How To Clean A Mattress Bed of Blood, Urine or Pet Odors

Keeping your mattress bed clean is not always the easiest task, especially if you have young children and pets living in your home. The easiest way to answer the question about how to clean a mattress would be to try and keep it clean from the beginning. Unfortunately, accidents do and more often than not, will happen. First, let us advise those of you who have just purchased a new mattress and would like to know how to keep your bed clean. For this, you can use one of many mattress protectors sold in most stores that carry household items and cleaners, as well as mattress dealers and furniture stores. You can also cover your mattress with a mattress bag which basically wraps your mattress in a protective envelope. These are also good for keeping your mattress from giving you dust mites bites and allergies.

A good mattress cleaner should definitely be used for accidents such as drink spills, urine and dust mites.

Of course I wouldn’t recommend simply letting the mattress dry and forget it ever happened.

Your mattress may be dry, but the odor will still linger, and the stains will surely set. Young children, pets and even adults have been having accidents in bed, and that’s not about to stop any time soon. Whether it’s urine, vomit or you just happen to spill something while having breakfast in bed, you should have a good quality mattress cleaner at hand. The question is what to use, and what actually works to remove those awful stains and odors.

So we’ll teach you How To Clean A Mattress.

There are a few solutions out there that can be of assistance, and a variety of products that can be used as mattress cleaner that will do the trick.

A few mattress cleaning products include What Odor? which is great for allergies, and a well recommended mattress cleaner used by the hotel industry called ProKlean seems to work very well.

If you do not have any of these, there is still hope as there are a few other products that are very effective and can play the part of a mattress cleaner. A good quality upholstery shampoo usually does the job, and you can get them just about anywhere. The sooner you treat the affected surface, the easier it will be to remove the odor and stain, so if you happen to have upholstery shampoo in your home, try that.

Vacuum That Mattress Monthly

how to clean a mattressAlso have you tried to just vacuum the mattress occasionally? There’s lots of dead mites and bed bugs in there that can weigh things down and shorten the life of your mattress.

Nothing is worse than having recently spent a large sum of money on a good quality pillow top mattress, and then finding out that your dog has just urinated on it. You always have the option to call a professional mattress cleaner, but sometimes the situation can be a little embarrassing, not to mention fairly costly. Healiohealth’s black light kit makes a nice product that includes a black light to find the secretive urine stain and then a chemical to get rid of it. It’s always better just to do our own dirty work when we can.

A good mattress cleaner is not only useful for accidents, we also sweat a lot when we sleep, and over time, your mattress just doesn’t smell as fresh as you would like. To regain that smell, there is also a practical solution. It’s a good idea to first vacuum the mattress surface on both sides before you go ahead and use your preferred mattress cleaner product. This will rid your mattress of dust and mites. Furthermore, changing the sheets as often as possible will usually help keep that fresh scent and feel, longer before you feel the need to pull out the mattress cleaner once again.

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