Buying or Building Your Own Murphy Bed Plans? Try These Plans…

Murphy Bed PlansSo I’m wondering, how do you get a Murphy Bed plans to build my own? The Murphy Bed, also referred to as a wall bed, was created by William L Murphy at the beginning of the 19th century. The Murphy Bed was created as a space saving bed in the studio apartment of William L Murphy. The Murphy Bed does more than just saves space… it looks cool.

The Murphy Bed is still surprisingly popular. They lost some fan base once the idea of incorporating a bed loft into a studio apartment became chic but they’re still holding strong. I personally have one in a spare room that guests can use and then fold up to make the room bigger.

One of the most well-known style of Murphy bed, the head end is permanently mounted inside a large closet located in the wall of a bedroom or living room. This type of Murphy bed (and its closet) is usually concealed behind a pair of closet doors. In some cases where construction budgets were tight, there are no doors. Instead, the bottom of the bed is a solid panel. When folded up, this solid panel appears to be part of the wall.

Murphy Bed Fun

Less typical variations of Murphy beds included one type that was mounted on a swing arm. This arm pivoted the bed between room and closet. On another type, the head end was on casters. This allowed the bed to be stored in any large closet and rolled into any room for use. In many cases, the closet where the Murphy bed was stored doubled as a standard clothes closet.

William L. Murphy applied for a patent for this idea April 1, 1916 and was granted Design Patent D49,273 on June 27, 1916. Murphy started the Murphy Wall Bed Company and began production in San Francisco. In January 1990, the company changed its name to the “Murphy Bed Co. Inc.”

The Murphy Bed idea has even been revamped a little. Now instead of just folding up into a plain wall you have some options. Do you want to look sophisticated and give people the impression that you read? Then the Library Murphy Bed is for you.

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  1. I am interested in building my own library murphy bed system. Please advise me when your plans will be availabe and the cost.

    Stewart L. Olsen

  2. Hi Ken,
    I have been searching for detailed plans on how to build a Murphy bed. I am living in the Caribbean where we do not have ready and affordable access to kits from which you can bulid a Murphy bed. Anyhow, I believe if I get hold of a copy of plan details, including dimensions I should be able to do some makeshift and find materials to build myself a real good Murphy bed. Please send me a copy of the plans if you are now in possession of some.

  3. hi Lori. I do have my own set of plans to make a full size murphy bed but there in no condition to share or read. I’m working on getting a clean, standard, easy to read set drawn up that will have a list of materials as well. I’ve found a few plans online that were over $50 and 1 that was over $90. Too much for someone else’s ideas so I decided to come up with my own.

    Do defray the cost of getting these made, would you guys mind spending $15 when I get these completed?

  4. Ken, I am interested in what you think about bunk style murphy beds? I have 3 boys sharing one bedroom and can use all the space saving ideas I can find. Could your plans be used to simply “stack” one horizontal murphy style release on top of the other?

  5. I’ve updated the page with a set of plans I think you’ll be happy with. Get the plans now! 🙂

    I’m also doing a video on how I went about purchasing the materials and putting this horizontal murphy bed together myself.

  6. Is this plan for a closet? I found tons of Murphy Beds to buy, in kits, and plans but all are for wall units with cabinets on either side. I just want a cheap DIY murphy bed to put into an existing closet. Will I be able to use your plans for this.

  7. Ken, do your instructions include instructions on purchasing the hardware at Lowes or Home Depot. The prefab kits for the hardware alone are being sold for $200-$300. Do you use piston or spring action hardware? thanks, maria

  8. Ken, I see your post of 2 June 2008 saying you’ve posted the plans, but I can’t find the plans on your site. Could you post a comment to this blog post that contains a link to the plans? THANKS! Tim

  9. I’m looking for the plans you posted but i am having some trouble could you please e-mail them to me. Thank you

  10. Are your murphy bed plans available? I am looking for some plans so I can build one for my daughters rather small room. Thanks so much!

  11. Hi, I can’t afford the $300 hardware kits for Murphy Beds that everyone’s selling on the internet. It seems there must be plans available to build working beds that might substitute a little muscle for hydrolic lifts and springs. ANyone care to comment?
    Ken, I’d love to see your plans if you could please email them to me of post link. Thank you in advance.

  12. Hi Ken!

    I also do not see a link to Murphy Bed plans that are stated as posted (on June 2, 2008). When you have time, would you be so kind as to reply and send me the link or let me know where I might find them (or purchase them if it’s just the plans I’ve been looking for)?

    I’m looking to have a room with multiple functions as a sitting room/home office and guest room and this is crucial to the guest room portion of the plan. Would love [to find] plans for a full with side bookcases 🙂

    Thanks ever so much in advance and thanks for taking the time to do this project and share it with others!

