listen to your customers on social media

How to Listen to Your Customers on Social Media

Learning social media listening is an art form that is becoming an essential part of business marketing plans everywhere but just being told to “get on social media” can be confusing and not useful. We’re going to teach your to listen to your customers on social media. What would be the best platform for businesses to use and knowing how to connect with clients would be extremely helpful?

All businesses regardless of size, name, or category that have decided to try social media campaigning make some of the same errors as others but the biggest mistake they all have in common is that they are not listening to what is being said on social media.

By ignoring what is being said and not responding, one can torpedo a social campaign before it launches and the problem is the misconception of what social media is for and that is talking with groups of people to establish working relationships to reach a common goal. Remember you need to listen to your customers on social media and respond to them.

For some of the smaller companies they see social media as way to freely release a new press release in bite size chunks but they have over looked the main point of social media which is that it is to be an interactive experience. A conversation with one or even thousands of people but only if you listen to what the targeted community has to say about your business.

New or old you need to be consistent about listening to your audience. The first thing to do to improve your listening skills is to be sure you are listening to the correct conversations by identify the social platforms or groups that contain the demographic targets. Using keywords or hash tags you can find out where people are discussing you or your business online. There are also online tools that can help you find where consumers are talking about your brand allowing you to know where you should show up and interact with those in the discussion.

There are sites that take all of the information and consolidate it into reports that can show how you are doing on different social media platforms. There are also companies that make it easier to manage your social media in one place allowing you to see the discussions about your business. By using these tools you can learn about the topics being talked about that have relevance to your business giving you the opportunity to add to the conversations in a positive and productive manner. All of these can be found by searching for social media tools.

Once you have found the crowd in the demographics you searched for you can give some insights to your business while conversing in the discussion with those people interested in those topics. Sometimes you need to sit back and be quiet and listen without being tempted to promote your business in a soapbox manner as it will not garner you any points and it could ostracize the supporters you would want to keep with that kind of behavior.

The true art of social media listening is hearing what people in your targeted audience have to say and if it is criticism you can work to turn it into praise for your company by fixing the problems you were told. By learning what their interests and concerns are you can design your campaign more towards thee. If they are asking questions you can answer the ones you can while refraining from using the moment to try and sell your product.

By letting your brand’s reputation show that it genuinely cares and can be helpful is how you allow clients to see the type of people behind the item you are promoting to them. This means you also need to learn how to talk to those in your community without a written script that is often one sided and slanted towards sales.

Host a virtual chat at a time when you know people will be able to connect with you shows them that you recognize that they are human with lives and into today’s world time is a commodity people don’t have. It also shows people that you are a real person also. Just having a social media account that only posts ads, campaigns, or other propaganda won’t bring you more customers, but an account that answers people’s questions and can be consistently helpful might get you more sales.

Listening to your audience is essential in today’s marketing strategy with the number of social platforms growing every day. Knowing what the communities are saying shows you what your customers truly want and need from your company. This allows you to efficiently and accurately sell your products to them.

Surveys can still be a part of you marketing plan as they help you see who they are, what they are buying, and where your customers are, but you can more effectively know what they want from your brand by listening to the chatter coming from social media.

You can get to know your consumers better by losing the business jacket and acting like the human being you are and by actually listening when people speak to you. By acknowledging that you are hearing what they have to say you not only gain their support they are more likely to discuss your company with others in their other social media communities. This could lead to more customers than what your planned social media campaign could have drawn without you doing some simple old fashion listening.

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