A List of Jobs That Don't Require a 4 Year College Degree

This list arranges all 300 jobs that we found in order of their overall scores for pay, growth, and number of openings. The job with the
best overall score was Registered Nurses. Other jobs follow in order of their total scores for pay, growth, and openings.

A wide variety of jobs are on the list. Among the top 20 are jobs in health care, sales, education, and law enforcement. The top 100 also include several management and supervisory jobs, proving that these kinds of jobs do exist for people without a college degree.

As you look over the list, remember that jobs near the top of the list are not necessarily “good” jobs nor are jobs towards the end of the list necessarily “bad” ones for you to consider. Their position in the list is simply a result of their total scores based on pay, growth, and number of openings.

This means, for example, that some jobs with low pay and modest growth but a high number of openings appear higher on the list, while some jobs with higher pay and modest growth but a low number of openings appear towards the end of the list. A “right” job for you could be anywhere on this list.

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7 thoughts on “A List of Jobs That Don't Require a 4 Year College Degree

  1. While these don’t require a degree, those that are involved in most of these fields will do so much better WITH a degree. A nurse would make a decent salary without…but an RN position is so much more money. It’s important for kids thinking of college to understand that just because you don’t necessarily need a degree, working towards one could be very beneficial long-term.

    • I agree. However, not many can afford a good education, more so in poorer countries. I’m glad though that there’s free online learning these days that may also provide free certificates you can print. Coursera is good and so is edEx and both work with well-known schools.

  2. That’s a large list of jobs there. It’s very interesting to see the choices that many kids have today. However, some of the jobs would be better with a degree such as nursing. This is still a great resource to young teenagers who don’t really know what to do in the future.

    • That’s a very good point. I agree. A person will advance much further and have a better salary with a degree in some of these fields.

      I do think, however, that someone who can’t attend college — especially for financial reasons — would still do well to get into one of these professions. At some point he or she may work for a company that offers tuition assistance. In fact, that person might want to make it a priority to find such a company.

  3. I really appreciate you posting this and will definitely share it with people I know. This just goes to show that while college is very important, it’s not the only answer to making a living in life and there are so many options for people to choose from. The college degree is no longer the guarantee it once was and many people should start looking at all the opportunities available to them.

  4. I really find that our system right now just puts out over educated kids onto the job market only to get a boring desk job or something. The list just goes to show that college is not really needed and that it could just be a money sink to get a piece of paper that said that you passed college. You could make a lot of money in those four years in college rather than going in debt for four years only to spend the next ten years trying to pay back that debt.

  5. This is indeed a very interesting list and some jobs listed there suprised me, Things are definitely not the same in my country when it comes to degrees. Anyway I agree with all the comments above. Not having a college degree doesn’t necessarily means you don’t have the knowledge and the abilities to do your job and vice versa. Not anymore.
    But as I said, things are a bit different in my country. I think I have a pretty good English – but not a sheet of paper to prove it – so it doesn’t matter, lol!

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