    — Jeanette

  13. Looking for murphy bed plans. We remodeled a small one room school house and need an extra room for guests in basement. Nothing fancy. Please send me what plans you may have or know of any. Thank you
    Jami Method

  14. Tom said:
    “Hi, I can’t afford the $300 hardware kits for Murphy Beds that everyone’s selling on the internet. It seems there must be plans available to build working beds that might substitute a little muscle for hydrolic lifts and springs. ANyone care to comment?”

    I’d like to comment…
    The reason metal springs or hydraulic gas springs are included in all the advertised murphy bed mechanisms is because a quality innerspring mattress on any kind of supporting platform is TOO HEAVY to be comfortably and/or safely lifted by a normal person. Any plan that does not provide a method of counter-balancing the significant weight if a mattress on a platform is by definition not a murphy bed plan.

  15. Ken, I too am looking for bunk style murphy beds? I cannot find any other than from Wilding and they are very expensive, so I’ve been looking for Do-It Yourself, any suggestions?

    Thanks Tasha

  16. Hey Ken,
    Any chance the plans are ready? I have a project that includes a murphy style bed with cabinets on each side.

  17. Hi, I am also interested in the Murphy Bed plans. I also want to know where I can get the hardware at a reduced price.
    Thank you

  18. This site is a bunch of BS. NO PLANS ARE COMING, THIS IS JUST A HOAX, WHOEVER THIS KEN SAVAGE IS HE CAN’T BE MUCH. If anybody has a real site where plans are available please post it on this BS site.

  19. Well Dennis I can appreciate your frustration but I got to say there’s no hoax here. I did have my own plans available here to buy a few months back but they were very specific to what I needed and not for everyone.

    So I took them down.

    Let me see what I can find on the internet for everyone.

  20. I am building a small 16’x24′ hunting cabin for my son and three son-in laws. I too, need space for sleeping and lounging around. The Murphy bed seems ideal for what we need. Could you possibly send me some plans on how to build one. All I need is the bed to fold up out of the way. We’re looking at regular size beds. THANK YOU!!!

  21. Interested in Murphy bed plans. Have been interested in making it for years but would like a design that incorporates the crown molding at the top for the leg supports instead of the front door plans. Any ideas? Thanks for sharing.

  22. Doing a murphy bed by med december – would appreciate plans.
    I have seen a sofa for the murphy bed such that the bed folds down over the sofa, after removing the sofa back cushions. Do you think your plans would be able to be modified?

    Please let me know if your plans would be ready soon.

    • John did you ever find plans for a wall bed that folds down over the sofa? If so, would you share the source? I’m looking for the same.

      Thank you!

  23. Hi,
    I’m looking for murphy bed plans where I wouldn’t have to buy the $300 starter kit as well. Are you emailing your plans to people or just using the link to buy them here?

  24. Must admit this does sound like false advertising. Lots of promises but not real data…May want to delete this site until you have something real to share. It is a waste to come here as it has been almost a year since last post and still no plans.

  25. Sorry Twyla, I did have plans up on the site here of my own but I took them down as there was some errors on my prints as well as some parts from Home Depot that are no longer carried.

    I added the product link to Rockler in the article where you can get a great set of murphy bed plans for under $20 there.

  26. Your site contains several links to existing plan sites however, your article indicates you have a free set of plans.

    I find it interesting that your links include an account ID of SID=AFT82 as if you are running a click for pay web site here.

    Folks, if your clicking on these links he might be geting paid even if you dont buy from the Rockler web site.

    I dont trust we will ever see a free set of plans from Mr Savage at this point.

    Ken, Make good on your promise and post a picture of your plans that we may print them out ourselves.

  27. Ya know what John, I wrote this post a while ago and did come up with my own set of plans and they worked for me. If you scroll up you’ll see that I clearly say they were in no way in good enough quality to give out to people. So what I did was link to a website that offers the plans for like $10. Yes there is a special link they give me but its so they can track where the traffic is coming from and pay me upon any sales that come from my website.

    Otherwise I could have just said “Sorry no plans” But I didn’t I gave you a reputable place to go.

    Your welcome!

  28. Hi Ken,
    Thanks so much for taking the time to do all of the research for us interested in building our own wall beds. We purchased the plans from Rockler and were impressed by how reasonable the price was including shipping. Under $17.00 bucks. It does include a hardware list, specs for building your own queen or full vertical and/or horizontal wall bed. This saved us alot of time and planning. Can’t wait to let you know how it comes out! Keep up the good work! Bobbie

  29. Hi Ken,
    Do you have any suggestions about plans for a twin horizontal-style murphy bed for an upper bunk only…similar to a cruise ship? I’m looking to install a bed above a desk space in an office and therefore the bed can’t bear down to the floor below. Thanks!

