Jesse Brinkley beats Anthony Bonsante on The Contender

It was the bloodiest fight yet in the Contender Arena. The medical officer called it off in the middle of the fifth round. The judges handed down a split decision. But after all the gore, peril, and controversy had subsided, it was clear that Peter Manfredo Jr. was the victor over Joey Gilbert. “I feel like a world champion,” he smiled. “One fight closer to a million dollars.”

Back at the loft, the fighters marveled over the bout-ending gash Joey suffered over his right eye. “I don’t wish that cut on no one,” Sergio Mora said. Jesse Brinkley agreed. “I wanted the kid to feel what it was like to be professional fighter tonight, but I didn’t want it that extreme,” Jesse said.

Ahead of his upcoming fight with Anthony, Joey’s ordeal seemed to form a cloud of doubt over Jesse’s mental fortitude. “After seeing that, I almost quit boxing I think,” he said, only half joking. His usual laid-back confidence had become a little subdued. “I guess Jesse just got kind of, maybe scared, or freaked out,” Peter said.

The next morning, Jesse did not feel any better. “I have to lose ten pounds, I have a hurt hamstring, and I’m an emotional mess today,” he said in an interview, after struggling to get out of bed. “I don’t feel like a fighter right now. I feel like I’m ready to go out to pasture.” The pressure to make weight was hanging over his head. Before every fight, both boxers agree to keep their weight within certain restrictions. With one day before his bout against Anthony, Jesse weighed well over the agreement.

During daily training, Sylvester Stallone collected the fighters near the sparring ring. “Well Peter, you prevailed again. So obviously, you deserve this. Congratulations,” Sly said. Sugar Ray Leonard bestowed upon Peter the “IV” medallion, symbolizing his secure place in the final four. His reward for his victory over Joey would be a special, one-on-one training session with legendary boxing genius Angelo Dundee. “He will critique your fight, and you will have the rare opportunity to learn from the best,” Sly said.

Meanwhile, with his pre-fight weigh in rapidly approaching, Jesse was still eight pounds too heavy. “Brinkley has a really good work ethic, but his lifestyle doesn’t reflect how hard he works,” Contender cornerman Jeremy remarked in an interview. Jesse now faced the challenge of dropping eight pounds of water weight in one day. He strapped on a special heat retenti retaining suit to maximize his sweat rate, and went jogging in the hot Southern California sun with his buddy Peter. “I’ve never had to lose this much weight in one day in my whole life. Not even my whole career,” Jesse said.

When the weigh-in ceremony finally arrived, Jesse tipped the scales at 161.5 pounds. He was a half-pound too heavy. Anthony was not going to let Jesse off easy: “We’re friends, but when it’s contract time, and it’s fight day, I’m not your friend. I’m your worst damn enemy.” The official informed Jesse that he had an hour to lose the extra half-pound, or the fight would be forfeit, and Anthony would automatically advance to the final four. “Psychologically, I put him at a disadvantage,” Anthony said in an interview. “He’s pissed off now. Totally going to take him out of his game.”

After a menacing five rounds, the medical officer called off the fight, and Jesse was awarded victory by technical knockout. After four rounds of being battered by Anthony, Jesse’s savage headshots decimated his opponent’s ability to continue. “I really wanted to stop him,” Jesse said in an interview. “I really wanted to knock him out. Not because I hate him, but because a style like his, you should knock those kind of fighters out.”

“Granted, I lost tonight, but I didn’t lose the war,” Anthony said from his locker room. “I can go home to Shakopee, go back to my job, hold my head high and be proud of what I’ve accomplished. My kids think I’m a winner. That’s all that counts.” The fighter from Minnesota packed up his belongings, hung up his gloves, and left the Contender Gymnasium. “I’ll be back, because I’m not a quitter,” he promised. “I’ll be back.”

86 thoughts on “Jesse Brinkley beats Anthony Bonsante on The Contender

  1. Jesse brinkley, in proper form, is the best fighter on the contender. If you can see that then you dont know boxing. Stupid enough to hold in hits and the power to put down anyone in his path. Mora is a fucking washout. He looks like he belongs in Taiwan in the kick boxing circuit. I am not going to make any predictions and notice I said “In proper form” which seems to be pretty far off in recent memory. The great white hope so to speak.


    off subject but JESSE BRINKLEY IS HOT!!!

