Nik Carter fired

At radio stations, the end of the year means the contracts expire and either DJs stay on or move out. Thus, sometimes it also means that those familiar voices quietly spin off the local dial. In the case of WBCN 104.1FM’s afternoon DJ Nik Carter, the veteran rock jock didn’t get a new contract and was shown the door earlier this week.

Carter, who broke into Boston radio in the early 90’s as a part-tmer at WFNX 101.7FM which led to a fulltime night-time gig, then had a brief stint at now-defunct WDGE-FM/The Edge in the Providence market in 1995, before joining WBCN in August 1996 as a new night-time jock(Howard Stern got bumped up to morning drive from nights(on tape-delay) in April of that year). When WBCN cut veteran afternoon DJ Mark Parenteau in November 1997, the Cambridge native became its new PM drive jock with his own show called “Afternoon Fiasco”.

He briefly became WBCN’s midday voice (August 2001-August 2002) when Opie and Anthony popped back into town for a quick hello via their syndicated afternoon show, but returned to his old slot when their show imploded with on-air stunt that pushed the envelope way too far..

Miss America How to DJ Right: The Art and Science of Playing Records

So long Nik. Thx for some good radio.

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  1. I worked on a two year visiting professorship at Fitchburg State College from Fall 2000-Spring 2002. Nik Carter impressed me the way Vin Scelsa and other great DJ’s did.
    He was intelligent, irreverent and humorous. I’m presently in Vegas, strangely enough, where his replacement Hardy came from. Hardy ain’t no Nik Carter. I’d be curious to know his whereabouts.

  2. HELP!
    I’m still feeling the loss of the fabulous Nik Carter show—where is he? (other than Voice hunter) I can’t believe he hasn’t been scooped up-he’s intelligent, wry, politically astute and knows all about Boston sports–his Friday segment with Lobel was the best sports show around!

  3. My wife and I met Nik once at Bill’s bar on Landsdowne a few years ago. The wife and I were seperated at the time and out for a “date” to see if we could rekindle the flame.

    We meet Nik at Bill’s and he’s supercool. Me and him are talking some serious music shit and having a great time. He’s got a handfull of drink tickets and he’s very generous with them. We all drink a bunch of beers and and shots and things are going great.

    I excuse myself to go take a leak.

    I come back to the bar, only to find him dry humping and sucking face with the wife in the corner. She’s not resisting. I try to get her attention to tell her I’m leaving. She doesn’t respond.

    We were divorced shortly after that. No, Nik did not break up my marriage, but he definitely did hasten it’s arrival.

    Thanks, Nik I knew she was a ho, but I guess I just needed proof.

  4. Oh my god! I’d like to say that i never KNOWINGLY dry humped anybody’s wife, and Ive been insanely drunk at Bill’s bar on many occaisions!. Anyway thanx for making me look like more of a stud than I could ever actually BE. I do live by the words of the joker in Batman, “never rub another man’s rhubarb”

    Also thanx for the kind words from everybody else, the truth is this: My contract was up and the station adn I could not reach a deal that we were both happy with and Im not one to try to stay somewhere if Im not wanted, the guy wanted his own people around him which I understand and they brought in someone from Las Vegas to work for roughly half of what I was making, it’s business, it’s that simple.

    Thanx for encouraging my behavior, Ill be back sooner or later until then Ill be showiung up on radio and TV voicing commercials for fine products that you should all go out and buy!



  5. Nik must resurface in Boston. I can download the BCN playlist into my iPod. Then I don’t have to listen to the commercials and that putz sitting in Nik’s chair. Where is the Boston Beatdown guys when you need them?


  6. I used to work with Nik a couple years back. He’s an awesome guy! I learnt a lot from him. It pisses me off that he’s off the radio now since that was the only way I got my “Nik-Fix” since I left.

    Nik- you definately need to let us know when you’re back on the air….. commercials just don’t cut it! Miss you kid!

