What Type of Mattress Do You Have?

Your mattress is an investment, so you want to keep it in great shape for as long as possible.

It seems like a mattress should always be clean, but there are several stains that can cause discolorations, encourage germs and produce unpleasant odors.

So what makes me an expert?

I wanted to write this article to share some of what I’ve learned over 10 years of raising my child, 3 pets and enough spills and mistakes to…well…write an article I guess.

Type of Mattress

We’ve had waterbeds when I was small. Then there’s always the good ol spring mattress that worked for years for me until I started getting older and sleeping on my stomach became a problem.

Then I switched to a Tempur-Pedic memory foam mattress a few years ago that I bought at Jordan’s Furniture in Nashua NH and I’ll never look back to anything else. My back feels great. I sleep all night and it’s as cool as a spring mattress with a 20 year guarantee not to sag.

Here is everything you need to know about your type of mattress

Spring – Innerspring mattresses have been the top choice for decades. Comfortable and durable, this traditional mattress features a central support system of tempered steel coils. Layered with rich upholstery and thick padding, these mattresses are available in firm or soft designs and may feature a pillow top.

Latex Foam – Solid foam mattresses may feature one solid core or several layers laminated together.

Memory Foam – Technology is always improving classic favorites. The creation of visco-elastic foams allows you to choose foam mattresses that are firmer, offer greater support and superior performance over the more affordable latex foam.

Airbeds – Airbeds aren’t just for camping anymore. They are moving into the bedroom on a permanent basis. The core of the bed is a high quality vinyl airbed, but it is surrounded and protected with foam, batting and comfortable upholstery. They look like regular beds, but the adjustability of them makes them a great choice for couples who cannot agree on a mattress.

Waterbeds – Designed to look like traditional beds, these mattresses are filled with water and then covered with extra layers of upholstery for comfort and warmth.

Futons – If you need the bed to double as a couch during the day, then a futon may be your best choice. Flexible mattresses feature a combination of synthetic fibers, foam and cotton that can support sitting or sleeping.

Leave a comment below and tell me what bed do you have and is it working for you?

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