How To Clean A Mattress Bed of Blood, Urine or Pet Odors

Keeping your mattress bed clean is not always the easiest task, especially if you have young children and pets living in your home. The easiest way to answer the question about how to clean a mattress would be to try and keep it clean from the beginning. Unfortunately, accidents do and more often than not, will happen. First, let us advise those of you who have just purchased a new mattress and would like to know how to keep your bed clean. For this, you can use one of many mattress protectors sold in most stores that carry household items and cleaners, as well as mattress dealers and furniture stores. You can also cover your mattress with a mattress bag which basically wraps your mattress in a protective envelope. These are also good for keeping your mattress from giving you dust mites bites and allergies.

A good mattress cleaner should definitely be used for accidents such as drink spills, urine and dust mites.

Of course I wouldn’t recommend simply letting the mattress dry and forget it ever happened.

Your mattress may be dry, but the odor will still linger, and the stains will surely set. Young children, pets and even adults have been having accidents in bed, and that’s not about to stop any time soon. Whether it’s urine, vomit or you just happen to spill something while having breakfast in bed, you should have a good quality mattress cleaner at hand. The question is what to use, and what actually works to remove those awful stains and odors.

So we’ll teach you How To Clean A Mattress.

There are a few solutions out there that can be of assistance, and a variety of products that can be used as mattress cleaner that will do the trick.

A few mattress cleaning products include What Odor? which is great for allergies, and a well recommended mattress cleaner used by the hotel industry called ProKlean seems to work very well.

If you do not have any of these, there is still hope as there are a few other products that are very effective and can play the part of a mattress cleaner. A good quality upholstery shampoo usually does the job, and you can get them just about anywhere. The sooner you treat the affected surface, the easier it will be to remove the odor and stain, so if you happen to have upholstery shampoo in your home, try that.

Vacuum That Mattress Monthly

how to clean a mattressAlso have you tried to just vacuum the mattress occasionally? There’s lots of dead mites and bed bugs in there that can weigh things down and shorten the life of your mattress.

Nothing is worse than having recently spent a large sum of money on a good quality pillow top mattress, and then finding out that your dog has just urinated on it. You always have the option to call a professional mattress cleaner, but sometimes the situation can be a little embarrassing, not to mention fairly costly. Healiohealth’s black light kit makes a nice product that includes a black light to find the secretive urine stain and then a chemical to get rid of it. It’s always better just to do our own dirty work when we can.

A good mattress cleaner is not only useful for accidents, we also sweat a lot when we sleep, and over time, your mattress just doesn’t smell as fresh as you would like. To regain that smell, there is also a practical solution. It’s a good idea to first vacuum the mattress surface on both sides before you go ahead and use your preferred mattress cleaner product. This will rid your mattress of dust and mites. Furthermore, changing the sheets as often as possible will usually help keep that fresh scent and feel, longer before you feel the need to pull out the mattress cleaner once again.

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    • We had a matress in storrage without ac, now it’s smells. I tryed sprinkle baby poweder & baking soda, better but still there. Does anyone know what can be done?

      • Hi Does this product SCOE 10X work on mice urine.Had a Craftmatic Adjustable Bed in storage with a Mattress cover on it and the mice urinated all over the cover and an area about the size of of 4 inches is at one end and Id like to get it clean its been used very little.Thanks Jim

    • SO glad I’m not the only one who just bought a new mattress only to find out my dog peed on it!! I was mortified and had to figure out if there was a way to clean it, besides to change the bedding and put bounce dryer sheets over the urine spots in between the sheet and mattress to at least mask the yucky smell (I was desperate). Dang dogs, cannot believe this is where he decides to pee!! He even sleeps here! What the heck!?! Thank goodness for google and discussions.

    • thanks for the advice, you have just save me a ton of money….lol
      the advice and product worked.
      best regards

  1. carpet cleaner and a wet sponge.
    then blow dry it so you don’t get mildew or a bad smell, or leave the mattress outside to dry in the sun.

    • Emma Jo, does this actually work? as my daughter is a pain for weein the bed, but obviously wud need the mattress for that nite

  2. Interesting. I’ve had a problem with my husband drinking and coming home and peeing in the bed at night. We’ve already bought 2 mattresses because he pees in bed.

    How do you clean out human urine from a mattress?

    • I had the same problem with the husband. what I did worked wonders, I got rid of the husband!!! Now he is peeing in someone elses bed.

        • With a name like yours, you will score another husband in a jiffy. Just put a plastic cover on the mattress. It worked when I was a little kid.

      • Hi Anna, I am still laughing, your answer was so spontaneous and totally unexpected relieving me of my utter frustration going from site 2 site needing what I thought would be a quick fix NOW!! with what I have on hand,not 4,000 ads on products requiring getting dressed, into the car, driving to the store to purchase said item, reversing the above. I just know you get what I mean, anway THANK YOU so much for the great laugh break which has ended my internet search. I used baking soda w/pet urine spray & oxgen powder cleaner w/some smell spray,sort of in layers on mattress. It is all making a connection to each other as I sit here connecting to you. Yikes! EVERYTHING is so damn complicated. Digital voices, spitting ATM machines,Car Wash drive in’s leaving soap all over my car, water spray not work, coin machine empty, drive to bank w/ winshield wiperss sqeaking to keep soap off window, get change from first human teller (left her laughing) back to wash off soap, dark by now. Mission accocomplished but NOW I needed to pee. You guessed it, have to spend a fourtune to purchase something to use rest room. Close call or next question would have been, removing pee from car seat. Nice chat Anna and great choice. Did you get next model in spouse dept? NOT spouse of souse I hope. Keep laughing, Joanne human female thinktank on Yahoo Blog. (another crazy story)

        • So I have the same problem! But it’s not my husband, just a guy I was seeing. Why did I continue to see him after he peed the first time?! I have no idea. but now I have this huge urine stain on my bed and I just want to strangle him. I’ve tried peroxide and SCOE10X. It seemed to get better but for some reason today it’s rainy and humid and the smell is overwhelming me. I think i’m going to get a Suction vac…cheaper than buying a new mattress. I was even thinking about buying a new mattress but then thinking about what the guys delivering the new mattress will be thinking as they haul away the dirty mattress! *sigh*

          No more alcoholics.

    • well my 11 year old daughter pees in the bed and she has peed in the bed everynight 4 the last year and i have done nothing and i dont know how to make her stop and i dont have the money to buy another bed so i dont know how to get the pee and the smell out

      • Susan, don’t punish your daughter for her actions. She may be a heavy sleeper like my son. Limit her intake of liquids in the evening. Nothing past 7:00 and go to the bathroom before bed. It helps my son. My brother was a bed wetter too when he was younger and it’s very embarrassing to the child. I hope the suggestion works.

      • I am hoping that by now your daughter has gotten over her bed wetting issue. However, I wanted let people know what worked for my son. When he was in the first grade, after all tests showed there was nothing physically wrong, the doctor prescribed an enuresis alarm. It is a small device that woke him up as he was about to pee. The unit has two ends, and a cord that connects them. One end clips onto the underwear that when that first drop of urine touches it, sends a signal to a small alarm device clipped on the collar of their shirt. Within two weeks, my son was staying dry consistently, and has been accident free since then. He used the device only for as long as he needed it. I did notice that if he was overly tired, he had more accidents, and so we worked on his schedule as well. We also gave him a watch with a timer on it to remind him to go to the bathroom regularly during the day.

        • I wish that would work for my son but since he puts his Alarm clock (its battery operated) IN his bed with him to wake him up in the morning for school and he never hears it I doubt that would work. My son is 11 he was fully Potty trained and never wet the bed for 5 years! then we Moved away from my parents when he was 6 and it’s been down hill ever since (we lived with my parents all his life before moving to another state) he did okay at first only wetting the bed once in a while, maybe every day for a week then would stop for months. but now at 11 yrs old its pretty much back to Every night I’m so sick of buying OverNight Sleep pants! specially since 90% of the time they don’t work, I’ve bought 2 brand new mattresses already and USE mattress covers with them his room STINKS so bad! you don’t even have to walk in his room just get close to it!.. I’m tired of washing his bed clothes daily, I put a good HEPA Air Purifier in his room it didn’t help I’ve tried the baking soda, the vinegar, the frebreeze (that just masks the odors by the way) I am limited on what “Air freshener” type sprays i can use because I own Parrots and the frebreeze, lysol sprays etc can Kill my birds! He’s not allowed anything to drink after dinner(Dinner is 5:30 pm) his bed time is 9 pm – he has to go pee before getting in bed, I wake him up around 11 pm to go pee, then my b/f will wake him up again in the middle of the night usually around 2-3 am then he’s up at 6:30 am for school .. He doesn’t drink pop but maybe 2 times a year (on Christmas and Thanksgiving) and then its 2 cans all day and nothing else, he drinks mainly water. The doctors just keep telling me he’ll Grow out of it.. well his DAD was a bed wetter until 13 I really can’t handle this for another 2-3 years! I found this site by searching ways to get the stench out of his room and his mattress and all I am finding is things I’ve already tried that never worked! it’s winter here now so I can’t sit the mattress out in the sun but his 1st mattress sat out in the sun for 3 months and it still STUNK like pee! so i am searching for something that is safe to use around my birds(just because it says “Safe to use around pets” doesn’t make it safe for using around my birds πŸ™ I have to do extensive research on every product and I’m just wanting to sit here and pull my hair out, the smell in his room is starting to linger out of his room and in the rest of my house πŸ™ He is a very heavy sleeper and he has no idea he has to pee when he’s asleep and has no idea he’s peed after he’s done it.. but we’ve kind of narrowed it down. if we hear him start talking in his sleep and just brush it off He will pee the bed, IF we hear him talking in his sleep wake him up to go pee (which by the way ends up in a huge fight while he’s asleep the entire time and it doesn’t help much he has a slight anger problem) Then he doesn’t pee the bed also he says It seems every night that he pees the bed he is dreaming of water (ocean, pools etc) I keep telling him WHEN you start dreaming like that Make your self get up and go to the bathroom in the bathroom BUT he’s such a hard sleeper he can’t even get himself to wake up. I’ve banged pans Beside his head while he was sound asleep HE didn’t even flinch but his sister came bolting out of her room at the other end of the house and she was dead asleep with her door closed and she heard it and she’s a heavy sleeper too! I never had this problem with her she wet the bed 1 time when she was 5 – she was overly excited about a field trip the next day at school(it was her 1st real field trip) she has never done it again I just dont’ know what to do any more every doctor said “he’s fine , he’ll grow out of it” but it isn’t them who has to deal with the mess! Cutting liquids off Doesn’t work.. I’ve even went to the extreme and didnt’ allow him to have anything to drink for 7 hrs before bed! and he goes to the bathroom A LOT during the day and he still peed a small lake in his bed πŸ™ I’m half tempted to throw the bed out and Just make him a cot on the floor with blankets until he finally stops peeing the bed! blankets and carpets are 100% easier to clean than a bed mattress!!!

