How To Do A Background Check On Someone

How to do a background check on someoneBackground checks are a chain of checks done on an individual’s records, which pertain to his past, and present. His credit records, criminal testimonies, employment details and personal information are some of the things you can gain access to with a background check. Many companies and institutions insist on a thorough background check and screening of individuals before employing them. With the technology available today a background check is not that difficult.

Many organizations do verification and background checks on individuals for a fee. They are either government appointed or they are a private company. Individuals who should undergo a background check:

1. Nannies and daycare workers who stay at home to care for the children of parents who are out.

2. Security guards, who guard the vaults in banks, assist cashiers and security vans, safeguard houses and buildings and work as bodyguards.

3. People you meet on the internet who wish to establish any kind of serious relationship such as marriage.

4. Drivers who drive expensive cars.

5. Reputed organizations do a background check on their employees to check the employment history and reliability of the person. It is mandatory for many of the government organizations to conduct a background check on employees to make sure the person does not hold any criminal records.

6. Financial advisers to whom you must reveal all of your personal and credit details.

7. People who purchase firearms and ammunition. (Though not all countries do this there are many countries which insist on this.)

8. Before issuing a visa authorities will perform a background check.

Background Reports

The reports generated from the background checks consist of the details on sexual misconduct and criminal reprobates, bankruptcy information, disputed property and ownership information, marriage and divorce records and other general information of any individual.

Internet – A Source for a Background Check

The Internet has become a steady source to meet new people, develop friendships and date. All you have is the person’s name and photograph in most cases. Your safety and well-being are at risk when you believe a person whom you have never met before. What about the matchmaking sites where men and women upload their photographs and details? How much of it is true? Do those names really go with those faces? Perceiving and analyzing one’s move is easy if he or she is there before you. Fraud detection over the internet is difficult, but you can be safe by following a few rules.

• Do not give your personal details (Social security number, family details, medical history and previous records) to anyone whom you do not know personally.

• Avoid getting into any kind of serious arguments or scuffle.

• Never ever, reveal you credit information such as account number, to a stranger over the internet.

First, try to find out as many details as you can about a person from the said individual himself. Now with whatever information you have, do an intense search on any of the search engines. You may or may not get any information. If the person gave you his phone number, try searching for more facts in any of the directories or yellow pages. The court system is another option; you need to input the person’s date of birth to get his details.

Online Background Checks

Stay at home and check the background of anyone you like over the internet. Various websites that provides access to online public data are quite reliable. In addition, your search is discreet. Authorized websites will do background checks for a fee. Intelius, Netdetective, U.S.Search and Veromi are a few of them. A basic background check usually requires facts such as the name of the person, SSN, date of birth and any other possible information. They work as detectives to provide the details of the individual using their own database. This is for a general background check.

Court System

For criminal and serious background checks, the sources would be different. Court records are the primary source for criminal information. It is a Government controlled background check system, which, if followed as per the instructions will provide in depth information. You must submit an application form requesting a few details of the person you require information on as the first step. Mention the kind of search you want the court to perform on the person. Pay the fees over the counter and request a receipt. Do not forget to mention how you want the information dispatched to you – via e-mail or post. Before getting into all the above formalities it is mandatory to acquire the permission of the person whose background you intend to check.

It is always advisable to conduct a background check before you come to any serious decision about an individual whom you have never studied well. However, be careful to use reliable sources for this purpose as a wrong step could rebound messing up the relations and connections.

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