  7. Just wanted to point my voice in with the “Where’s Nik Carter” crew, I always made it a point to listen to Nik’s show as often as possible because basically, it was down right hilarious, plus the Lobel pieces were always worth listening to if you were into MA sports.

    Here’s to you Nik, and here’s hoping you get picked up soon, you will bring instant ratings whereever it is that you are next employed.

    In the meantime, make you’re weekends something you can’t remember (:

  8. update: Nik got mentioned on the Opie and Anthony show yesterday saying how they went back into Boston and took over at WBCN and Nik got shafted. Opie asked what’s he up to lately and no one knew.

    Wish I called in and gave them this address!!

  9. In doing some research for a novel I’m working on, I happened to read that Nik is no longer in Boston (I’ve been living on FNX in Maine for the past six years!); but that he is back in NYC. Nik, if you read this on a regular basis (and I’d be willing to bet SOMETHING that you do), congrats and good luck. Must be the luck of that creepy Boy George doll, but you always seem to land on your feet.


    PS: If the walls at Bill’s could talk…

  10. WOW!!!! I wondered whatever happened to you, please shoot me an email and update me on your happenings!,,….by the way the Boy George doll is nto “Creepy” it s a kitsch piece that will one day net me a handsome profit via EBAY!. Not as much as the Duran Duran trading cards you sent me!.

    Nik Carter
    Radio Practitioner
    “Great Rock, Period”
    Voiceover Artist:

  11. THANK GOD!!
    All the kids from the afternoon fiasco can rest easy–knowing Nik’s fine—but that leaves us without our fearless leader 🙁
    Nik’s show was the funniest, most entertaining, intelligent program on the dial-our loss is NYC’s gain…
    I still miss the Friday Lobey & Nik show!
    Denise P

  12. Wow! right back at ya. That was quick turnaround; I knew you couldn’t resist a conversation about yourself! Though my psychic tuner is sensitive, I’m not THAT gifted, so it is hard to “shoot” you an email w/o an email address. But if Ken could be so kind, I would certainly oblige.

  13. Nik, is it cool if I give your email address you used here to KasyCo?

    Oh by the way Nik, is there a press release or article somewhere that I can post here so the 300+ people that read this post everyday can know where you are? Also dont feel bad about plugging anything else here. We appreciate your work and there’s 100’s of people a day that find this post by searching for you.

  14. Ken that would be fantastic if you were to Give Kasey co my email, I actually appreciate your sending me the link to the site because I didnt know that it existed!. Denise P didnt tell me about it, which is odd she knows everything else!…lol. So if you would be so kind as to pass my email address along to Kaseyco I would sincerely appreciate it!


    Nik Carter
    Radio Pracititioner
    WXRK, KRock, New York, New York
    “great rock, period”

  15. Nik,
    Can you give us some insight as to what happened with ‘BCN? Was it money? Personal? We have no information about this. What can you tell us?

  16. Hey, Everybody!
    I just mailed a (late) birthday card to Nik c/o KROCK–
    in NY, NY–a town so nice they named it twice–the card came back as undeliverable–with a sticker on it from the operations department…
    So–if you read this, Nik–Happy Birthday!!!
    your pal,
    Denise P.

  17. Thanks Denise. Have you heard anything back from him? Is he still working for k-rock? I don’t see him listed on the webpage.
    Maybe I’m looking at the wrong webpage. What’s the correct webpage address?

  18. So I was reading the Boston Globe today and there was a picture of Nik and the article stating that he is indeed in NYC back to where he went to college. Nik-wishing you the best-dunno if you remember me-we used to chat once in a while when you did the late FNX shift and then we caught up at BCN on the phone every so often and the last time that I saw you was backstage at one of the River Raves in the lounge. Take care and best of luck Bro.