          • I don’t have any solutions for the odour, but as a doctor (and mother of 13yo and 10yo bedwetters) I would just like to say that ‘enuresis alarms’ are very effective for most children. My 10yo responded very well the first time, and the other child gets about a year out of it, before having to use it again. Just waiting for her to ‘grow out of it’. I hired them through a bedwetting clinic at the Childrens Hospital (Australia), because this meant that we got a thorough history, examination and urine test first. The paediatrician told me they had not had such success with the clip on pants alarm although these can be bought at pharmacy for $100-200. The pad and bell alarm that we used would cost $2000 to buy.

          • I have the same problem with my daughter who is nine. She just wet the be again last night. I figured it was fine since I had just put a brand new waterproof mattress pad on her bed. I moved her to the top bunk in her sibblings room and went back to bed. Got up this morning to discover it had soaked through the plastic liner too. AHHH! Not to mention she had gone to the bathroom again when I woke and moved her. Then woke up this morning wet again. Luckily it wasn’t as bad and didn’t get the bed wet. But still. She can not grow out of this too soon. Anyhow — I use the clorox bleach spray (actually I use the Target brand). Kills the smell and gets rid of the stain. Also kills all the bacteria. I spray a ton on the spot. Let it sit for a few minutes. Then get a damp rag and scrub it. Then I use a dry rag to absorb as much as I can. Last I turn the ceiling fan on and let it dry all day before remaking the bed. I have never noticed an odor and the stains are gone with this product. Good Luck — I know it is so frustrating!

          • If any kids are wetting the bed frequently you can buy something like a “Conni” (for bed wetting and general incontinence use) anyway, they can hold up to 5 litres of liquid and keep the bed dry and also draw it away from the child, so if they have light clothes on they may not even wake up. If they do wake up you only have to change the “Conni” and not the whole bed. It lays on top of bottom sheet.

          • Try putting a shower curtain (great deal at the Dollar Store) over his mattress and then a fitted sheet on top. Keep him on the night schedule….no drinks 2 hours prior, wake up 2 hours after bed and another early morning. keep extra sheets, blankets, and a change of clothes in his room for easy cleanup. When he wets the bed have him get up and clean himself. Teach him how to wash his stuff….he can atleast toss everything into the washer. Once you take the fitted sheet off have him wipe down the shower curtain with a clorox wipe and llet it dry for a minute and pop a new fitted sheet on. The shower curtain is a great barrier. Works like a charm.

          • Get with your kids pediatrician often times they can give you a referal for a bed wetting alarm so your insurance will cover the cost.

          • I just want to say quickly, that if he does pee a LOT all day you should check his blood sugar and rule out a diabetic tendency. I have hubby and daughter that sleep hard like that and are not themselves and very angry if you wake them – they don’t remember in the morning. My hubby drank and peed a lot (not alchohol and not in bed lol) and even though very healthy and young ended up being diabetic. That’s funny you know he’s gonna wet when he talks in his sleep, my daughter just did that last night. She hasn’t wet the bed in years and I happened to fall asleep putting her to bed and heard her talking – then woke up cause my feet felt something wet. Now I’m looking for tips on cleaning the mattress – sigh.

          • Hi Kelli. The same thing happend to my son. We lived with my mother till he was 5yrs old he is 8 now. He was potty trained at 15months. When we moved away from grandmas it went down hill. We tried this Pacific International company for bedwetting (very pricey) worked withn one month he stopped wetting the bed. I know the stress it can be on you and your child believe me i know. Went to the doctors and they said it was normal. Theguy that came to our home and explained why kids pee the bed made sense. Take a look at if ur son is still peeing his bed. To me worth every penny good luck

      • If I was you I would check your daughter out for a urine infection, they could be the main reason she’s having that difficulty.

    • Yes, you can get human urine out. First, you get paper towels and you try your best to get all of the urine dried plus add pressure by standing on it, then add baking soda to do the rest of the job. Let it dry & vacuum it up.

    • My husband has been doing the same thing for years now, and although it’s annoying, I’ve pretty much got used to it. But last night, he pulled a new one on me. He literally walked down a few stairs, pisses all over the rest of them, then came back to bed. I had to be up in two hours, and could not for the life of me decide what someone in that position is supposed to do.. Do I clean it up and not get any sleep? Or go back to sleep and worry about the stain setting? Ugh!! I love my husband and would never divorce him over something he can’t control, but I just might strangle him in the heat of the moment. Especially if he pisses on my staircase again. Hahahaha!

      • Do you make him clean it up? If not, you should. I did this when my husband used to drink and would vomit. Lol, I even provided a laundry basket with what I thought was his dirty work clothes to use as a bucket. (I figured that would make the clean up easier.)The next morning he realized that it was his clean clothes, oops. I told him that happens when a person drinks too much. Fortunately, he only had dry heaves that time around, but after that he sobered up. His obsession now is exercise. If he ever takes up drinking again, I am out.

  3. Melysa if you could email me back and let me know how you seem to get the smell out. I would appreicaite it. I have the same problem. I feel like I can not seem to get it out.

  4. You need to absorb the urine from the mattress as quick as possible without adding any more liquid to it.

    So no spraying it with water and soap or sprays that will mask the pee smell. Dry paper towels and terry cloth strips work best until you’re removing no more fluid then you can begin the process of cleaning the urine out of the mattress.

  5. Melysa,
    sounds like your husband has a drinking problem. My ex boyfriend used to do that too. Or maybe limit liquid consumption 3 hours before bed and urinate right before bed.

  6. The sun is a natural sanatiser and bleacher. White vinegar also a sanatiser, and acidic so it will neutralise the urine and smell. Simply apply to area and leave in the sun. If stain still remains lemon juice in the sun will reduce the stain.

    • Same name…weird…anyways, I think you have had the best idea I’ve read. It’s also a cheap fix, so thank you very much for your help.

  7. Hello?!?! Make him sleep on the couch!! I am worried about a little boy – I would never worry about a full-grown man!
    Good luck!


  8. If you really want to get a clean mattress, try Hygienitech. The Hygienitech Mattress Cleaning System will remove dust mites and other allergens from your mattress – improving health and reducing allergies and asthma.

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  9. Use hairspray and a clean rag. Spray the ink stain area with hairspray and then rub clean with rag. Then wash the area with mild soap and water. Make sure to absorb all water with clean rags, since it is a mattress. I’ve never cleaned a mattress, but I’ve used this trick on shirts and clothing. Something in the hairspray breaks the ink down. Works every time for me.

    • Hello, I think its the alcohol in the hairspray, at my vet clinic we use alcohol to remove permanent marker of bottles. Try pure alcohol, thats what I use.

  10. I want to bang out my mattress with some flat type of tool that is made from wood or plastic. I had one that I bought in Israel that we used for banging out the dust from both mattresses or rugs, but it is breaking. I searched some of the stores in Brooklyn, NY but was not able to find them here. Does anyone know where I can find such a thing?

    • to get a stick for wacking your rugs and mattress go to your local hardware store and buy an ax handle. they work well.

  11. Try to broom. We used to use them for rugs. (Hang the rug on a clothes lin). On a mattress I think you could just ‘whack’ It.

  12. Hi
    be careful when cleaning your mattress. Some companies, such as Simmons state that using anything liquid will void the warranty.
    look under how to clean your mattress. I found this out the hard way. My pillowtop is lumpy and since I used liquid to clean it, I caused worse stains, voiding the warranty.

  13. How do you remove mould from a matress?
    My husband sweats and when i removed the mattress protecror there is some mould on the surface.
    I have now put down a waterproof protector.

  14. for those of you who have people peeing in your beds.. If I were you I’d toss the mattress and then buy a new one.. Before you let anyone sleep on it, cover it with sheet plastic (or leave it in the original plastic it comes in), then buy a cheap pillowtop (so you don’t feel/hear the plastic), then buy a mattress cover, then sheets. If it gets peed on you can always wash the sheet, mattress cover and pillowtop and bleach or lysol the plastic.

  15. Hello everyone,
    renting a house from next week through an agency… was jst wondering if they are responsible of suppling a brand new mattress. Not to sure.
    Thank anyone for their answers.

