It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: Day Man Lyrics – Damn Funny!

I have been watching every episode of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season Three and by far the funniest episode yet is: Sweet Dee’s Dating A Retarded Person.

It’s not because of the so obvious storyline…anytime a person could possibly be dating a retarded person and not know is pretty entertaining. But even funnier than that was the B storyline where the smash hit Day Man by Charlie Kelly and Dennis Reynolds was created. It wasn’t easy but I got my hands on the Day Man Lyrics (ok, I actually just watched the clip and wrote them out for you…so what).

I figured for all you die hard It’s Always Sunny fans I would introduce the lyrics to Day Man for the first time on the web…here we go.

Day Man Lyrics

Day man
Fighter of the Night man
Champion of the sun
You’re a master of karate and friendship…for everyone
Day man, day man
Uhh ahhahh
Fighter of the Night man
Uhh ahhahh
Champion of the sun
Uhh ahhahh
Master of karate and friendship…for everyone
Day man, day man
Uhh ahhahh
Fighter of the Night man
Champion of the sun

Even more entertaining than the singing of Day Man or the on the fly choreography is the fact that Charlie happened to be huffing paint right before they began singing and really…when is huffing not fun to watch? Especially since he has silver paint all around his nose and mouth.

Sit back, press play on the video clip and enjoy Dennis’ body suit and jeans outfit or Charlie’s saggy Long Johns… but most of all, enjoy the masterpiece that they call Day Man. Then watch them perform live at Daddy’s as the Electric Dream Machine. Nightman is DEAD!

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34 thoughts on “It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: Day Man Lyrics – Damn Funny!”

  1. i love tht song im singing it all the time. i dont watch sunny in philly, but i saw a commerceial w/ day man, im cracking up

      1. My favorite episode also. I love the part where they’re behind the coffee shop and are sifting through trash. “I found a shoe, What size? 13, Throw it in tha pile baby” I think I said “Throw it in tha pile” every time i went to the store, for 2 months.

  2. Best show I’ve seen in a loooong time. It never fails to crack me up. I own all seasons that are on DVD and never get tired of them. Charlie Day is the funniest person in the show by far =)

  3. Oh em gee! I like dis a LOT, yea, humm hummm day man! Tee hee hee yes yes! Funny is it are you! Tee hee hee hee Chalrie Day is the funnistt purson i agwee tee hee hee ya ya !

  4. this song has been in my head for about a week since watching the episode, but i have to admit i actually like the song! sunny is fabulous!

  5. The nightman song that he originally performs with frank and mac is classic too, the lyrics subtly suggest a midnight gay rape. Someone find the lyrics NOW

  6. Night Man, sneaky and mean
    Spider inside my dreams
    I think I love you

    You make me wanna cry
    You make me wanna die
    I love you, I love you, I love you,
    I love you, I love you
    Night Man

    Every night you come into my room
    And pin me down with your strong arms
    You pin me down, and I try to fight you
    You come inside me
    You fill me up
    And I become the Night Man…

    It’s just 2 men sharing the night
    It might seem wrong but it’s just right
    It’s just 2 men sharing each other
    It’s just 2 men like loving brothers

    One on top and one on bottom
    One inside and one is out
    One is screaming, he’s so happy
    The other’s screamin’ a passionate shout

    It’s the Night Man
    I’m feeling so wrong and right, man
    I’m feeling so wrong and right, man

    I can’t fight you, man
    When you come inside me
    And pin me down with your strong hands
    And I become the Night…
    The passionate, passionate Night Man


    Night Man Reprise, by Charlie Kelly

    They took you, Night Man, and you don’t belong to them
    They locked me in a world of darkness without your sexy hands
    And I miss you, Night Man, so ba-a-ad

  7. Both nightman and dayman are f**ckin awesome!!!

    I just watched this episode of IASIP last night, and dude, I’m still thinkin of it.

    pretty catchy songs..

    the gang totally rocks!!

    I also loved it where the retarded rapper owns sweet dee πŸ™‚

  8. I absolutely love this show! Every episode is funnier then the last. Charlie Day is one sexxy bastard! BTW it’s Paddy’s Pub not Daddy’s.

  9. This song totally rocks ape shietttzzz! yeah, I dont really know what that was about but the show is awesome…..this song as a musical in “the night man cometh” episode is soooo sweeeeeeeeet!

    Charlie is my heroooo
    (oh crap i think i swallowed some glue)

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