allowed him to put a shirt over his head, but did not remove the cuffs to allow him to put his arms through the shirt sleeves.

The second aspect of the trend involves a photo of Hernandez taken four years ago, in which the ex-New England Patriot holds a handgun while taking a self portrait.

Both poses are easily copied by anyone with a smartphone, firearm and bad judgement. This is called Hernandezing.

2 thoughts on “This is Called #Hernandezing

  1. That’s really a distasteful thing to do. But then my faith in the internet has never been high. It’s sad that I still get surprised when this sort of things are done.

  2. Great, another pose for people to do that will just spam my twitter. I really don’t get what he was trying to prove with this mirror picture, you have a gun, that’s really cool man.

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