  16. May we suggest our services for a efficient way to have your mattress sanitized and cleaned.

    Our Three Step Mattress Sanitation process is performed with three independent units to control Mattress Mites; First we extract the Mattress Mites and dust particles with a micro hepa high powered vacuum from a Mattress and other fabric surfaces while on-site in your residence or commercial environment. We then treat all surfaces with a unit containing two 18″ UVC lamps that will have pollen, mite proteins, viruses, bacteria, bacterial spores, mold, fungus spores become non-viable and control Mattress Mites. Finally, treating the surface with an Allergy Spray.

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  17. ok Home Enviro Health Specialists. You’ve spammed us your sales pitch but didn’t give any of our worldwide visitors your contact info. Marketing 101?

    What is your service area and how do people reach you?

  18. Ken I merely offered the post as a solution. If you feel that I spammed you site I apologize. I do not see anything that you sell and it is to inform others about solutions, in which we provide one.

    If you feel that I have disrespected you or your site, please delete the post.

  19. Nooo that’s fine. I just get 100’s of comments a day and it’s usually people showing up, commenting and leaving. This page ranks very well and gets lots of traffic. If your in the NJ area only, you’re probably not going to get a lot of calls from here.
    thx for your comment though.

  20. Thank you and I am happy to hear that you are not offend with the post. We do only serve the NJ Metro area at the current time.

    The site contains lots of useful information that would have one see just how “unhealthy” a mattress can actually be.

    A comment that we will receive from most customers is: “If I can’t see it so who cares.” I would say in response: “I never heard of a diseases (as in a internal sickness) that you can see; would you want them?”

    But then after they learn of what is actually multiplying (Viruses, Bacteria) and the dust mites feed on dead moldy human skin, then they leave their excrement along with their dead body parts all over their mattress; they then have a different opinion.

  21. I have not tried the ProKlean product, but I do not recommend asking any questions of customer service. I e-mailed them for a recoomendation of products, and I was given a curt and rude response. Manners and good customer service are missing at ProKlean.

  22. i have sweat stains on my mattress and it has structurally failed and they will not warranty it because of the stains, how can i remove them??
    the mattress has a 9 year warranty and i have 2 years to clean it>>
    the warranty state “sanitary condition” they also said a simple pen mark on it would also void warranty. has anyone ever been able to actually have a mattress replaced under warranty??


  23. Rob,

    Many people have had great success with using Bio-Enviro for stains on all kinds of fabric surfaces including mattresses. The product will also remove ink as well. For an all around cleaner this product is extremely diverse.

    Please understand while nothing is a miracle product Bio-Enviro has performed well in most situations. So every once i a while we do come across a difficult situation. Here is the mix chart:

    I would suggest that you try it. It is a great all around cleaning product as well. Here is the site


  24. HI,

    We have a cal king pillow top mattreess that our 4 year old just vomitted (poor thing) all over. Egads Now, I have taken all of the pillows, sheets etc off the bed and have been using a bucket of water and a new sponge to soak up the ick. I also placed a splash of pine sol.

    Is this wise? After reading all this info I am confused and concerened in California. What should I do. It totally stinks too. Thank goodnes she is feeling better and daddy is whith her in her room sleeping and also she threw up on his side not mine he he.

    What is the best thing to do at this point????

    Thank you

  25. Roberts3,

    Be careful on how much water you get on the mattress. If you get too much to penetrate mold may grow along with viruses from the vomit. If you have someone local that can perform mattress sanitation with a high powered UVC Lamps that would be a great thing to do!

    Just as I have explained in the post above. Here is the mix chart:

    I would suggest that you try it. It is a great all around cleaning product as well. Here is the site

    The product will also perform odor control.

  26. If you really want to get a clean mattress, try Hygienitech. The Hygienitech Mattress Cleaning System will remove dust mites and other allergens from your mattress – improving health and reducing allergies and asthma.

    Hygienitech’s Mattress Cleaning System is based on a powerful, specially engineered portable cleaning device that generates incredible suction and high frequency pulsating waves, combined with a germ killing UV-C light to pulverize and extract the dust mites and other harmful debris that have accumulated in the mattress.

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  27. Ask our competitors about their process; a single 12″ UVC lamp attached to the vacuum or a wand with an 8″ UVC light for UVC Mattress Cleaning? These simple will not do the job! We use powerful UVC Germicidal Lamps.

    The math model for UV Technology is Time X Intensity; the amount of time that you expose a microbe or pathogen times the intensity of UV exposure. Vacuuming a bed or any surface for that matter at that rate of speed may have an effect on just that , vacuuming the treated surface!

    We treat all surfaces with a unit containing two 18″ UVC Germicidal Lamps that will have pollen, mite proteins, viruses, bacteria, bacterial spores, mold, fungus spores become non-viable and control Mattress Mites.

  28. Thank you for all your help. My son wets his bed once in aawhile. We had the mattress covered with a plastic zip up cover. Unfortuately the cover got a very small hole in it and the urine leaked into the mattress and was then sealed in by the cover. I found the hole but the mattress stinks. I did vinegar, enzyme products, baking soda, and even a carpet heat cleaner. The stains are gone and the smell is more localized but it still stinks!! I am a stay at home mom of 2 boys with a little girl on the way and I don’t have the money to pay a big fancy company to clean my mattress. Any more suggestions??
    Sincerely, Breen

  29. My dog peed in our bed while we were on vacation and I discovered it when we got home- I think it’s been there for at least 5 days. Is there any hope of getting the smell out or do I need to buy a new mattress? The stain was bone dry by the time we found it. My boyfriend is pissed (no pun intended!) so I need to figure this out ASAP.

    If there is hope, what it is it? Please email me back, THANKS!

    • just wanted to let everyone know we used a professional service to get the mattress cleaned ($120) and now, several months later, there is no smell or stain.

      the stain came out immediately with the cleaning, and the smell was totally gone within 2 weeks.

      • Liz,

        What type of professional cleaners did you use? In my area I have only been able to find carpet cleaners that say they can do the job but can’t guarantee stain removal. (2 year old daughters bed wetting) I do see a dust mite UV mattress cleaner, but it seems like it’s more about allergens and dust mites then stain removal. Glad to hear that your bed is looking and smelling clean. Hopefully my daughters will again soon too. Many thanks.

  30. Thanks for all the useful info, I’m asking for your opinions.

    My mom’s large dog peed bucket loads on our mattress. As per the advice listed here, I did not add any water or try washing it out yet, I sopped as much as I could with paper towels. Now I need to know what to do. It is a pillow-top on both sides. The side that was peed on was massively soaked, as I was pushing down with the towels to soak up pee, the mattress would darken in other areas where it was pooling. As far as I know, it had been on the mattress at least 5 or 10 minutes, no longer than an hour. I think he had just peed on the bed before we came home, it was very wet, but had had enough time to soak in. But I was so livid about it, I couldn’t think straight to clean it up for about 15 minutes after it happened.

    I’m very concerned that there was enough pee to soak in to the middle of the mattress, I’m fairly certain it did. After sopping up as much as possible by hand, I then stood on top of paper towels to hopefully absorb more, and it was still very, very damp to the touch even after all that. Do you think our mattress is ruined?

    I intend on spraying it down with vinegar, or bleach, or both alternatively and hauling outside to sit in the sunshine. However, I can’t haul it outside by myself and it will be a couple hours until my husband gets home. AND it’s not very sunny out today, with a forecast for rain… Is it even worth it, if it has soaked into the middle of the mattress?

    I’m so angry!! >:(

  31. I need help. My 22 year old son with his girlfriend spent the weekend in our guest room while we were away. Needless to say, I guess I never bothered to tell him with the facts of life about a towel so there is no wet spot ! The bed was remade and sat there for about 6 weeks until I was having company and decided to change the sheets. As soon as I removed the sheets I noticed a particular odor and knew what happened. Now I am in a quandry as to what to do with the mattress. It is fairly new and has had maybe 50 nights on it in its life. Is there a wqay to get rid of the odor? I have had it unmade so it is airing out but that is not getting me anywhere. All the other comments are about urine, blood,etc. and there seems to be different methods of cleaning for different types of stains…

  32. Well my two cents for any stain on a matress…
    Beyond trying to soak up an immediate mess, and NOT pouring water or soap onto the matress I would try one, or both if the first doesn’t work…

    1) Dry Soap Bubbles
    You whip up a tad of hot water with some powder laundry detergent in a large bowl or a bucket with a power mixer and get a ton of bubbles. You then get the dry soap bubbles that formed at the top with a good sponge and go to town on the stain. I would also still recommend placing outside in sunlight and use an odor remover in moderation.

    2) Hydrogen Peroxide
    This will remove and disinfect the stained area. Again, moderation is key because you do not want to get too much liquid into the matress. And once again I recommend placing outside in sunlight and use an odor remover.

  33. my husband sweats during the night and our brand new mattress and sheets smell awful!! Any suggestions on how to get this smell out? thanks!

  34. This is going to sound digustingly horrible but if anyonne cold help me out it would be great!!!! Im living with my husband and brother in law. My brother in law has just found out his girlfriend has clamidia and I think he might have it too. My parents are coming to visit and my brother in law has given permission to stay in his bedroom. Is there any way of cleaning his mattress and sheets or am i safer just to through out the mattress. I really need help they are coming two days!!!!!

  35. Unfortunately I can’t help any of you with mattress cleaning, I need some help of my own.

    I’m going away to college and am going to stay in a dorm. Naturally I’m a bit worried about how clean the bed is. I don’t think there will be a problem with stains, but I’m more worried about the sorts of things Jennifer posted – a disease in the mattress or bed bugs.

