New Lady in Bob's Discount Furniture commercials

Who’s the New Lady in Bob’s Discount Furniture commercials? The other women was hyper and real excited to sell sell sell. She seemed like Bob’s better half. Now this one seems laid back and confident. Let’s see if we can get someone at Bob’s Discount Furniture to comment for us.

Inquiring minds want to know.

77 thoughts on “New Lady in Bob's Discount Furniture commercials

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  2. I hated the other lady. “It’s a no brainer!” and all the other things she used to say got on my very last nerve. She wasn’t hyper more than she was … grating.

    I think she was pregnant in the last commercial I saw her in. Perhaps she’s on maternity leave? I haven’t seen the new woman. Have you called the toll free number on the screen to ask them?

  3. I’ve never seen this new lady but it seems like a breath of fresh air if you ask me. I think the other lady used her hands way more than anyone should when talking. Every sylable was punctuated by her stupid hands flapping around! Boo! You stink!

  4. “It’s a no brainer!”
    Yeaaa you’re right. I remember that commercial and its very annoying been what a great way to get people talking and remembering your ad.

  5. I found an article on line that said, “For all those wondering the identity of Bob’s television companion, she’s Cathy Poulin, a first-grade teacher from Killingly. ‘We were looking to freshen up the ads,’ [Bob] Kaufman says. ‘It was getting repetitious.'”

    • Thank God, the blonde really sucked and got on my nerves so much I found myself cussing at her in front of the tv,,,,,,,,perhaps I need an analyst!!!
      She was so upchucking, glad I am not the only one who thought her hand flapping was annoying, she looked like she was ready for takeoff….

  6. I’m torn between finding Cathy “Annoying Blonde” Poulin to be a pain and thinking she’s kind of cute and would like to see a more detailed picture of her. I’ve never been to Bob’s but it makes me wonder how “discount ” the stuff can be considering they run those commercials day and night. Someone’s paying for that.

  7. I bought my dining room set from them. It’s solid oak, it wasn’t inexpensive, but the service was great and they gave me a breakdown of all the costs and fees, so while I paid about the same as I would have elsewhere, at least I knew which bits of my money were going where.

    I can’t imagine why they thought a schoolteacher was needed to freshen up their image unless she volunteered for the job (and what qualifies a schoolteacher??) or she’s related to him or dating him, but whatever.

  8. Wow, that’s insane! I always thought that annoying wench was his wife and felt bad for Bob – but now you’re saying she’s not even related to him!? What IS she doing in the ads then?!??!?

    • she totally sucks…………..get rid of the b…….and give us the discount that you would pay for her salary; she certainly would not entice me to buy furniture, or a burger!!!!

      • A little harsh there Bob. I would buy furniture from Cathy over the snotty woman from Boston Interiors, or the chubby daughter from Bernie and Phyl’s.

  9. I thought also it was Bob’s wife, I did not know they got another woman, she looks almost like the other one, don’t you think?

    She also using her hands.

  10. the lady in the Bobs tv ad’s in not his wife at all. She used to work for Cox Communications in the 90’s but left to teach school. Cathy was engaged to a guy in Vernon CT who runs a carpet/flooring store. Their engagement was published in the Journal Inquirer. Plus I have seen her a few times in person.

    She is rather quiet I think. Just her Tv persona is annoying .

  11. Quiet maybe but she gets the point across and everyone talks about her and that gets people talking about Bob’s Funiture Store.

    Good viral marketing.

  12. I don’t find her annoying at all. I think she’s a real pro. She accents all the right words and she’doesn’t just sit there. She’s giving affirmative gestures.
    I think she adds just the right degree of professionalism without being ‘slick.’
    The ad without her would put you to sleep.

  13. Sitting here at the airport waiting for my flight trying to think of things to google…I never knew it was two different women…I wondered what happened after the “I am pregnant” commercial…thought it was weird that they never had a baby commercial later on…guess that’s why…I agree with Ken, she may be a tad annoying but I still watch because (as a typical guy) I think shes pretty hot, in a school teacher sort of way!

  14. You should see the Bob’s discount furniture commercials in Spanish now. It’s the Bob’s discount furniture Lady and some other spanish women talking the same commercial but all in Espanol. FUNNY and memorable.