  30. Hi Ken,
    Same here – I started researching last evening as I’m interested in building one of these for my office / bedroom. Would appreciate a set of plans if still available.

    Thanks in advance

  31. Hello. can You send me Murphy Bed Plans also. I am not yet very good specialist but try make myself this bed for my son.

    Thanks and greetings from Estonia


  32. Hi Ken,
    If you still have them… I would love to have a set of the Murphy bed plans.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  33. Good morning, was excited to find your website. I’ve been researching the fold-down beds for a while, and really NEED to have one, but was “baffled” at why they ALL seem to be called “Murphy beds”, plus I don’t have the budget to buy a $300 kit just to build my own. I would LOVE it if you would be willing to share your free plans on how I can build my own. Thanks so much for your generosity!


  34. Hi Ken,

    I would love to get a Free set of Plans. I live in Trinidad where bedrooms are typically small and space is a premium. No one I talk to here seems to know what a Murphy Bed/Wall Bed is.



  35. Hi Ken,
    Recently we got rid of my daughters old loft style bed and placed her mattress on the floor till we could figure out what we wanted to buy. I walked in her room the other day and she had placed her mattress up right on the wall herself…shes 8! I now know what to get for her, could you send me the plans for the murphy bed? I know that she will love it! Thank you so much!

  36. Like others before me, I am researching and wanting to make a wall bed. if your free plans are still available I ‘d very much appreciated a copy of them. Thanks

  37. I would like a copy of the free plans for a queen size murphy bed. My daughter has an alcove in the waal off her craft room and would like to fit a murphy bed into it.

    Thank You.


  38. My grandfather bought out Joseph Bell of the Bell Wall Bed Company in San Francisco about 1919, keeping the company name but building beds according to his own designs, as well as servicing and repairing all wall beds, including the Murphy beds. My father finally closed the business in 1962 when there no market for wall beds, and no backers for his design for beds that would use standard mattresses, rather than the special mattresses built to fit the wall beds. I remember headboards on casters where the bed tipped straight up against the headboard, and the foot pivoting down on the bottom side of the mattress. There were also variation called “rollaway beds.” I would love to have a set of the plans for your designs.

  39. Would love to try to build this in our son’s small room, he just doesn’t have enough floor space.
    Thank you in advance for the the free plans!
    Blessings, Beth

  40. Hi there,
    I would love to have your plans to but a spare bed in the nursery for when guests come over. Please email it to me.

  41. How exciting to find your site! They don’t seem to sell these beds here in NZ any more. If your plans are available I’d be very keen to have them. Thank you so much for such a kind and generous offer.

  42. Ken, I’ve been searching for these free plans for a while now with no luck… until now that is… Could you please send me the free plans for the Murphy bed. I’d like to start building it this weekend.

    Thanks in advance!

  43. I really need to add some place to sleep in my man cave. Can you please send me a copy of your free plans if they are still available?

  44. Hello Ken! I would really appreciate a free copy of the plans for a full or queen size Murphy Bed… Thanks so much! 🙂

  45. Hi Ken,
    I’m looking to save space in my limited bedroom. Can you please send me a copy of your Murphy Bed Plans if they’re still available?
    Thank you so much for your helpful and informative post!

  46. Where have you been all my life? Please send me a copy of your bed plans. I care or my elderly grandmother and my room is TINY!Thank you so much for all your help. =)

  47. My son just left for Marine Corps Boot Camp and we are wanting to fix his room up for him but we are on a tight budget, I would love to have the plans for the Murphy bed so we can give him more room in his bedroom for when he comes back. Thank you in advance.

  48. Hi. We are building an addition on a small cottage and need 2 wall beds for my kids. I would sure like a copy of the free plans! Thank u in advance! 🙂

  49. Hi, if the plans are still available I would I would love the free plans for a full size bed. I am interested in the horizontal bed if you have them. Thank you so much.

  50. Why is there no date to your article? Makes it hard to know how far back you wrote this although the requests are current. I doubt I can wait for you to come up with your own design that won’t violate the patent rights. I did find these lovely ladies had a great idea. Saves money on the darn lift equipment.!vstc0=gallery
    I think I’ll buy these plans for only $15.

    Good luck with your idea. I would love to see something like the They have this computer desk type that stays upright when you bring the bed down. Gosh I love that but I can’t find the plans and I’m no wood expert so I can’t figure out what parts would do that.

  51. The same question is repeatedly asked and goes back to 2007. Do you have the plans? Either this website is a waste of time or has been abandoned. I would obvious want a copy of the plans but looking at the other responses perhaps this site no longer provides this service.

  52. I requested the bed plans back in January 2011 and have never heard from them. This site must be closed down, not monitored, bogus, or whatever.

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