    What could I do to clean the mattress that wouldn’t get the Residence Hall advisors angry and would give me some peace of mind? Or, what should I put on the mattress to seperate me from it? I have read about the plastic covers and the mattress bags – which do you recommend?

  36. After reading all this about the critters in my mattress it makes me want to soak the whole thing in Raid or bleach!

  37. Our revolutionary sanitation method will give you the best possible sanitation available! Allergens are resting in your carpet, furniture, bed, and more. Once you make contact with, or walk on any of these items, the allergens become airborne, thus entering into the air you are breathing. The allergens are then ingested by you and your family. We eliminate these threats!

    Mattress, and Furniture Sanitizing Process:

    Only now, due to recent technological advances, can today’s generation, and our future generations benefit from the dry, odorless, all natural, and chemical-free cleaning utilized by the mattress cleaning professionals at The Bed Med.

    Step 1)

    We use a powerful, specially engineered mattress cleaning device that generates incredible suction power, and high frequency pulsating wave. Using this device (for collecting particles larger than 0.1 microns), the cleaning professional removes and contains dust mites, dust mite fecal pellets, dust mite exoskeletons, mold, mildew, pollen, spores, bacteria, viruses and microbial allergens from the item. This is the same type of vacuum cleaner designed for the removal of the tiniest of particulates, such as anthrax, asbestos, lead dust (toner), and for the use in “clean rooms” found in the hi-tech industry.

    Step 2)

    An ultra powerful, germicidal UV-C light is slowly passed over the surface of the mattress, or other objects you want sanitized. This is the same process as used in hospital rooms for sterilization and in crime scene labs and DNA labs to prevent cross-contamination. The purpose of this step is to effectively alter the DNA in the targeted house dust mite and other micro-organisms.

    UV-C light causes damage to the nucleic acid of microorganisms by forming covalent bonds between certain adjacent bases in the DNA. The formation of such bonds prevent the DNA from being unzipped for replication, and the organism is unable to reproduce, and the population quickly dies out. This UV-C light kills 99.9% of all allergens it touches.

    Step 3)

    We then use a Dry Vapor Steam Vacuum w/A.T.I.S technology to vacuum up the remaining dust mites, viruses, bacteria, fungus, and more. Our goal is to remove all possible indoor allergens from your mattress. Most companies do not use a Dry Vapor Steam vacuum to clean your mattress!

    Step 4)

    Lastly, we do a light misting of the sterilized surfaces with an odorless, all natural, chemical-free, and non-toxic super enzyme spray. This is not the stuff you may find in a store. It is the best of the best! The spray inhibits the growth of new dust mite colonies. After allowing 5 minutes for evaporation to take place, the mattress is ready for bed linens.

  38. my baby sleeps with us and he sleeps with a bottle and the top of our mattress smells rotten from formula and juice is there any way i could clean it its not a traditional spring mattress its a pillow top…if snyone can help please let me know

  39. Help! I don’t know what to do. My boyfriend came up to my school to visit me for a week and got very drunk one night and peed in the bed. By the time I found out, it was too late and the urine had dried into the mattress. Now there is an ever present odor. The problem is, I live in a dorm and can not get the mattress outside to try the vinegar solution. Any ideas???

  40. That is soo rude! Bed wetting in adults is very rare and embarassing my friend dealt with it and its got nothing to do with drinking! Sara Silverman the actress also has it look it up at wikipedia. have some compasion assholes

  41. I placed my brand new mattress on a floor that had just been varnished and now my mattress smells like that varnish. It was on the floor for about a month… I know, I should have realized… Anyway, I Febrezed the mattress twice and it still kind of smells. Now that I do have a bed frame, the mattress has also absorbed the smell of the slated bed-base, an old wood smell. Will carpet cleaner take the smell away? I’m not sure how to attack this because it’s not a conventional “stain”, it’s almost toxic? Many thanks for your suggestions πŸ™‚

  42. Hello,
    For those of you who have pet urine on your mattress, the only suggestion I have is DO NOT USE BLEACH or ammonia. To a dogs nose, bleach and ammonia smells like urine and can cause the dog to pee in that spot again and again. To get dog urine out I have used baking soda and vinager.

  43. I keep reading not to get the mattress wet to clean a mattress that’s already wet with urine, but what exactly does it matter if the mattress is already soaked with urine? It seems impossible to soak up all the urine that has been soaked in to a mattress. My instinct is to get the area wet with a cleaner like maybe some dish soap in water and soak up again with towels. Then spray it with some enzymatic spot/stain/odor remover. I think putting it in the sun is a good idea. But I still worry that the mattress is not dry inside.

  44. for the peeps that have bed wetters, the old trick my nan used was putting talc powder over the area, let dry then hoover it off, the talc soaks up the pee and odour, then to make things easier, put a mattress protector on top for future cases, i would recommend waterpoof! failing that, dont let ya kids drink after 6pm and take them to the loo before and during the night! hope it helps?

    • i was thinkin abt this but wasnt sure as my mum did it when i was younger, gona have to try it i think πŸ˜€

    • NO NO NO! The idea that not drinking after say 6pm is outdated and WRONG- If you do stop a person drinking after say 6pm the urine produced anyway(by natural body functions)merely concentrates and irritates the bladder so the body gets rid if it! I thought that everyone knew this! But i suppose there are always some who listen to old wives tales.Good greif you could even dehaydrate the person which leads to all sorts of problems- like low blood pressure!! Good Grief what century are some people in!

      • Wow. I would have thought that if you don’t want someone to wet the bed that you would not let them drink after a certain time. Not everyone buys into the latest parenting book. Don’t be a jerk.

        • actually Jeremy, the reason you don’t stop them from drinking when they want is due to dehydration, if your body is asking for fluids its already starting to dehydrate, and secondly, from someone who has a child who does get UTI’s frequently, not fluching the bladder does indeed cause it to concententrate. This is not something that is just in some new idea in a recent parenting book.

          • A child asks for a lot of things they don’t need. My son drinks about 8-9 servings of water plus juice and milk. So yes I cut off the drinks at 6:00pm as well as the suger. Maybe his body craves sugar because he begs for cookies, icecream, chocolate candy, sugar bubble gum, cake, cupcakes, marshmallows, and whatever other sugary delight comes his way. He will tell you he is not hungry for his meal but wants the treats to make him feel better. He gets two snacks a day and that is it and yes at the time I say no I am the evilest villanious that ever existed. You know what, they get over it. On rare occasions, such as on the 4th of July when we are outside till midnight I use common sense and he can drink later. By the way, my son is 4 and has never had an UTI nor has his sister age 8. (Another old wives tale, try letting the child drink whatever cranberry juice mix it prefers for 2 servings, and either yogurt or my daughter gets culterell).

        • That’s crazy!! 5:00!! That’s way to long to make a child wait for something to drink. I have a 6 yr old, I don’t let her have to much to drink after like 7:30, if she wants something, I let her have a little bit of water. I ALWAYS make her pee before she goes to bed, even when she says she don’t have to go. She rarely pees in the bed. I would never make her wait from 5pm til the next morning to have something to drink.

        • I don’t know if that’s a very good idea… Speaking as a person who suffered many Kidney and UTIs as a child, I think that withholding water from a child for that long could lead to much worse and more health-threatening problems that bed-wetting.

          Also, I don’t think it solves the actual problem. Getting a child to quit bed-wetting is kind of like house-training a dog… you just have to make sure they go to the bathroom before going to sleep, and you may even want to wake them up half way through the night to go. Children simply cannot hold it as long as adults, and some don’t feel the pressure enough to wake them up. Also, allowing a child to stay up too long can lead to bed-wetting, because the child is so tired once he falls asleep that he has a harder time waking up if he needs to go.

          My younger sister was a bed-wetter for quite a while, and the real problem-solver was having her go to the bathroom before sleep. Withholding drinks from a bed-wetter may keep them from ruining more sheets, but it doesn’t actually train them to wake up to go or to hold it, which is what will really end the problem.

        • Bedwetting is not caused by drinking too much, or too late in the evening, and it doesn’t matter how many times you wake a bedwetter to go to the bathroom, because bedwetting is not caused by having a full bladder that needs to be emptied. What causes bedwetting is a hormone deficiency – a lack of vasopressin in the brain.

          Vasopressin is a hormone that is anti-diuretic. Without it, we would simply urinate all night long. The kidneys are continually moving urine into the bladder, and without conscious control (being awake), and without this chemical in the brain… instant wet bed.

          Many children have this problem, and around age 7, the brain starts making more of the hormone. If it doesn’t (which is the case with bedwetters), then a doctor can start the child on a course of desmopressin – a hormone pill that replaces the hormone in the brain until the brain starts making it on its own. Yes, you read that right – a child can wet the bed until about age seven and that’s still considered “normal.” If wetting after that, the hormone supplementation can be started. Until then, doctors say to use pull-ups or some similar overnight urine absorber.

          Samantha, I’m sorry your doctor instructed you to do that – it must be very hard on both you and your daughter. Well, at least you can change that right away, and stop torturing yourselves. I would be changing doctors, too, if mine demonstrated such a complete lack of knowledge regarding the cause of primary enuresis, and gave me advice that was wrong and potentially dangerous.

          Not to be a jerk, but I would fire any doctor who doesn’t know something this simple – it’s basic endocrinology, and every medical professional should know the basics, at least. Check into vasopressin (brain hormone) and desmopressin (the pill). I wish you all the best.

        • I don’t know what your doctor was thinking of. NEVER let a child become dehydrated, and NEVER let a child BEG for water if he or she is thirsty.

          If your little one is begging for water, give her water. If she is still wetting the bed at night, put her in a night diaper and protect your mattress with a a waterproof mattress protector under the sheet.