  15. I was wondering, does anyone have any of those commericals posted online? or ever seen them on any sites? I really want to post one of my website, they crack me up. I DOUBT IT, I DOUBLE DARE YOU. Maybe Bob is a little hearing impaired and we should be nicer to him. lol

  16. Speaking of his female companion, who he insists is nothing more than “an old friend,” Kaufman revealed his commercials are not arbitrarily thrown together.

    “Research shows that female customers are the dominant decision makers in the home furnishing business, so she can say things to females that I cannot say,” he said. “It’s to attract female customers more than male.”

    He also added that pairing himself up with a spokeswoman for his company ensures that should anything happen to him, there is another familiar persona to carry on the Bob’s Discount Furniture tradition.

  17. all i know is i’d give herthe best 10 seconds of my life. lucky lady right there. she seems like a loose woman too, thats the best kind of school teacher!

  18. Cathy …not too shabby…even better in real life….ex-school teacher eh?

    looks kinda hot on some of the furniture….
    cute in boots with the teddie bears,concealed sofas….Zoiks!
    I just might by me a recliner….does she come as a set matching the sofa…?

  19. Where has Bob been? He was always in the commercials with the annoying women and lately he is gone!!! I mean he was ultra annoying but Im still curious as to where he went.

  20. Actually I think it has been the same girl “Cathy” all along on the commercials. I don’t think there was a different girl. I don’t think she was pregnant either. I think what has happened is that her role on the commercials has evolved into a more prominent spot. She was previously more in the background. Personally I like her better in the new role, she is more believable and not nearly as annoying.

  21. She’s hot…in a quirky sort of way….a teacher that is hot….the boots are a nice touch…!

    some leather never hurts…hopefully she comes with the furniture…

  22. Hasn’t anyone noticed that this woman is just wayyyyy too thin? She looks like she has an eating disorder. If the camera adds 10 pounds, this woman is in trouble.

  23. If anyone says this furniture is good you are nutts. I am sitting in my Cat Napper sectional from Bob’s as I am writing this and sitting on a freaking angle! The cushions sagged within 3 weeks and my back is killing me! So if you are saying “Oh Bob’s furniture is so good hehehehehe”, you’re an idiot or you work for him. Bob’s you suck!!!! If it’s too good to be true it probably is.

    Happy Holiday’s and buy somewhere else. Pay a little more and you will be happy.

  24. cute….laid back…looks good in the chairs/ on the sofas… luv to see her in / on leather…. wearing not much more than some nice knee high leather boots…maybe a nice suit that is matching /complimenting of her boots/the furniture…
    def in boots tho…! give Cathy a good run fo duh money

  25. In my opinion the less Bob the better. Let Cathy and the new “buyer” lady do the commercials. Bob detracts. I stopped in one of the BOBS stores and I was actually impressed. Much better quality than I anticipated and fair pricing.

  26. Love all these comments…and thanks for the pics. I’d like to know what happened to Bob. He was on constantly, now it’s two women, or he’s in claymation or cartoon form. Where the heck is he? I was out in front of a store yesterday, and it crossed my mind to go in and ask someone, but my daughter was in a hurry to get home, and we had a bit of a drive. Is he sick? Did he die? Did someone buy Bob’s Furniture? So Ken my search has led me here to you. Let’s get to the bottom of this 🙂

  27. I guarantee all of the new people are related to the actual owners of Bob’s….they can’t help themselves….they must be in the spotlight.

  28. Capt’ns log star date,MAY 6-2009:


    and of the two women I’ve encountered….neither are really appealing tome at this point.

    Scotty, Beam me up…! No sign of intelligent life nor scantily clad women down here.

  29. First off NAES, you are an idiot, I furnished my entire house with Bob’s. Great proces, great quality, nice sales staff. And if your looking for scantily clad dressed women in a furniture store, you are a bigger idiot than I though you were. Oh, and people its a frigging commercial, shut up and quit whinning, Youre all a bunch of morons!

  30. Aaron seems to have some “issues”. Lighten up. These postings are all in good fun. NAES is certainly entitled to his/her opinion. You don’t have to agree with it.

