Michael Jackson Scary Ghost Haunting Video

Is Michael Jackson haunting his old Neverland Ranch?

Do you believe in ghosts? Well, you don’t you just might believe in ghosts when you see this video clip:

[flv width=”410″ height=”320″]https://www.kensavage.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/michael-jackson-video.flv[/flv]

A video crew was filming inside Michael Jackson’s estate and an image appeared that could very well be the ghost of Michael Jackson. Do you believe that this could be the ghost of Michael Jackson?

During CNN Larry King Interview with Jermaine Jackson. The camera spots a ghost moving in the background inside Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch house! Amazing footage and can this be true?

Michael Jackson died Thursday at the age of 50. Joe Jackson says funeral details will come out after the second autopsy is concluded.

“We aren’t ready for [releasing information on the funeral]. We don’t have the time frame yet because we want to see when the private autopsy comes out.”

Joe Jackson says the funeral will not be closed to the public, as his son would likely have wanted a large public service.

Michael Jackson Scary Ghost Video

Check out the shadow around the 1:08 mark — you’d swear you had just seen the Man in the Mirror!

76 thoughts on “Michael Jackson Scary Ghost Haunting Video

  1. I feel sorry for michael jackson everyones slegging him and that video scared the bones out of me!
    You Should stop slegging him everyone

    • I don’t know what “slegging” means but if it’s something like “making fun of” then I’m all for it. Sure I think the guy had some good intentions but the freak spent money ridiculous, had a very questionable past and treated his own children with disrespect and awkwardness.

    • It didnt scare me & i aggree with u. ghosts aint real ataal that is just 1 of those wierd pop-up thingies that scare ppl
      this is soooo fake
      liar it isnt the real audio

      • um this is a bit wierd my mate BLAKE from school told me to watch this, blake, it isnt scary, if ur reading this now!
        cya and um it aint the real audio as said the anonamus person

  2. I’m trying to send the video of Can you find the ghost in this video to my mother in law from paranormal network team but can’t figure how to send it. Any suggestions?

  3. My Teacher did this to us, with the smart board, full screen/volume, my class was scared shitless, one kid was teared up and another flew back three feet. Funny as hell.

  4. i think hezs the best….yuh need to stop hatin’
    but i kcant believe wat happend to him.
    yea this video is effin’ scary
    but i think he shud be remembered in a good way…
    not lik this.
    R.i.P_ M.J much love.!

  5. OMG im in 6th Period wastching this and its freakn me out. Im a big fan of thriller even though it scares me, but this wuz horrid.

  6. Loved it ! jumped about 3 feet and said “fark” out loud. Had to show everybody else at work otherwise they might have got upset about me swearing…….

    • Same thing happened to me when I just watched it! I watched that stuff and I didnt jump 3ft I went boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom right down my stairs to get as far away from my computer as possible, xD

  7. my friend was laughting and almost die at all the people who where scary. and my other friend my best friend almost pee in her pants.

  8. when I here MJ last song of ghost I think of Mj ghost walking around in his big home. Mj was cool guy and his song now mean something but I did,t understand why he changes his nose. lot. and got in half of him was sex freak on kids. mmm Any way like I say he was good on doing ghost video.. not the old 80s thirly. from Allen Hamm


    • Lmao, who ever didnt get scared by this video is a Trooper, me, I saw him mood walk and I heard his voice i was like go Michael at the end I got so scared, I started to cry for a minute

  10. Ok…THIS SHIT IS Scary!!!! I thought i’d prepared my self after watching all the YOUTUBE Reactions to this Video…But Damn!



  11. w.o.w it was scary if you listen closley u will hear him as a disimboided voice it was freakin scary to me and it almost looks like he moonwalked across the floor

  12. wow did u hear the disemboided voice and it almost looks like e is moonwalking across the floor now im scared of him but i still love mj

  13. all it did was piss me off at the end. plus u can tell that it was a shadow smart one. thats stupid getting scared over nothing

  14. i saw this one picture of home alone with michael jackson looking at the kid through a window or something ind it looked SO SO SCARY I ALMOST POOPED MY PANTS N IM GONNA HAVE NIGHTMARES ALL MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Omfg, that scared the piss out of me. Lol, I was like DO I WANNA watch this? And So I did, I saw the moonwalk, then that THING popped upand I waslike WTFF! I saidF**CK in class and my teachers like what? Im like DUDE WTACH THIS And shes like you shouldnt be doing this during school and im like IK just watch xD

    I scared the SH*t out of my teacher it was HILARIOUS she swore.


    • Grr, IKR, I nearly pissed myself, i felt it coming up to, lmfao! Wow, i was frightened, ughh. When that little creature popped up I was like AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I was hesitant to watch it at first, but now when I watched I wished I didnt, as soon as I saw the shadow, I freaked out I was like excited, at the end, I was like. . . ?? WTF DUDE !! AAAAAAHHHHHHH, but guys you gotta watch this vid, man all the spoiler alerts, see it for yourself, I swear if your like me fun and exciting, you will be jumpy and scared out of your mind once you see this xD

  16. ok that is so cool and io look at anthewr one it was a bit not scerd

    so lam can you belive it so lam
    not scer at all hahahah
    make me fill like i am the olny girl in the world hahahha
    and if you comennt hahhah
    you will meetb me and my family me alone so pick up the phone and ring
    my mum is cullig coming
    tell you tomorrow

  17. Guys, seriously I mean Michael Jackson is was and always will be the guy all the girls 1-100th crush and he is a sweet guy, he IS DEAD! Respect the dead! He had an excellent voice, he could dance, I mean Chris Brown, Usher, All those people wouldnt even know what they was doing if Michael wasnt doing all this before they could walk, maybe even before they was born! If his ghost is haunting the Neverland Palace, I would be in freaking awe, if i was disrespecting him, I would take my butt down there and apologize before he haunts my butt for the rest of my life. He loved his kids, he never did anything to them, BTW He spent his money ridiculously because unlike you broke people he has enough cash to spoil himself, his wife, and his children. You know what they say. . . : The dead may come back to life because they died and unexpected and quick death. Michael might be angry about something, the video was EFFING SCARY WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!

    • Lmfaoo, I felt like I was possessed before the ending happened, I jumped and yelled “HOLY CRAP” I was hesitant to watch it at first, when I did I was like ?? Is that him ?? Whoo, holy crap I almost pissed myself. But yeah, I totally agree with ya DixieDust

  18. Guys reply or answer my question. . . : I did a seance, I called his name in the name of the lord/ghost and all that stuff, and the wind was blowing and stuff and as soon as it stopped, I opened my eyes and Michael Jackson appeared right in front of me staring into my eyes, and then he smells piss and then says did you just pee yourself and I say yeah and he did that little sexy laugh of his. If i did that, would you agree or disagree and think it is a good or bad thing that i did that. TELL ME WHY BECAUSE I THINK I AM BEING TEMPTED TO DO THAT AND IF I DO I AM GOING TO EFFING KEEP HIM TO MYSELF! And be scared at the same time, It would be so fun if he was looking all good and stuff and we played board games and went out for lunch and everyone was staring at us and we got married and had ghost kids and it would hurt because they are just flying out of me. Ahh, those would be the days, lmfao, jkjk. . . . . . Maybe

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