          As your little one gets older and her brain processes signals from her body better, and as her bladder capacity grows, you will not have a bed-wetting problem. But if you honor her body’s basic need for water and respect her to know when she is thirsty, she’ll learn to respect and pay attention to her own bodily signals much faster.

          I’ve worked with small children for thirty-five years now, and I believe that respecting and listening to the child helps the child respect and listen to their own bodies. In 35 years, I have only seen bed-wetting continue into older years either when the child truly has a urinary tract problem – an infection, or quite rarely, a congenital problem with the bladder, or if – God forbid – the child is being sexually molested or part of serious emotional problems within a family.

          Very best of luck to you and your little one. She will grow up faster than you can believe.

    • After 5 kids, most who peed at least once on a bed, and pets as well, I recommend using baking soda only. After trying to sop up what you can with a towel, sprinkle the baking soda on top and let it sit for awhile. Then, using a warm wet rag, scrub area with the baking soda, wring out the rag each time, refreshing with water, until all the baking soda is gone. After it dries, sprinkle some more b. soda on top and leave. The baking soda is an alkaline, and helps rid of the acid in the urine, which is what makes the odor so bad. This works really well. As for the shaming of a child who has peed, please think again, some childrens bladders don’t mature until late childhood, and can contribute to this problem. It is a medical issue, not a behavior issue, at least not all of the time. We have a new problem regarding peed on beds. We have never had the problem on a Temperpedic bed. I don’t see the above remedy working, as the urine sinks into the foam. If anyone has an idea please let me know, Thanks

      • We had foam mattresses growing up and when we had accidents, my parents would take the mattresses outside and place them in direct sunlight for the day and bring it back in the evening to get ready for bed…the sun is a natural bleaching agent but I guess you can try to surface clean the mattress first before taking it into the sunlight. It was a little trouble, but there was NO smell after and no stains either.

  45. Could someone provide the mixture ratio for the vinegar, hydogen peroxide, and also the bleach cleaning treatments? Maybe like two parts or three parts water to cleaning agent? I’m never sure how strong to make these things. Thanks.

    • NEVER mix vinegar with hydrogen peroxide!!!!! Together they combine to form a type of acid! Learned in Bio in college and of course being curious had to try it! Let’s just say the spot on my patio was never whiter! But the acid is caustic!!!! Do NOT mix these two!!!

      • Um, vinegar is already a “type of acid”. Since I wasn’t too sure about your comment, I went a-hunting and so far have found the following:

        1. A spray bottle of vinegar and one of hydrogen peroxide (okay, I’m just going to say H2O2 from now on) spritzed onto fresh fruit, veggies, or countertops one right after the other, is a food-safe disinfectant more effective than bleach. You can even use them on meats. It is more effective to use them one after the other, any sequence, than to mix them in the same bottle.

        2. The combination you’re talking about is called peracetic acid and it is possible to accidentally create a very strong concentration of it when mixing the two ingredients. Because the reaction is a chemical one, peracetic acid does not have the same characteristics of vinegar and H2O2 used separately. Some sources say it’s less effective at cleaning food, others say it isn’t known whether it’s more effective or not. Either way, people seem to like using them separately.

        I can’t seem to find anything about it being used as a mattress cleaner. I’m guessing that it would be hard to use without having one or the other soak into the mattress – and the vinegar would stink if you couldn’t get it all out again.

  46. My 5 yr old peed in the bed. It soaked through the waterproof cover. The first time I dried it and cleaned it with a towel soaked in dettot, and then dried it with a hair dryer. It was OK.
    But the 2nd time, it soaked through and I gave it a quick clean with dettol and part dried it with the hairdryer before having to rush off to work.
    Now all I can smell in the room is dettol and urine combination.
    I am willing to try the baking soda and vinegar, but can someone tell me exactly how to go about it?
    Hopefully the sun will come out soon one day and I’ll get to put it out for the day. I live in England and the prediction is rain.

    • Be careful to have a well ventilated room, the combination of vinegar and baking soda may be a little too much to handle, or even toxic in some circumstances. I’m not sure about England, but most grocery stores have carpet cleaning rentals that tend to work quite well.

      • This is the first time I have participated in any forum, but I felt I had to respond. I apologize for its length.

        1. Vinegar and baking soda is a benign combination, and a very effective cleaning mix. The soda and vinegar neutralize each other. It is not toxic. Part of the cleaning comes from the foaming action during the neutralization, which you will note quickly dissipates. The impact of the odour may be from the amount of vinegar being used, or from particular sensitivities of the user.

        2. I use a ratio of 2 parts vinegar to 1 part soda. (When I clean my sink drains I add 1 part salt followed by a full kettle of boiling water.)

        3. Leaving the mix on the mattress for 3-5 hours allows it to have a greater impact on the nits and mites. Drying it right away will not do this — regardless of how hot the dryer. And if you need to dry the mattress you may be wetting it too much. A wet mattress is a good medium for mold and mildew.

        4. As for commercial products, keep in mind that you and your children will be sleeping on the mattress for 8-10 hours.PLEASE READ THE LABEL CAREFULLY. We know so much more about the long term impact of many ‘tried and true’ products that it is worth a little research before using them.

        I hope this helps.

    • my 7 yr old peed the bed… i made a point to shame her (not publicly, but amongst the family unit). that should be the motivator that sticks in her mind before she goes to bed every single night that she should sit on the toilet and try to pee before bed. no medical issues present, just laziness on her part. easy to cure that.

      • “I made a point to shame her…”
        Seriously? That should do tons for her self confidence… You should apologize to your daughter for being an ass, and try and think back to your youth for some perspective on how it felt when your parents obviously treated you the same way. Never too late to be cooler than that.

        • WOW!!!!

          “Shaming” your child is a horrible way to try to teach them ANYTHING. There are several reasons a child wets the bed, and honestly, the fact that you feel that “Shaming” her is good form of discipline, might be one of the causes of her doing so. There are physical, psychological, and medical reasons that might be causing her to wet the bed. She feels enough shame on her own, when she wakes up in a puddle of Pee, and you adding to it is just cruel and horrifying! UGH!

      • James there are studies showing that some children can’t hold on till the morning, they don’t have enough of a hormone that wakes them up to pee.

        Since when did shame ever produce a long lasting good result. I believe in making things clear and telling the kid what you want and expect, but shame is a blunt cruel tool.

      • Actually, if your 7 yr old peed the bed, I find it very insensitive to shame her “amongst the family unit…”!! I used to wet the bed at that age and I still do sometimes! Thats actually why I’m on here trying to find a remedy for my mattress… There probably IS something wrong with her and she most likely DOESN’T do it on purpose or because of laziness! Now, it is already EMBARRASSING enough so I would venture to say that you owe her a BIG apology! GOD!

        • Oh my Gosh, James, that is one way to really mess your child up for life. I can’t believe people still think that is the way to deal with bed-wetting. I can’t imagine the horror for that child, even if you just shamed her within the family unit. Would you like your wife to shame you within the family unit next time you leave a little fecal marking on your underwear? You are right, she will certainly think about your actions for a long time to come.

          • James, I can’t believe what I’m reading. What century are you living in? The poor child may have a urinary tract infection or reacting to some stressful event. She needs love and affirmation.

        • And the apology should be in front of all those who witnessed your ‘creative’ (notice the sarcasm) form of discipline!

          • this is actually quite funny.. I believe that the parent might know their child a bit better than any of these other “bleeding heart” types that think every child is an angel. Each child reacts differently to both negative/positive reinforcement and reprimand. I believe that you are also confusing the difference between what Europeans call “shaming”; it is similar to our reprimands.. So, with that being said I believe that all of you have watched “Super Nanny” one too many times and believe that “timeouts” work for every child. I have a friend whose daughter tells them “the worst you can do is make me sit in a chair for 4 minutes, you aren’t going to spank me”. I have 2 daughters (5 & 10)that are very respectful and only urinated the bed a handful of times between them. I reprimanded them each time and it was never an issue again. Now lets get back to topic about how to clean “urine stains and smells” out of the mattress.

      • That is not a good idea. Do you honestly think a child or anybody would want to lie in their own urine. You are barking up the wrong tree. You will have self eteem issues with your little one if you don’t stop. What happens when you get old and pee in the bed. Should she as an adult say you are to lazy to get off your but and go to the bathroom.

      • I wouldnt shame her, its bad for you child. i still wet the bed, and im 18 years old. my mother tells me to wake up, but i also take a sleeping medication due to insomnia. sometimes i do, and sometimes i dont, it dosent matter if i have water or not. talk to her doctor, it might be a medical problem.

        • My son is 17 and still wets the bed 3-4 times a week. He has been on medication,but it made him ill. He doesn’t produce enough ADH (anti diuretic hormone like we all do that naturally decreases the urine production at night). Shaming him isn’t going to fix that.

      • I’m 39 yrs old with a $2000.00 (US dollars) pillow top mattress! In my adult life I have wet the bed 3 times, twice immediately after I got married, and again last night, 14 yrs into my marriage! No I didn’t take a sedative or was I drinking…I was dreaming. I’d like to see you ‘shame me’! As an Educator with a back ground in some exceptional learners, it is normal for children of ALL ages to wet the bed. Have you ever noticed that college dorm mattresses are made of vinyl? A child should never be humiliated in front of ANYONE, for any offense. Even discipline should be done in private to maintain the child’s dignity. I’d sure like to see your precious child in 10 yrs if this is a normal practice in your home! I have 6 children and we are quite “old school” parents (my kids didn’t have a chance with mom as a teacher and dad in ministry) but they know they will never lose their self-confidence at our hands especially in front of anyone else! you should be ashamed!! get a freakin mattress pad for the love of pete! It’s alot less traumatizing than what you call ‘shame’ SHEESH

      • James, I support you.
        I bet James has a beautiful girl who loves her family. She’s probably obedient and yet still get up to mischief like any other child.