  31. Thankyou Bill….( classy…!)

    Aaron, you obviously miss the point of this web page….it’s silly, whimsy….. an expressed opinion is a privi, a right & it cannot be shoved down peoples throats to undermine what they say & to get them to knuckle under opression from braggarts.

    I respect ALL people,their opinoins regardless of gender and or their
    profession & attire.


    Now, about those recliners….!
    who’s got the remote…where’s the cards…8 card poker…anyone? coofee, tea, beer? & the ladies are allowed to play….!

    Again, thankyou Bill!

  32. I bought a dining set at bob’s, price was good. too good to be true. Within a year, I had the table repaired, and each of the 6 chairs are falling apart. Set was made in Vietnam…. go figure. Next time I definetely will spend more and buy USA. Yes there actually is furniture made right here in this country!

    Oh and Cathy looks hot, but the new woman has that boyish haircut…yuck

    • BRK

      I agree the new buyer lady has a serious hair cut problem. Bring on more of Cathy and the boots.

      It is not where the furniture was made thats the issue it is the wood. More than likely the set you have is made out of Malaysian Para Wood which basically is a rubber tree. Good old Pine, Oak and Maple found in the good old USA do hold up better in the long run.

  33. I have just bought a new recliner….& a small sectional from Bobs….the stuching in the leather is giving out already…

    the recliner has no underside framing support…the recline mechanism is not alinged right…I called Bobs Cust.Svc line…they were no help- a no brainer there….! never again!

    The woman in the ads has a hair cut that reminds me of both the new “American Idol”–(no id didn ot vote for him- hate the show-get lives! ) Kate Gosselin from jon & kate + 8—-sheeeeesh! YUCK!

    [I avoId the show, saw all the tabloid trash & then threw up]

    Were’s Cathy( Kathy–?) when Bobs needs a good sale gimmick?

  34. Cathy can continue with the hand gestures and the boots but needs to drop the “don’t you??”. But even the buyer lady with the haircut problem is a notch up from Bernie’s “bubble butt” daughter and her “don’t tell Bernie”.

    I have never watched an entire reality show in my life. Watching paint dry is more exciting.

  35. I met cathy this past weekend shes actually a really nice lady very energetic and loves to give hugs lol she hugs everyone. shes a good friend of bobs and helps him out alot. shes helping him out now with his new scholarship program called high school heros that is for the red cross which is promoting blood drives in schools and offering schalorships to schools holding them which is a great program which will help save a lot of lives.. and shes pretty good looking tooo haha

  36. Ijust saw the-a- recent commercial for Bobs…Cathy is back…boots,nice black suit & all….looks good…still ,the furniture I bought from Bs…just does not hold up well.
    Cathy,nice to see ya…boots & all…lookin good!

  37. According to Wikipedia, “Cathy Poulin, the company’s Director of Public Relations”
    Yes the other woman is at least 3 times the size of Cathy. I have also noticed that Cathy is back on the new commericals.

  38. the more recent ads ( MIXED OPINIONS ON THEM ) show our Lovely Cathy…in very profesh suits…& boots lookin hotter than ever-post pregnancy…Just bad positioning behind the products be for sale-showing….she’s gotten hotter & classier!

    I’d love to do coffee-cocktails-what ever- With HER!

  39. Is it just me or do they seem to show Cathy at a great distance away behind the furniture. They need to bring her out front so we can get a better look.

  40. LUV THE RECENT COOMERCIALS,’Specially the lovely young dark haired babe-lady ( yes,in boots) but I got a question, is she Bobs daughter or Cathys or plucked from obscurity in the staff pool…? THE MYSTERY DEEPENS! and Cathy still looks good tho filmed behind stuff or a bit distant,etc… the babe-lady-young girl tho…Hmmm!

  41. I think Cathy Poulin is absolutely stunning! She’s doing a commercial she was hired for(not as easy as it looks). Why all the animosity and evil spirited comments!? I understand she does a lot of charity work and keeps a very low key private life. Sheesh!!!

  42. KATHY-CATHY-Kathy….hot….in the boots/skirt/outfit….AND I’ll admit the other two recent spokesbabes-in boots-in the recent commercials…va-va-va-voom….! Grrrrrrr Baby, Yessssssss…!

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