Even Celebrities Aren't Safe From The Human Growth Hormone Hunt

It seems that lately all you hear about is the human growth hormone and the professional athletes or music celebrity who are under suspicion for using human growth hormone to recover from injuries quicker or to enhance their muscle mass, up their metabolism… you name it, human growth hormone does it.

I get it, human growth hormone is listed as one of performance enhancing drugs that you can not take if you are in professional sports. But the naming of names has gone way further than just professional sports.
Why are celebrities who have allegedly used HGH human growth hormones being outed?

It seems that authorities have launched an Albany, NY based steroid investigation to try and crack down on the doctors who are prescribing human growth hormone under false pretenses. Fine. But why then do I only see the media listing celebrities involved with human growth hormone and not the doctors prescribing it?

Medical Privacy for Celebrities

Let’s take a look at the latest list of celebrities who are being accused of allegedly using the performance enhancing human growth hormone:

  • keith richards hgh

    Keith Richards

  • mary j blige hgh

    Mary J. Blige

  • 50 cent hgh

    50 Cent

  • sylvester stallone HGH

    Sylvester Stallone

  • tyler perry hgh

    Tyler Perry

  • wyclef jean hgh

    Wyclef Jean

  • Timbaland hgh


  • chris benoit HGH steroids

    Chris Benoit

What I find really ridiculous is that even though officials have named names of those celebrities included in the human growth hormone investigation they state that none of the evidence indicates that any of these celebrities broke the law…so why then are we hearing protected healthcare information about these celebrities? Have you ever heard of a little thing called HIPAA?

Benefits of Taking HGH

So why all the buzz? What does the human growth hormone do for the body that would make all of these people want to take it? Let’s take a look. The human growth hormone is said to:

  • increase muscle mass
  • increase muscle strength
  • aid in body fat loss
  • improve exercise endurance
  • increase exercise tolerance
  • improve skin texture
  • increase skin thickness
  • improve skin elasticity
  • grow new hair
  • decrease appearance of wrinkles
  • improve healing of old injuries
  • improve healing in general
  • improve back flexibility
  • improve resistance to common illness
  • improve sexual potency and frequency
  • increase duration of penile erection
  • decrease nighttime urination
  • decrease hot flashes
  • regulate menstrual cycle
  • improve energy levels
  • improve emotional stability
  • improve memory
  • improve your all around attitude towards life

Negative Side Effects of HGH

For a drug to effect just about every aspect of a person there must be some pretty serious human growth hormone negative consequences that are experienced right? Let’s see:

  • water retention
  • joint pain
  • muscle ache
  • and…no, that’s it

Well of course there is that pesky human growth hormone negative side effect where your heart can grow too large for the blood supply going to it. But is that dependent upon the dose that you take? I don’t know for sure.

You can definitely see why human growth hormone is not just for athletes anymore. Well Jesus, if I had the money I would probably be taking human growth hormone too. But I don’t have the money because a monthly human hormone treatment can cost up to $500.00…bummer.

Obviously there have been no studies on the long term effects of the human growth hormone so we don’t really know what the repercussions of using human growth hormone on a regular basis will be. I guess we’ll have to wait and find out.

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  1. It does not improve healing. The increase in exercise endurance makes the individual believe there are completely healed. It actually masks the injury and the person will continue to stay active while they are injured.

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