Michael Jackson Scary Ghost Haunting Video

Is Michael Jackson haunting his old Neverland Ranch?

Do you believe in ghosts? Well, you don’t you just might believe in ghosts when you see this video clip:

[flv width=”410″ height=”320″]https://www.kensavage.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/michael-jackson-video.flv[/flv]

A video crew was filming inside Michael Jackson’s estate and an image appeared that could very well be the ghost of Michael Jackson. Do you believe that this could be the ghost of Michael Jackson?

During CNN Larry King Interview with Jermaine Jackson. The camera spots a ghost moving in the background inside Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch house! Amazing footage and can this be true?

Michael Jackson died Thursday at the age of 50. Joe Jackson says funeral details will come out after the second autopsy is concluded.

“We aren’t ready for [releasing information on the funeral]. We don’t have the time frame yet because we want to see when the private autopsy comes out.”

Joe Jackson says the funeral will not be closed to the public, as his son would likely have wanted a large public service.

Michael Jackson Scary Ghost Video

Check out the shadow around the 1:08 mark — you’d swear you had just seen the Man in the Mirror!

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