  3. jesse will win this he is the best fighter there andwhen he gets room for an uppercut other fighters are dead plus he is hot

  4. Now that Jessi lost which Im sad about, i wish Peter wins
    because Sergio you suck for real
    and yes I agree Jessi is Hot,
    it’s something about him from the first episode I wanted him to win.Good Luck Jessi

  5. omgg im so mad that jesse lost to sergio..i thought he was gonna win n wen sergio i was aboutt o cry i wanted jesse to win the illion dollars so badly.. but now that he cant i hope peter does… n i want peter to knock out sergio juss for jesse n him self of c ourse lol … n yes jesse is soooo hott N SEXII!!

  6. I was bummed, Peter should have won!! Sergio does suck! And I agree with all the girls Jesse is totally f’n HOT!!
    yumm… oh, and so was Joey!

  7. I was bummed, Peter should have won!! Sergio does suck! And I agree with all the girls Jesse is totally f’n HOT!!
    yumm… oh, and so was Joey!

  8. oh you poo birds jesse sucks bullet was beatin his ass down and he got in 1 lucky shot to beat him.

    marnfredo didnt win cause sergio knew how to handle him, if someone like gomez or bullet went after mora they would have won peter was awful in his final fight.

    Bullet deserved to win this tournament, too bad it got cancelled and there wont be a season 2

  9. hi there i wud jus like to add that jesse is the best an he will win i no this hes the best by far an hes fuckin fit ummm things i wud do to that lad go jesse xxxx

  10. oh the things i would do to jesse brinkley. he is the reason i watched the show. we went to high school together and he has been a hot mother f*%$@er ever since i can remember.

  11. Sergio won because he is the baddest man to climb in a boxing ring since Sugar Ray, Tommy Hearns, and Marvelous Marvin! Brinkley beat Bosante because he got lucky! He was like a little kid running around in a storm hoping to catch lightening in a pop bottle. He through about 50 of those upper cuts and 49 missed there mark. He got lucky all the way through. On the big night at Ceaser’s Palace the two best fighters, Sergio Mora and Alfonso Gomez, won the big fights and the big paydays because they are awesome boxers; period!!!

  12. i think that jesse brinkley is a great fighter and him or peter deserved to win contender! they are the best! the best fight was when jesse won anthony but the fight he had with sergio was bad because sergio wasnt being fair and he saiod he was his mate when he was messin a round with him in the ring.:-(

  13. sergio really sucks! and he is too big headed to win the contender even though he does! jesse is much stronger than him but latin snake na’s how to jab.he is too quick and hes sad! jesse and peter rule! i was gutted jesse lost! but im also happy peter got this far after being taken out.hes also a really good fighter now hes ad the trainin of that dude! go forth!


  15. AHHHHHHH.. i couldnt believe sergio won!i wanted peter 2 win over him , anyways sergio is still buff.
    I wanted BUFF TING jessie ta go all the way unfortunatley he didnt. JESSIE IA A LEGEND!!!!! HE WAS THE MOST TALLENTED ON THERE! X X x x X X

  16. Ok…so I guess i don’t have to say that Jesse should leave his girlfriend and go out with me since every other girl thinks the same way..:) but I will say that I agree with the fact that he got lucky against Anthony…I hate the fact that Sergio won…he seems to be a low-life punk…

  17. jesse did anthony so bad in that fight!!!! ha ha ha!!! he deserved it for being such a mean bunghole to! yay! he’s a cool fighter! but i was really gutted when he lost the fight with serjio mora! noooooooooooooo!!! he doesnt look the type to win a fight!!! he’s to scrawny!!!! muhahahaha!!! lol…jesse’s mine!!!!!

  18. ARGH!! I’m well peed off. Jesse Brinkley lost against Alfonso… :(!!!! Haven’t seen the next fight yet… Manfredo genst Mora… I’m gonna cry if Manfredo loses!

  19. Gomez and Sergio are the Dudes. Being a Fighter myself I would say that these 2 guys should have been the Final. Jesse might be good lookin to you girls but he is a poor boxer. As for Manfredo he would have been knocked out in the second round in the Final if he hadn’t been allowed to hug Mora for the entire fight. The Best men won at Ceasars.