  19. I got an email from Nik today and here what he wanted to get out to you guys:

    “Tell Denise that i am alive and well and indeed working at Krock NYC”

    “Ive been working part time (weekend sat and sun afternoons because IM still in Boston so Ive been commuting to NYC on the weekends but IM moving in about a week so Ill be on krock pretty regularly”

    “thanx to everybody for all of the support, I always did feel like the afternoon fiasco kids and I were all one happy completely dysfunctional family and who knows maybe we will be again but either way I cant thank the people of my home town of Boston enough”

    NIK you GOTTA start a website!!

  20. Nick just chimed in on the Howard Stern show.
    Seems he just moved down to NYC to ease the weekend commuting..just in time for KROCK to let go of most of its on air personalities.
    Seems shortly after Nik was released by BCN, Chuck “Roast” Cross @ KROCK picked Nik up for weekend work. Nik pulled up his Boston roots and moved to NYC and found out on air that a mass transformation of the KROCK lineup is about to go down. In Jan 06 David Lee Roth will take over Howards spot on KROCK and BCn and a number of other Infinity stations. Followed by a Penn Gillette show.
    Adam Carolla will be getting some of the remaining Infinity markets with the balance split between some lesser names.

    Hmm ….big doin’s @ Infinity today!

  21. I just heard Nik on the Stern show this morning. This industry fucking sucks. It’s funny, I used to send Nik tapes when I was real young when he first got on the air in Boston taking over Howard’s slot. I thought it was awesome that would take time to talk to me and listen to the stupid stuff I was making (I was 13 or so at the time). I remember hearing him play this like 10 second song I made out of my own farts on the radio when I was in my mom’s minivan with friends. I was so stoked but I couldn’t tell anyone because I knew they wouldn’t believe me, and because my mom was driving. But still, it was awesome. I was wondering what he was up to these days. I actually ended up going to NYU to try and break into the music industry and shit is going downhill fast. I know how much these bastards can suck, but keep your head up Nik, you’re a talented dude.

    take care,

  22. I used to e-mail Nik bit ideas when he was at BCN – and he actually used a couple…must’ve been a slow prep day for him or something. Anyway, I’ve been wondering if he was back on the air somewhere and good to know he is.
    Maybe he’ll be offered one of O&A’s golden tix.
    Take care, Nik.

  23. “Maybe he’ll be offered one of O&A’s golden tix.”

    Don’t count on that. I remember Opie telling Nik on air that he would never get syndicated by just spinning records. The silence on Nik’s end was deafening.

    Danny Bonaduce appears to have an edge for the next Golden Ticket. Or Lazlow.

  24. That is not correct Opie anever told Nik that and Nik has already hada syndicated show on in 50 plus markets through westwood one “spinning records” and talking to bands and just being Nik. I happen to know that he was making somewhere near 200 k so I dont think his goal was to get syndicated at that time because he was making so much money doing his thing who needs it?. I bet he” go the talk route he and I have talke dbaout that and his idea was always that he would do talk when he got too old to do anything with music…….LOl

  25. O&A are giving out these Golden Tickets (taken from Willa Wonka, I believe) to “save” shows from terrestrial radio. Ron and Fez got the first one. Danny Bonaduce and Lazlow have the inside track as well. It sounds as though they offered one to sports guy Scott Ferrall, but he’s already doing guest appearances on XM sports channels, so it seems unnecessary.

  26. “Golden tickets” they are so full of themselves. Since they have gone to Xm have you heard one thing about them? one thing about O and A?. They talk about how huge they are all the time but it’s pretty clear that they are over they went to XM because no one in terrestrial radio would hire them anymore so dont be fooled by their BS. They’re pretty funny yeah but theyre also no lonre even in the public conscious anymore.

  27. O&A aren’t in the public consciousness anymore? Perhaps. But was Nik Carter EVER in the public consciousness? Nope.

    I’ll tell you who’s consciousness O&A are in: Howard Stern. Stern is an XM subscriber (O&A have the records to prove it) and announced he was going to satellite radio right after they started and he heard what they’re allowed to do.

