My eBooks

This is a list of all the ebooks I’ve written so far. Please feel free to download and let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see more about or ways I can improve these ebooks. Thank you

clean-mattress-box (2)

Need to Clean Urine, Sweat or a Pet Stain From Your Mattress?

Learn the BEST WAY on How to Clean Your Specific Mattress Type

The eBook provides a comprehensive yet easy to read step-by-step guide to specifically clean urine, blood and sweat from their mattress, and is an all-in-one guide to removing stains and persistent odors.

You will learn exactly what specific cleaning products and devices to use (and not to use) when trying to clean your mattress.

Afrin Nose Spray ebook

Are You Sick and Tired of Afrin Addiction?

I Can Show You How to Beat the Afrin Addiction

OVERCOMING YOUR AFRIN NASAL SPRAY ADDICTION. What if there was an eBook that could help you get off of the Afrin Nose Spray addiction and get back to living normal?

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