  20. I quite liked Jesse as a person too, but come on….how anyone can say Sergio did not deserve it is drunk! He beat Ishe, Jesse and Peter so comfortably and was head and shoulders a better boxer than anyone on the show. You don’t win a tournament like this unless you deserve it. Remember the show was called the Contender not who’s the cuttest boxer.

  21. I thought Brent Cooper would have won it……however I thought Ishe was Lush and would do him big time what a stud. Couldn’t take my eyes off his bum.

  22. I’m knew karlos i am a boxer jesse is not the greatest boxer but he was the best fighter u dont beat anthony on luck jesse can take a punch and has a lot of heart jonathon reid had only ever bin beat by a champ till jesse so dnt slag im off because of his last 2 fights wer e was injured

  23. You’re a clown if you think that Mora didn’t deserve to win, the only fighter better than him on the show was Gomez, period. Brinkley got lucky with that uppercut against Bonsante, he’s got power but he isn’t a good boxer……oh, oh he’s hot so he must be a good boxer huh?, you girls are making me laugh.

  24. Sergio is a snake and I think that his whole boxing style is just not to get hit…MY GOD, Brinkley hit him a couple of times and he goes to the corner and says wow, he really hits hard. No shit. He is a professional. He can take hits and also really dish them out. Not prance around the ring being a cocky shit without anything real to back it up. Why doesn’t he eat some food and fight in a weight class that he couldn’t run away from. hahaha Jesse is the best!

  25. Sergio deserved to win. but i wanted bonsante to get the million.
    jesse is a slap head twat and got lucky throwin the uppercut

  26. Slap head twat? Engrish??? That uppercut was the strongest punch in the show and is what he is known for. Lucky or not. Some of the worlds best fighters rely solely on those killer hits. Bonsante is bulky fighter and it took his legs out from under him. Sergio is an awesome fighter and probably derserved to win. But for someone who claims to be in touch with his spiritual side youd think he would show a little humility(sp?). Instead you get a spic in the limelight and he acts the fool. Anyone else not suprised? End of subject.

  27. Joey gilbert was the best too ad he lost because the mother fucker of peter ht him with his head the cock sucker soo now a dont care wo is going to win the contender and i want to ask somethig why the cancelled the contender.

  28. jesse is sooooooooooooooo so hot i cant believe his hotness i am so jelous of his wife i want him!!i want him bad!!!!!sexi beast ahhhhh so so hot

  29. jesse is so the reason why i even watched the show man he was flippin sex c and hot!!!!!!!!thats all that matters if i had a million i woulg giv it to him 4 bein hot

  30. Sergio Mora, The Latin Snake, can’t Lose!!!!

    He’ll take this fight and anything else Peter Manfredo servers up. Although I agree Peter Manfredo is a tough kid he’s just not as polished as Sergio Mora is.

    Good luck to both fighters this saturday. Everyone come back here after the fight and discuss the results.

  31. Bonsante got fucked over, Manfredo got fucked over, the judges should be taken out back and shot.

    fuck brinkley hes a piece of crap, he knows he lost, so do the fans. notice how he was getting booed after words, and tony was the man. I hope this controversy propels the bullets career and drives brinkley and his fat hog of a wife into the ground.


  32. excuse me tom h, wot has brinkley dun 2 u man chill. damn…. anyway he is buff, he is so gorgeous dont care wot u say.. haha hes da buffest boxer ahhhhh

  33. brinkley has done nothing but get lucky and take all the credit away from arguably the best athlete to come out of my hometown, by doing absolutely nothing but getting lucky.

  34. I was there at the fight and I love Jesse but as I was watching it I thought that Anthony won just like everybody else but to be honest I’m extremely HAPPY that Jesse won. The I see it the final fight was a toss up and as much as I don’t like sergio, he deserved to win that match.

    Being there at the staples center was amazing and I sat near the entrance where the boxers came out. Also, I got Joey Gilbert’s autograph and he is sooo good looking in person! But nobody is hotter than Jesse!

    I think Jesse is even more hotter than Brad Pitt. Jesse has the best personality and is a great father. Plus I’m proud of him for winning, luck or no luck.