    O&A are fully aware the are rebuilding their careers. They’ve said so several times. They also admit that if they get fired from satellite radio, there’s really nowhere to go from there. Maybe a show on CB radio? A podcast?

  28. O&A aren’t in the public consciousness anymore? Perhaps. But was Nik Carter EVER in the public consciousness? Nope

    Hey Dale the fact that we’re all talking about him now on this thread is proof that he is in the public consciousness. O and A made their name doing obnoxious BS stunts to get their names in the paper, Nik never wanted to do that but we’re still talking about him and everyone in Boston knows him so you’re not exactly right. O and A are talented I never said that they’re not but they’re also one kind of radio personality and Nik is another neither is better than the other their just different. But bare in Mind Nik never had to claim the Mayor was dead for people in Boston to know who he was.

  29. Granted, O&A have destroyed their career twice with attention getting stunts. They worked, a little too well. Listened on AAF and BCN and didn’t agree with bounciing Nik around from afternoon drive to midday then back to afternoon, then gone!! They’re back for one last try, and I’ve had xm since 10/04. I think if O&A could help Nik, they would. I still dont even know if he was fired!! And as far as stern vs O&A, i like them both. If you dont mind replays, you can have stern am, ron&fez midday, and o&a afternoons, like it used to be minus nik. sorry bud. A golden ticket would be nice for Nik. XM’s stations get a little too specific and deep from time to time. And by the way, the Golden Ticket idea was just brought up on the air while willy wonka was a popular movie. They’re not necessarily full of themselves calling it that, they just feel like having the freedom satellite radio provides is equal to a child being let loose in a candy factory. Its just an analogy, nothing more.

  30. The strange thing is that the krock format change may not even affect Nik since they will still be playing music on weekends. According to a friend of mine in corporate and they like him so he could just continue doing what he’s doing on weekends. They asked him for a talk demo but that was probably because they looked so crappy on Stern by announcing to people on Stern that they had lost their jobs so I doubt it means they really want him to do a talk show, I bet those slots are already chosen and asking for a demo was just politics.

    But we all heard it Howard Stern called Nik Carter “the legendary dj from WBCN” that’s pretty damn huge!.

  31. Yea when I heard Howard Stern mention his support for Nik it was cool but it’s one DJ to another and WBCN is probably the biggest station supporter to Howard Stern and his show. Seems like WBCN isn’t going to change formats at all otehr than playing David Lee Roth when Howard leaves.

    Nik, don’t let that head grow of your’s. Us fiasco kids will keep it in check. ha ha

  32. I didnt hear Stern that morning but I read in the globe that Howard called Nik legendary. I bet that chapped wbcn’s ass pretty hard too when Nik wasn’t even trying to.

  33. Well “white boy” you seem to be in the minority opinion here. Nik Carter was on bcn for around eight years so I guess he didnt suck that much.

    What a dumb post.

  34. I hope that you don’t become a Yankee’s fan Nik!

    I miss listening to Nik chatting with Bob Lobel on my ride home from work. Do you still have contact with him Nik?

  35. HE and Lobel were so great. There were times when I swore Lobel would hang up but he never did. I heard Nik on the air in New York a couple of months ago and he was talking about the yankee red sox rivalry and people were calling him and screaming at him. Dont worry he wont sell out the sox like that. Im sure he has to support the yankees you know when in Rome but I heard him saying how the yankee suck chant didnt bother those fans until last season. Pretty funny actually.

  36. I was wondering what happened to Nik and kept meaning to Google him. I loved his show. I thought he such a talent. I used to be a pharma rep and I listened to him whenever I could. I wanted to call in 100 times, but never had the courage. I had a huge crush on him and now I am sad that he is not on Boston radio.

