Memorial Wristband for Dave

I’ve made a deal with a company to make wristbands like the Livestrong bracelets by Nike. Although these will be black and say IN MEMORY OF DAVE SAVAGE.

It’s something I’ve been thinking for a while to do but never found the place where I could make my own.

I mostly wanted to do it for myself but a few other people wanted them also. I’m going to sell them for $10 each and all the money will goto Brian’s Trust Fund.

They ship sometime mid april. Leave a comment if you’d like one.

Update: Dave’s braclets will be in Sunday, April 17th. $10 each and the money goes into his son Brian’s trust fund.

Update: The wristbands are in!! Call or leave a comment here if you want to stop and pick some up. Again I’m collecting $10 for each and the money goes in to Chuck’s savings.

26 thoughts on “Memorial Wristband for Dave

  1. The wristbands are in!!
    Call me if you want to come by and pick some up or let me know and I can drop some off sometime on the weekends.

  2. ok I have them here. Meredith or I will get them out to people.

    I didn’t know so many people wanted some. Kinda awkward to ask people if they want to wear a bracelet with my brother’s name on it.

  3. Ken, we all loved your brother, he was the one person you had to have around, he was a good friend to so many people and made so many Laugh with his funny Quotations. We miss him and 3 years later still seems like yesturday. Brian will be so happy to know that you did this for him and his Daddy. We are all Proud to wear the bracelets!

  4. OK I have 11 bracelets left if anyone wants them.

    Remember all the money goes to Chuck and his bank account so later in his life things won’t be as hard on him.

    Too bad the damn bracelets dont fit me or else I’d always be wearing them. Damn fat wrists!!! haha

  5. Maybe sometime during the week Tim and I can meet you Elaine for lunch.

    Meredith, tell Joe to meet me somewhere or come by and I have plenty for him.

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