    I LOVE JESSE!!!!!!!!!

  35. cathy, i totally agree with ya, and im so jealous that u woz at the match!! i would have luv to gone, but it would have cost me too much to get there,m frm ENGLAND, anyway tom i dont agree with u soryy mate lol

  36. i dont agree with ya dat jessie luks like an upside down speed bag, maybe he got lucky, but at the end of the day, all dat mattered woz dat he won dat fight! and he did! fuking buff thingggggggg lol write bk

  37. If the definition of “win” is: to get ones ass kicked all over the place, an hope that the judges can see as far as stevie wonder than ya. Jessie won for sure.

  38. The most important thing is that Jesse won,ok you all we all love him he is hot and hot and hot again….
    I’m still so disappointed that Peter Manfredo lost by stupid judges decision cause in my eyes he is the winner he fight his heart out but hey that’s what happens to good people always misjudged…

  39. ya, like you said good people always misjudged, peter did win. the bullet did win.

    “Judge Raul Caiz had it 49-46 and Julie Lederman and Fritz Warner had it 48-47, all for Brinkley. By contrast, Punchstat showed Bonsante outlanded Brinkley 141-58 over the five rounds and there was not a single round in which Brinkley was credited with landing more punches than Bonsante. Announcing for ESPN, respected trainer Teddy Atlas scored it a 50-45 shutout for Bonsante.”

    141-58! bonsante landed 83 MORE punches than brinkley. he landed more jabs than brinkley landed punches, if i recall correctly the power punch numbers for the last two rounds were something in the region of 40-9 in each, both in favor of bonsante.

    taken from and just incase you didnt know, ya im talkin to all of you who just watch to see jesse and dont know wtf is going on, Teddy Atlas KNOWS WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT.

    OK now you try to mount a case for jesse with out saying “ya hes hot DEE DEE DEE”

  40. no, i switch it whenever they have a girls boxing match, its boring as hell to watch. obsessed, why, ur arguing just as much as me, and it took me about 30 seconds to get that info.

  41. Look these fights are over….Juan won, Miguel won, Alfonso won, Jesse won, and Sergio won….there’s nothing we con do about it. I’m a little sad that Peter didn’t win but I say congratulations to everyone who won!

  42. how can you congratulate jessie and sergio, they were handed wins. I don’t hate sergio, i like him better than Peter, his style is awesome, flashy, entertaining, and peters is just meh, boring, sit there get in close and smack him in the body. Sergio didn’t deserve to win though, he was easily beaten.

    P.S. i guess my last comment didnt show up, im 17, and how did i get the info?! ITS CALLED THE INTERNET, YOU CAN USE THINGS SUCH AS GOOGLE AND YAHOO


  44. I taped the fight to see if I was on tv and I was but I was really tiny, I sat right next to the entrance where the fighters came out of. I saw tons of celebrities that kept walking past me and it was so excitiing!=)

  45. I thought jesse was the best but he lost… Anthony had an awesome beard. Manfredo definitly won the last fight but how can you trust their decision after jesse’s fight. Sergio is a cocky bastard and i hope manfredo kicks his ass again…

  46. did you notice that anthony shaved his chest, it wasn’t as hairy as it was on the contender. Manfredo fought really well and he should have won.

    Do you think that The Contender will be on dvd? I hope it does cuz I’m dying to own it. I want to be able to watch Jesse and Alfonso and Joey any time I want! =)

  47. hey guys jesse deserves to win but also anthony is a good fighter
    tom.h. have u got msn ?? if so wat is it mayb we can tlk??

    Peter rocks lol best fighter there is!
    Im not saying that only cuz he is my cuzzen either (Tyler) lol

  48. jamie: The contender is on dvd i have it !

    Go on to ebay and oder it off there or get intouch with me i might be able to send it to u

  49. i am glad u agree lol

    i have told peter about the comments i have read on here and he is just glad he is gettimg support from the public

    p.s. dya have msn ?

  50. i recon Juan should of won the contender it sucks he fked up his hand and if they make a contender 2 they need to bring back juan and jeff coz they never got a fear shout

  51. i like jessie very much his the one i like in the show contender his very nice guy i like him very much and his very nice and hot i like u jessie

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