  37. Nik got fired because he was not bringing in the numbers.
    Plain and simple. IF Nik brought in ratings, it would justify his paycheck. But, hey, if Hardy takes 25 thou a year for mid-days and Nik was getting 35 thou because of longevity, one can understand WBCN’s motive. shows that Nik is just a bitter old hag who seems to be irrational, delusional, and losing it.

  38. Unfortunately the guy who posted this has had a vendetta against Nik and Oedipus and a lot of other wbcn people for years. His name is Joe Viglione and he’s a wacko plain and simple. He’s always trying to pass himself off as someone else because no one takes him seriously or even likes him because he is obviously a nut. I know this because the blog he posted is his own. He’s on a dozen different radio boards with a dozen different identities but he’s too stupid to realize that he posts the same crap everywhere so nobody is fooled. They all know who he is. As someone who works in the medium and sees the ratings I know that he’s lying becuase Nik’s ratings were huge when he left. They didnt want to pay him any money and the new Program director was pretty threatened by Nik who is opinionated and doesnt hold back much of anything which is not always the best thing to do. The program director gets mad if one of Nik’s commercials is heard on wbcn because they cant get away from his presence. That poor hardy guy is not cutting it and is still in Nik’s shadow. everyone in radio has an ego so it cant be easy for him.

    Ken be careful and monitor this guy (“Lisa Ralphs” very closely, he has shut down many message boards because he disrupts every one he’s involved in. He has been banned from a few and a few have just stopped operating becasue of this guy. I only know him from seeing his name all over message boards but he’s always in a fight with somebody because he’s crazy and an angry crazy guy too.

  39. Whoa! I just read that Blog. You can’t even hardly follow it. Like a skitzoid rambing or something. It reads like a jealous crazy ex girlfriend wrote it. Is that what fame brings you? Nik you sound like you’ve got stalkers man.

  40. Hey!
    Let’s HOPE Nik doesn’t have stalkers–what he does have is a legion of loyal fans and friends who appreciate his intelligence and humor.
    Denise P

  41. I miss NIK!!! I seriously hope you don’t become a yankees fan. I’ll have to start calling kroq to harass ya. We miss you here in boston. I don’t think I’ve listened to BCN since you left. I really only listened to you. much love to you and best wishes to you in your future endevours…


  42. Nik Carter is the MAN!!

    remember that clip after his mid-day shift was done:

    out of beer, out of here,
    see ya later, hit the elevator…

    I don’t really know how it all goes, but I remember at the end it said “and tomorrow we’ll do it all over again.” Alas, no more.

    Nik Carter made me and my friends want to be DJ’s… the only reason why ‘BCN was my favorite radio station. Since going away to college, I’ve been missing the broadcasts, and am now dissapointed to see that they will be gone forever.

    Boston will mourn.

    Nik, your show was SO good that sometimes as a fan I would want to hear the talk between the songs even MORE than the songs themselves (and this is coming from a music fiend). This is a result of you never “over-talking” us, and always wanting more. It is in this way that you have left boston…

    you have left us wanting more!

    Thanks for being the best

    -John Q

  43. Hey. This is the closest thing I could find to communicating with Nik since I checked the KROCK site and he doesn’t have an email hyperlink.

    Hey Nik just wanted to say I loved your bit on Bono winning the Nobel Peace Prize someday. Now that I realize you’re from Boston you’d prolly love this story. I’m one of the 17 people that Bono pulled up on stage Dec 4; we had all the flags. I ran and kissed Adam lol. I’ll send you a pic if there’s a place to email you…?

    Also – from one broadcaster (in Toronto) to another; good on ya man.

    Cheers + all the best.

    UPDATE: here’s Mishka’s pics…

    U2 in Boston

    On stage with U2 in Boston

  44. Yes, Nik, it’s me, Cat. Just checking around to make sure you’re still alive and ok. I did not realize you were gone from BCN, but since I moved to So. CT 4/03 I guess I would never have known. Give me a shout if you are so inclined to let me know you’re alright. (41 huh?). Say, hon, what the hell are you doin down here in NYC? I thought you hated it here? Well, glad to have the company.

