Mailboxes that fight back

Boing Boing had a post about three amazing mailboxes designed to deter, punish, or catch mailbox vandals and mail thieves.

One mailbox transfers “skunk oil” on a vandals baseball bat (Company literature states: “We hope that some of the skunk oil gets wiped onto clothing and car upholstery.”)

Another is designed to “grab” a bat when someone swings it into the mailbox. (“Upon direct impact with a wooden bat, the plastic tube deforms and the bat is grabbed out of the hand of the swinger.”)

The third mailbox contains a wireless tamper-detecting sensor. (“When the door of the mailbox is opened, a chime in the house is followed by a visual green light to inform you that mail has been delivered, that the mailbox door has been opened at midnight, or that the mailbox has received an impact.”)

Hats off to Yankee ingenuity!

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