        Not one person asked how many times she’s done this nor does anyone know the extent of the ‘shaming’. How many of you have have kids?
        Are they well behaved? Kids need boundaries, without them they’re not happy. Parents are to teach, to guide, not be a friend.

        I’m a kindergarten teacher (and mum), and i am the strictness of all teachers. When my students see me they are all polite and well behaved…..and guess what…I’m the most loved teacher at my school! Punishment needs to be dealt with when needed and praise given to the child/children when they have done something well/right.

        • Its not a question of behaiviour. Why didnt he look more into this before “shaming her”. When i was young i had a medical problem, but before we knew of this my mother would beat me every time i bed wet. I felt it was my fault and it wasnt, and it isnt her fault, for goodness sake.

        • Oh boy! Where to begin. I will start by saying that you are right about two things; 1. Kids need boundaries, and 2. Kids need praise when they have done something well. On the other hand, as an educator you should know that shaming a child does not help the child; it only hurts their self esteem and confidence! I would really like to know what school district you work for because I am sure they would love to know that you think it is acceptable to shame a child for bed wetting. You know why no one has not asked him how many times his daughter has wet the bed. It’s because it doesn’t matter if it has happened once or every night! It is not okay under any circumstance to shame a child for something that is out of their control! Also, to answer your question, yes I do have kids myself. I find it very arrogant of you to think of yourself as the most loved teacher in your school if you think shaming a child is an appropriate form of punishment! And just so you know I am a teacher as well!

      • James,

        My sister was already potty trained a few years back and then suddenly started wetting the bed every night. My mother was furious as she believed that she just wasn’t trying hard enough to make it to the washroom at night.

        After a few months of dealing with this and her getting “in trouble” for wetting the bed, it turned out that she has type one diabetes and that is one of the symptoms. By the time my parents found this out she could have gone into a coma if they had taken her to the hospital one day later. I hope this isn’t the case with your child, but know that it often has nothing to do with being “lazy” and you, like my mother will feel aweful if it turns out that there is a medical problem at the root of all of this.

        God Bless,

      • you are kidding me right? when i was 6, i had a bout of bedwetting for several months. i had started kindergarten, my family had just moved, there was a lot of stress in the family due to her new marriage and the new baby, i was the victim of an uncle who now lived near us, but i was too terrified to tell anyone, since they were all angry and unhappy all the time anyway, i had had a bad flu, followed by an even worse strep which went untreated against my doctors wishes, my mother told me i needed to stop being so self-absorbed and just learn to get well when i am sick, and the whole thing culminated in a massive bladder and kidney infection, untreated and undiagnosed for several months, which resulted in bedwetting. i was always so sick, and my tummy and my lower back hurt so much, and this went on and on thru that winter. it was a long cold winter in michigan, we had no heat in the bedrooms, the bathroom was downstairs through the house and off by the back door. no heat. i was not allowed to wear my socks to bed or anything other than a tshirt and underwear because of the bedwetting, and it was so daggone cold. i was very underweight for my size, i was always cold, i was allowed only one cotton blanket on my bed because i was wetting it, and it was all too much. i dont know how i survived. my mother decided in a fit of rage one morning to shame me (like i was feeling too good anyway) by sending me to kindergarten with a dirty kitchen towel pinned on me tightly like a diaper. then she fought me and won and forced me ot wear the shortest dress i had. it was too small too. it was winter. she sent me to school. she said if i needed to use the bathroom i could just piss in my diaper, since i was a baby anyway, and now everyone else could know it. the teacher finally found me crying in the coatroom because i had to go to the bathroom but i did not know how to undo the pins and it was too tight. they called my mother, who refused to pick me up. she did this many more times. eventually some one demanded she take me to a doctor who identified the infection, and then she screamed at me every time she gave me the antibiotic for not telling her all about everything. not a good childhood. why would anyone want to shame their child for anything at all?

        • That sounds a lot like my bedwetting experience. Only I’m 22. During the winter I can’t bundle up in warm clothes when i’m sleeping and end up staying sick with strep throat. I saw a doctor for it once when I was 17 and still under my mom’s insurance. They told me that my urethra may not be big enough to let all of the urine out when I use the bathroom and that I would have to have surgery if the other treatments, like, medication, diet, sleep apnea testing, Multiple Sclerosis testing, didn’t help. I ended up seeing at least 3 doctors on a regular basis and it would have been a lot more of them if I hadn’t lost my insurance. The worst part is now that our house burned down and I had to live with my grandma and now with my fiances’ mom. I try to buy the final sheets to protect their beds that way they won’t find out about my current bedwetting, but we just bought a house and are saving up to move into it. So i’m trying to figure out how to clean my mother in-laws mattress before she finds out. I did stop bedwetting for about a week or two recently and it was the biggest relief i’ve had in my whole life I think. But now that it’s closer to time to move into our new house I’m feeling the stress again. To top it off I have an anxiety disorder that’s going untreated right now because I can’t afford it. Sorry if this didn’t make much sense I just woke up.

        • that is child abuse, im so sorry that happened to you, it sounds like your mother is a very uncaring, cruel women, my little girl is 5 and she wets the bed, i hate it but its not like she is doing it on purpose, trying to shame your child isn’t going to stop the bed wetting, lets face it they are SLEEPING when this happens, we do alot of things in our sleep, like moving, talking ect we are not aware of this at the time so why would a bed wetter be aware or be able to control wetting the bed.

      • OMG – shaming her – how wrong. i’ll be truthfull – i have nocturnal enuresis (bed wetting) and i’m 28 and extremely embarrassed about it. Now your 7 yrs old will be too embarassed and shamed to tell you they had an accident – how would you feel if your mum did that too you!!!..
        If its happening on a regular bases – wake them up a couple times through the night to go to the toilet. Or in my case there is medication.

        Its embarrassing enough not to be shamed.

      • My daughter has wet the bed for 10 years. We were told not to let her drink after 5:00 too. She would wet the bed 3 times a night. And each time was a flood. So clearly that didn’t work. We woke her up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. That didn’t work. We shamed, we yelled, we threatened. We took her to the pediatrician and specialist. Test were done. Nothing was ever found wrong. We finally realized this is the way it was going to be. Years later she was diagnosed with mild ADD. She takes medication on school days and on those nights she is dry. Weekends and vacations she doesn’t take it and wets those nights. And no, she can’t take her meds everyday. They suppress her appetite. She’s always had a problem gaining and keeping weight on. We are hoping that she’ll outgrow the ADD and with it the bed wetting. They say you make lots of mistakes with the first kid. Boy, was that true in our case. My husband and I realized years before her diagnosis that we had made many regarding bed wetting. We deeply regret the way we handled things. We can only hope that she forgives us.

      • I do not usually write on forums but this time I felt like I really needed to. James you made it a point to shame your daughter thinking that would teach her. You’re right that will teach her to lie to you and try to cover up the mess. That will teach her to have low self esteem (which she probably already feels when she has an accident). That will teach her that her daddy doesn’t love her when she has an accident. Oh and it’s called an ACCIDENT when children wet themselves because it is just that an ACCIDENT! And if the rest of the family unit is going along with the shaming of your young child then shame on you all. I seriously hope you go to bed tonight and wet your bed! And the family shames you! Parents are supposed to love and embrace their children NOOO matter what! What you are doing is wrong and it will come back to bite you in the butt! Maybe not today or tomorrow but when your child grows up and realizes what ass you are I’m sure she will repremand you for your foolish mistake.

      • Dear James,
        I’m sure you believed that you were doing the right thing for your daughter in “shaming” her in front of her family. I’m also sure that you are wise enough to understand that “shaming” causes a child to grow up with permanent feelings of shame and guilt that will influence her behavior and her idea of herself for the rest of her life.

        When your daughter is “shamed” she comes to think of herself as bad, and if she believes that she is bad, then she may well think that she has nothing to lose by being “bad” when she is a teenager and an adult, because she already “knows” that she is a bad and shameful person.

        Don’t set her up for that kind of danger, James.

        Please trust me that “shaming” is a damaging and cruel way to raise children. I’ve been working with children and their families for close to four decades now, and I’ve seen two generations of my young patients grow up and what they do as they grow out of the years of parental control. Children who were treated as you are treating your daughter grew up to believe that they deserved no better from their boyfriends or their husbands than they received from their father. They don’t believe that the deserve respect and they allow themselves to be used in the most terrible ways.

        My guess is that you were “shamed” as a child, that “shaming” is something that is deeply ingrained in your culture and your own family, and that you sincerely believe that you are doing the best for your child. Of course, you want to do the best for your child.

        I hope that you are smart enough and open enough to realize that “shaming” your daughter is not helping her, but, in the long run, harming her. It’s time to stop harmful practices that we learned in our families, and to show your daughter that you respect her.

        As she grows up, she will be looking for a partner like you. I hope so much for her sake, and yours, and the children she may have, that she will be looking for a husband who treats her with respect and treats her feelings carefully.

        The very best of luck to you and yours, James.

      • seriously, i’m so disgusted with the fact that you say you shamed her like it’s something you should do. and then for you to call it laziness?? do you really think she WANTS to wet herself and then sleep in it all night? This is a good way to get your child to not be honest with you about things lest you shame her about them. I just want to hug your child, poor girl.

