Memorial Wristband for Dave

I’ve made a deal with a company to make wristbands like the Livestrong bracelets by Nike. Although these will be black and say IN MEMORY OF DAVE SAVAGE.

It’s something I’ve been thinking for a while to do but never found the place where I could make my own.

I mostly wanted to do it for myself but a few other people wanted them also. I’m going to sell them for $10 each and all the money will goto Brian’s Trust Fund.

They ship sometime mid april. Leave a comment if you’d like one.

Update: Dave’s braclets will be in Sunday, April 17th. $10 each and the money goes into his son Brian’s trust fund.

Update: The wristbands are in!! Call or leave a comment here if you want to stop and pick some up. Again I’m collecting $10 for each and the money goes in to Chuck’s savings.

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