    – your old Axis pal…cat

  45. OMG, I move to PA for a few years, and came back to visit the Fam, also hoping to catch Nik’s Stanta (eminem parody to those who don’t know it) song on WBCN, as that was a staple during the holidays while I was here. Was shocked to come back to him being gone :|. Listening to the line up now it’s undiscribabe on how much it sucks. Nik’s afternoon broadcast got me through alot of long office days when I worked on the northshore. Especially loved his “Bi-Day’s” and his confessions shows. Damn shame….

  46. Nic was the biggest loser of as DJ—SELF-ABSORBED AND THOUGHT HE WAS BIGGER THAN music itself–the only other person worse off is Oedipus, who tries to get people fired from their job because they voice an opinion on him and his old radio station. He was a scumbag the way he dealt with people, and I would think the pioneer himself would have thicker skin when someone suggests also they don’t like Nic the Dic and he counters with a racism charge( at the time it was not even known that he was non-caucasion)

  47. Wow!
    Take another bitter pill, whydont’cha?
    The fabulous N-I-K remains number one in my book-
    Ken-if you get in touch with Nik-tell him I said hi and Merry Christmas-it’s not the easiest time of year for him…
    Matt’s right-‘Stanta’ was great to hear around the holidays.

  48. WBCN was the class of the Boston radio stations before both Stern and Carter left. It’s just not the same… I hope you are well Nik…

  49. 92.3 FM Krock in NYC has changed from Rock to Talk but is still playing Rock Music on the weekends. Nick Carter is on the air Saturday 6am-10am and Sunday night 10pm-2am.

  50. Hey Dave you’re so wrong about Nik he used to joke all the time about how he thought he was a loser on air etc. as for the racist crap that WAAF pulle don him they claled him “Nig Carter” they called his show the Jigaboo Jukebox both are obviously racist names, and he didnt cry about it. They werre stupid enough to think that they cold pull that crap and nobody would say anything, the globe and the Herald wrote about it so much that Nik had to respond, he didnt even start talking about it. The herald printed apicture of Rocko in a KKK uniform remember from bcn’s web site……….Of course aaf’s white trash listeners didnt think it was racism, they were all too stupid to understand it or read the newspapers. Dont be a tool.

  51. Nik, Nik, Nik, come back to Cambridge! We miss you so much up here. Life is NOT the same in the 617. Me and my siblings practically grew up listening to you back in your WFNX days, then later we cheated on WFNX by listening to WBCN. It was all for the love of Nik. You should move back up here and take over WFNX. What do we have to do to get you back up here?!

  52. I saw on today that your Cambridge crib is up for sale. Does this mean that bigger things are on the horizon in NYC?

  53. Please be respectful of other people here and try not to degrade of slander any specific person. Discussion is very healthy and I’m glad we can all talk about this and get it out int he public.

  54. Nik Carter is the worst DJ in the history of Boston Radio. By Far. He is such a sellout. And he tried to imitate Howard Stern but failed miserably. What a loser. Thank god BCN came to their senses and ran him out of town. He’s failed in everything he’s ever tried.

  55. Hotdog Wilson? that name is just brimming with intelligence. We get it you’re not a a fan of Nik Carter but your argument is one a child makes with no logic to it. Actually you sound like a jealous ex girlfriend but saying “he’s failed at everything he’s ever tried” is makes it obvious you’re clueless. He was at bcn almost ten years and being in radio I actually see the ratings his were pretty huge especially when he left. He was at fnx for years before that and did really well he’s in New York at Howard’s old station, what are You doing?. You took the easy way out and say he was a Howard Stern immitator that’s not accurate and he has been on Howard’s show a few times, If Howard like him that’s good enough for you. He’s been gone from bcn over a year or so and we’re still talking about him that says a lot. The papers still mention him when you never see anything written about that Hardy guy who took over for him who isnt that bad but there’s nothing ever said about any of the dj’s on wbcn anymore because they’re all fairly bland, you can hardly tell one from the next. Get a clue Weiner man.

