cedar lined closet

Cedar Lined Closet Benefits Without The Cedar Closet Price

cedar-lined-closetHave you ever wanted to know how to build your own cedar lined closet? One of the benefits in having a cedar lined closet is that the cedar oil discourages adult moths from entering and laying eggs. One thing that is not so beneficial is the cost of a cedar lined closet. But there are some inexpensive ways to turn your closet into one with a wonderful cedar smell.

Cedar closet lining which can be installed over your existing closet walls is a very popular method of obtaining your dream cedar closet at a reasonable price. Also helps protect against moth infestation like protecting your house from other disasters like wind and water damage control. If you can use a tape measure and are comfortable with using some basic tools you can install your own cedar closet lining in a couple of hours.

Even installing just Cedar flooring in your closet will give you all of the benefits (excluding the look) of a Cedar Closet. You may not think of yourself as someone who could install flooring but there isn’t that much to it if you get the correct kind. It’s really as simple as taking measurements, pulling up existing carpet and using something like Liquid Nail adhesive to keep the tongue and groove cedar flooring in place. Easy right?

An even less expensive way to produce the Cedar closet aroma is to purchase some aromatic Cedar products. Some of the products available are Cedar hangars. What could protect your clothes from moths better than being hung on the very thing that keep moths away? There are also Cedar Blocks which you can place inside of your closet to achieve that Cedar Aroma you want.

To achieve Cedar aroma inside of existing drawers there are other options such as tongue and groove Cedar Drawer Liners, which is pretty self explanatory. You could also go with aromatic Cedar Paper which would work the same way as lining a drawer with contact paper. For an even easier way of obtaining the Cedar smell in a drawer you could place a Cedar Sachet in each drawer.

As you see there are plenty of ways to obtain the benefits of a Cedar Closet without having to pay the Cedar Closet price. Whatever option you choose you must make sure that the cedar product you are purchasing is made out of Eastern Red Cedar. This is the only type of cedar which produces the strong odor that will protect your clothing against moths.

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