    • Well, Ive Got a Lil Problem Too With Bed Wetting . What ALWAYS Works For Urine Odours On The Bed Is: Sprinkle Some Baking Soda (Ex. Arm & Hammer) And Let The Baking Soda Sit There For An Hour Or 2 . Then, Simply Whip Out Your Vaccum And Vaccum Up The Bed! Hope It Helps . πŸ˜€

      • Mine did that too. I really like vinyl sheets but you will go through them fast, because they rip so easy. Really watch the pets around them. Even a dog getting on the bed will rip huge holes in them. These sheets are about $7 in department stores.

  47. Thanks, for your response, Leo.
    Would you be able to tell me the quantities of vinegar and baking soda to mix?

  48. How would I get a stain out of a pillow top mattress due to a leaking roof? This bed is a Sleep number, with all the bells and whistles. It is my Dad’s. Appreciate you!

    • i have one of those and you can unzip the top and either have it dry cleaned which is recommended. or i have washed on gentle and hang it out to dry.

  49. rug doctor. you can get at almost any grocery store. make sure to get the upholstery tool. dont soak the mattress just lightly spray it then suck it up

    • First thing about blood stains DO NOT USE HOT WATER!!! this will set the stain. For a small stain rub ice over the spot and blot as it gets wet… do this till you can get most of it up. You will see that most of the blood ends up on what you are using to blot it up such as a towel. Peroxide will also work, anything that will break up enzymes. Just be sure to blot and not rub, rubbing will spread the stain. Once the stain is removed do what you can to dry the spot such as a blow dryer or setting out in the sun.

    • To remove blood: (this will work after it’s been set by washing, but takes more than one try at it).

      Hydrogen Peroxide… I use an eye dropper or medication syringe to get the peroxide on each spot and rub. An old toothbrush works wonders when trying to get little spots out.

      When doing sheets, put hot water in the sink and cover the sheets, then add the peroxide. I let this soak until the water is cool to the touch so you don’t burn yourself. Wring out the water as best you can and throw them in the washer with detergent. wash normally.

  50. my husband and i just recently bought a simmons therapeutic mattress from home furniture here in lafayette and its already starting to buckle on my husbands side of the bed. the furniture place will not replace our mattress until we get a “passion stain” out of it. we tried everything we could possible think of to get the stain out and its not working. can you please help me?

  51. hi looking for advice on how to clean mattress as just found out i have threadworms help please

    • M Porter,
      What exactly are thread-worms? I am actually pretty concerned about bed bugs as I continue to see programs and articles that they are back in the US with a vengeance. Does anyone know the best way to detect these and the keep them from getting on your mattress?

  52. Step 1. Vacuum off the mattress using the vacuum cleaner attachment. Be sure to lift the lip of the pillow top and get underneath.
    Step 2. Mix a solution of vinegar and water in a spray bottle and lightly mist the mattress with it.
    Step 3. Mix powdered laundry detergent and water into a paste and apply it to stains with a soft clean cloth. Gently scrub the stain with the paste and allow it to sit on the stain for five minutes. Use the vacuum cleaner attachment to pick up any residual dry paste.
    Step 4. Sprinkle baking soda all over the mattress and allow it to sit for three or four hours before vacuuming it up.
    Step 5. Set the mattress outside on a sunny day to soak in the sunlight. It may be helpful to lay a clean blanket out for the mattress to lie on. After at least a couple of hours, flip the mattress over so the other side can get some sunlight too. This will help to kill any mold or mildew spores that may be inside the mattress

    • Thank you Colleen. I am trying it. My grandson just wet my bed, a whole bunch on my new pillow top mattress. I hope I can get it all out.

  53. My mattress don’t have any of the problems I see here on this site, what happened to the mattress was, it was put on its side in the basement and got a little wet. It has a slight water stain in a six inch area and I’m concerned about mites and stuff. I found a reputable cleaning company that is going to clean it, but I want the other things done to it too, like the vacuuming, mite removal, sprayed to prevent them from coming back or coming in, etc. The mattrass wasn’t slept on but about a couple of months. And the truth is, I really don’t think I need a new one because It doesn’t smell or look bad or damaged. I just want to make sure it’s perfect and clean so, I will have peace of mind. I dare not try to clean it myself because of drying issues and I know it will leave a stain and make matters worst. I’ve heard of the dry steam cleaning and I think that would be good for them to use after they clean it with the upholstery cleaner.

  54. I have a cat that’s getting in her older years now and she is starting to pee outside of the litter box. And one day I came home from work and found that she had peed all over my new mattress i tried stanley steamer’s carpet and upholstrey shampoo with a damp cloth. If any of you have suggestions please share them with me?

  55. those who have bedwetters, it is not funny it may be a condition called nocturnal urinesis, the body is producing too much urine at night and they arent feeling it,both my parents wet the bed till there 20’s and passed it on to all 3 kids,i use a heavy towel and stand/hop on it to get as much up as possible then spray a mix of febreeze and a disenfectant like fabuloso or mr.clean over the top of the matress and get a towel and scrub across it. i havent been able to get my matress outdoors but i turn the fan on high let it dry for a few minutes then put a heavy towel back over it and stand on it to get any more liquid up then uncover and let sit…this seems to work for me…

  56. I hope we are all adults here and this is not a prank. I will do my best to be respectful to all here. We have an new and expensive mattress. We went to change the matters pad we saw many stains. We determined that the stains are from my wife’s active β€œG” spot that can/dose make a β€œmess”.

    What can clean this? Could I use a water and a bleach mixture?

  57. Hi would you be able to tell me please how to remove an old blood stain from a mattress please.

    Thanking you

  58. hi i have a 6 yr old he pee on my bed an now it started smelling so bad an there r so many yellow stains .. its a simmon beauty rest pillow top an i don no wht to do now wth my mattress … he peed like numbers of tyme so plz help me wht to do now..

  59. it’s very interresting that all members have a bedwetting problem with their drunk husbands or boyfriends. My new girlfriend is 32 yo and she wets the bed whenever she is sloppy drunk. This happens 3 times and I bought a new mattres because we could not find any way to clean the pee-spots. Now she wears diapers after partys and this little problem is solved.

  60. Hey i’m a college student, so the bed wetting and blood on the matress is all too familiar. For urine, dry as quickly as possible. Once dry, I use bleach and water mixed (1/1) and scrub the spot. It will have a bleach smell for a day or two, but after that, you can almost never tell anything happened. For blood, use hydrogen peroxide, and rub into the blood. With the blood, the sooner you get the peroxide on it, the better luck you will have…good luck!

  61. Hi i’m sorry to tell that your metherd did not not work, to get old blood stains out of matters.
    Please do not send me any more emails thank you.

    Bye from

    • i used a product called orange eliminator(made by orange clean) that i found at sears, comes in an aerosol can (works great on koolaid too) might be worth a shot if you can find it, did take3 or 4 applications but all you have to do is spray it on. good luck

  62. For blood stains, I have found that stain remover spray works very well, even if the blood has dried.

    Does anyone know how I can get sweat smells out of a pillow-top (on one side) mattress?

  63. Here is a quick trick in disinfecting and removing the odor of your mattress: spray on rubbing alcohol on the affected area and then sprinkle a fair amount of baking soda. Let it set for an hour before vacuuming your mattress. Rubbing alcohol dries fast and baking soda will help remove any bad smell or stains.

  64. I’m a daycare provider and I deal with puke, poop, pee from not only my own kids but also my daycare kids as well as my cat and dog.

    First, spray…more like saturate area with vinegar. Let it sit as long as you like…maybe an 10 minutes to an hour…long enough it gets good and soaked in.

    Second, use a suction vac. Suck up the vinegar with your wet suction vac. I have a bissel wet vac…handheld. Alot of pee will come in this process alone.

    Third…mix peroxide and arm and hammer baking soda (I like the new baking soda with oxiclean in it flower scent)and add with water. I’d say 1/2 peroxide to 1/2 water. And about 1/4 to 1/2 of baking soda and shake/mix well. If you can’t afford alot of poroxide, you can use a third to water. I usally mix a 1/2 gallon…. if it is a big pee spot on the bed. My 13 year son still has occasional accidents. Pour or sprinkle on bed. (I use an old apple juice bottle with plastic top that I drilled small holes in lid…I call it ‘my sprinler system’. My husband says I’m nuts…but it spreads the liquid mixture evenly around the bed.

    Let it sit 10 minutes or so on the mattress. And suction vac it all up. You will be suctioning in up awhile…at least 10-15 minutes. I try to get as much moisture out of the mattress as possible. All the yellow disappears. I put a fan on mattress for 12 hours and it looks like a brand new mattress.

    I’ve used this on dog pee, cat pee, kids puke, cat puke and human urine… on carpets, couches and mattresses. And best of all…your house will smell fresh and clean.

    ps. don’t store any left over mixture. pour it down the drain. it can explode if stored.

  65. We have a very thick pillowtop mattress. Our litttle children had accidents awhile back and every time I tried to clean the pee the yellow stains seemed to get bigger and not come out and there are circle indents on my kind of mattress that it seems to collect the color too. What am I doing wrong and how am I going to get these stains out? Please help! Thank You!

  66. Does anyone know how to get cat poop smell out of a temperpedic mattress? I use a waterproof mattress protector and the smell still went through it to the mattress.

  67. Some interesting solutions here. Both of my boys have had a few bed wetting accidents and the plastic covers were taken off by my husband (he said they were ripping but didn’t tell me he removed them!!) so, I haven’t looked or tried to smell (yikes!) them as of yet. My guess would be that they smell. I’m not concerned about any stain marks but would like to know what to use to get rid of any smells and sanitize them. Can’t afford to replace them. Need help ASAP!!!! Thanks! Just want to do something that actually works.

  68. one product that works to get urine, blood, body fluids, and other stains out is hunters wash. This is a product that takes the stain and any odor out of materials, it is used by hunters to wash their clothes before and after going into the field. I had jeans that has a weeks worth of deer blood and fluids on them and i soaked them in the hunters wash ans everyhting came out. We have also used this product on a mattress that my daughter wet on and it removed the stain and all odors of the urine. First soak up most of the liquid and then use the hunters wash full strength put the product onto the stain and let it extract the stain and thenwash the product off with a rag and water and let dry.

  69. OMG I found this page because my St. Bernard just christened my new mattress but it has made me laugh so hard I almost peed the bed myself! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not laughing at those of you with serious topics, but THANK YOU to those who posted some truly funny comments – I really needed a good laugh right about now, and mission accomplished! I’m not going to be able to do anything about the mattress till tomorrow, so wish me luck.

  70. I just murdered a dirty whore on my mattress.

    How can I make certain the blood, and gut stains are removed, and all the DNA evidence cleaned up from my mattress.

    • Seeing as how you failed to use correct punctuation in your post, I’m guessing that you are a moron. Don’t worry about cleaning the mattress, You will get caught anyway.

  71. I left cheese on my bed over night, with a space heater on in my tiny room. the cheese basically melted through my sheets and into my mattress. i have been sleeping on the couch for a week and the cheese has been in my mattress for about 2 weeks. How do I clean that mattress myself? Do I need a professional to do it for me? Thanks for any help you can provide me.

    • LOL soo funny!!
      Once i got drunk at my friends place and slept in his spare bed. I was only sleeping in my jocks and my pants and shirt were lying on the floor. In the morning i woke up and my pants and shirt which were on the floor in separate places were completely soaked, but the surrounding carpet and carpet underneath were dry. I was like.. ‘WHAAAAT!!!!’ The bed and myself were also completely dry. I thought someone was playing a prank on me and had like come in early in the morning and wet my clothes with water or something. I went to work and came back and my shirt and pants that i had moved prior to work from the floor to the laundry completely smelt like urine! I put two and two together and realized that i had stood up out of bed during my sleep without knowing and pee’d on my shirt then on my pants with incredible precision/accuracy/timing and then went back to bed. (i know… I’m awesome right?)

      But back on topic. About the cheese…
      I suggest using the space heater again directly on the mattress for 48 hours so the cheese melts all the way through to the other side and finally drips out of the bottom on the floor. Prepare bun and burger in advance for the cheese to drip onto and you will have a cheeseburger when you’re done and the mattress will be as good as new.

  72. For my son we tried different medications, no liquids after 700pm ,waking up one haour after falling asleep, etc. None of them worked. He wet the bed until he hit puberty. My husband is a physician and he said some people do not quit until they go through puberty and he was right. We never shamed him as it wasn’t his fault. It was a difficult time as he wanted to go to camps, sleepovers at friends etc. As for cleaning the mattress I’ve tried various things and the best thing is to but a vinyl zipped cover on the mattress. If you need to clean the new method I’m trying is hydrogen peroxide to clean it. Let it dry and rub in baking soda and letit stay overnight and then vacuum it. We thought he was done wetting but at age 15 it happened again.

  73. One thing I’ve done many times with all kinds of wet spills on mattresses or carpets that works both at soaking them up and removing odors is to dump a large amount of baking soda on the wet spot, let it do it’s thing and then when it’s dry enough to vacuum, suck it up with the hose attachment.
    If necessary, you can then use a more concentrated stain remover but often, this isn’t needed.
    Baking soda really pulls up fluids and is pretty cheap. It neutralizes odors very well too.

  74. Not letting your child drink after a certain time does work.! My 4 year old cannot have drink after 6 ‘o clock and goes to bed at 8’o clock. As long as I take him to the potty first, never wets the bed.

  75. I recently pulled a relatively new bed out from my garage that I hope to use again. I was absent minded (and lazy) and forgot to cover the bed with a cover and instead just draped a bunch of sheets and towels over it. I’m worried that in the year that it was sitting there, different bugs may have made it there home. besides vacuuming, does anyone have any suggestions on how to clean it or to know if there are … bed bugs!?


  76. Just for the record, you shouldn’t be beating or scolding your child for peeing the bed it’s not their fault.. It’s not like they are doing in on purpose.. Also, peeing the bed is hereditary so either you or the child’s father peed the bed so maybe you should look back on you or your child’s father felt when you got yelled at for it!

  77. Look people, do not argue amongst yourselves about drink cut-off times as each child is different and are not susceptible to the same UTI, Yeast, etc. problems. Other children dehydrate faster than others & may need drinks later. Use the mattress covers — stick with the waterproof, and make the best of things instead of torturing your kids. Also, sugar and sugary foods increase the need to drink so maybe cut those out earlier. Now, everyone just take a step back and breathe!

    • True to a point about each child being different- however there is wide condemnation of a X time past there are no more drinks- to begin with thew urine is concentrated more and more and the body gets rid of the urine anyway! Secondly there is a risk of dehydration and the consequences of that are dire- It is now seen as poor practice to not allow any drinks after a certain time. Better to wake the child in the night and get him/her to urinate- by the way that is how dogs are house trained, Yes it is hard work but it does work- stops wetting of the bed and gives the child confidence- as the bladder gets stronger the times are reduced until they go all night- even after a drink at say 2130hrs+.It worked with both my children and my sisters children too.

  78. First of all it is a physiological developmental maturity that occurs when children can wake up because they need to use the bathroom.
    It is genetically inherited when this development occurs. Some children will not have the brain to the bladder connection until they are 10 or 11, others will have it at 3. that is why us adults do not wet the bed at night, when we need to go our brain signals us to wake up. this connection can’t be rushed, changed, or trained. When the body grows these two receptor cites eventually grow together and touch- like two nerve endings.
    now, let your children drink and always go to the bathroom before bed.
    This is proven for those of you that are uneducated, and my Dr. is brilliant.

  79. i have a brand new pillow top mattress queen size and its been wrapped up and put away in my garage and it has been there for about a year and well the moister has gotten to it and mold how and what should i do to clean it to make in brand new again so i could sleep on it ?

  80. I had an accident last night.. This morning actually. I woke up at 6 am and had wet the bed- I was so tired I didn’t even notice what I had done till I woke up. I was dreaming a lot and had dreamed I was using the restroom. I’m just saying,.. Eveyrone will have these types of accidents whether or not you are young or old. I am 23 and only on occasion I wet the bed- this is because I am so tired after work all week I crash and go into deep sleep. They are accidents. Anyway….. What I did to clean the mattress was ( after I took the sheets and covers to the washer) I used towels over top the spot and stood on top of them so soak it up. I did this for about a 1/2 to an hour. Then I put down some baking soda for about two hours. I just vacuumed that up and it’s pretty much good to go but needs to try a bit as it is still damp. I am going to buy the vinyl whole mattress cover that zips up. As well as a padded mattress sheet and put my sheets on top. That will give some cushion and protection from my mattress if it ever happens again.

  81. Wow, interesting comments!As a former Nanny I have cleaned many mattresses after children have been ill, wet the bed, etc. The baking soda,vinegar seems to work best. Please do not blame Jim, this is what he was taught. Hopefully, He will rethink his actions now that several doctors have “talked” to him. Now for my problem…does anyone know how to remove an old, dried, unknown type stain from a mattress?

  82. To get an odor out first locate the spot of the odor, then apply a small amount of bleach to a washcloth and rub in the spot where the odor is. Remember, bleach is the atomic bomb of odor neutralizers so be careful not to put on too much, you don’t want to have a bleach smell you cant get rid. After applying the bleach follow with a damp cloth of water. Then take a hair dryer and blow dry the spot so you don’t end up with a mildew ring. Repeat as necessary to get the odor out. Once you are finished, follow up with a scented deodorizer life Febreeze to neutralize any left over bleach smell. Good luck!

  83. Just wanted to add that you can try baking soda first OR combine it with my bleach remedy like after when the mattress is still damp (Actually haven’t tried the baking soda yet but my mom used to use it all the time when I had You can also use carpet cleaner too when getting out stains or paw prints.

  84. It works perfect. I tried it on my stern and foster 6000 bed and it worked!
    In a pitcher.
    1/2 scoop of oxi clean
    2c vinegar
    1/2 c alchol
    1/4 c peroxide
    1c of water

    Mixed real good in pitcher then poured in a spray bottle. Sprayed and dabbed it up with clothes. It even took out old stains. I love kids-n- pets but it is $5 a bottle and this worked perfect!

  85. My son had an accident on my brand new mattress a few days ago. I didnt have much time to deal with it so I just blotted it with a towel and then sprayed it with lysol fabric spray. My bed reeks still… what should I use? I cant damage the mattress with something that would bleach because its a rental. Help!

  86. Um, hello? Shaming is not the same as reprimanding……not that either is necessarily called for. Id hate to think what the parent would do if his
    Ittle boy was playing with a Barbie or makeup!

  87. First of all, isn’t this site for how to get the matress clean?? Second, there is nothing wrong with disciplining your child. A century ago, when disciplining was not only accepted but expected, we didn’t have near the amount of issues that we have today. Crime was lower. Children showed respect and manners. It was the few parents that took it too ridiclous levels that gave discipline a bad name. Anyhoo, I urinate frequently throughout the night, usually every couple hours. So, since my youngest has started wetting the bed, I wake her to go potty after I get done. Seems to be working so far. She doesn’t have medical issues. She’s just a really heavy sleeper like her father.

    So, what’s a good way to clean rhe matress?

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