  56. Nik Carter always stunk on ice. I’m not sure what was worse, that he had that awful applause button pressed sparatically throughout his show, or the fact that he needed Prodigy’s ‘Firestarter’ to stroke his ego because he retarded, no-nothing radio fans couldn’t cut if for him anymore.

    Funny how the ratings for afternoon drive soared after O&A took his slot in 2001… this only years after he called them rip off artists and shit all over them for the Mayor Menino Prank back in ’97. Yeah, okay nick, they wanted to get fired. Of course they knew the mayor was in-flight and unreachable for several hours to cause panic thoughout Boston [/sarcasm]. They shouldn’t have been fired for that anymore than they shouldn’t have been cancelled for sex for sam 3.

    I’m surprised Nik didn’t try to play the ol’ race card against racist boston. There’s a twist of irony, nik getting mad at some white kid who’ll do the same job for less pay. Nik, how’s krock doing now that O&A and Howard are gone? Free radio, you shouldn’t have to pay for it, but if you’d want to, go get sirius.

  57. Nik on O&A’s re-debut this morning, at least for a minute. Got bleeped out the first time he spoke and then someone probably got nervous and wouldn’t really let him talk on the air other than to welcome O&A back and whatnot. Hopefully they can get him on the air on a future show.

  58. No, Nik is not on the radio anymore. Anywhere. He’s most likely homeless. I’ve had bowel movements with more talents. Anyone who actually likes him is suspect and most likely homosexual.

  59. If Nik isn’t on the radio in NYC anymore (why not?!), maybe he’s coming back to Boston? One can only hope…

    Anyone know?

  60. I have an idea but keep in mind that I have no connections to Nik, just a hunch and wishful thinking.

    WFNX has been advertising this “big announcement” recently that they are scheduled to reveal on Friday morning at 8:00. While it seems that they are hinting at some commercial-free endeavour (makes no sense to me how they could do something commercial-free), maybe NIK is involved somehow? Maybe the announcement is really that Nick is coming back to WFNX?

    Well, we can dream…

  61. Yep, he is in NY living in Chinatown. I catch his show on 92.3 free fm streaming over the Web on Sundays 10pm-2am and Tuesdays 10pm-2am. He also is on Saturday morning sometime as well.

    The URL is:

    Hope he can get Bob Lobel on the show sometime.

  62. His classic tune, “Stanta” was always on ‘BCN back in the day. I remember Nik talking about how much his mom liked it…

    I know a lot of people have it in their Christmas mix…

  63. let’s hope nik doesn’t come back to boston.

    He was a ratings nightmare. a Howard stern rip off.

    why don’t you people move on?

    He was only a dj they are a dime a dozen.

    Throw a rock and you’ll hit a better onw than nik

  64. Hi, Ken & Co.,
    I guess we’ll have to be happy with hearing Nik as the new promo voice on WBOS!
    I still miss his fab show, though!
    Denise P

  65. Actually Boston Bob is completely wrong as I work for radio stations and unlike many I actually see all of the ratings. A ratings nightmare? he had really big ratings especially as he was fired. Why do you think they have hired two different afternoon shows since he has left and neither one has reached Nik Carter’s ratings since he left. Saying “Howard Stern ripoff” says it all it says you were not listening to teh show. There were really not any similarities between Nik and Howard except Bi day maybe and if your audience is young guys you give them what they want. If you did not like his show that is one thing but lying about ratings is another thing. I do agree with you that dj’s are a dime a dozen but you’re not really following your own opinion as you seem to have a lot of anti NIk feelings which are not based in any facts but just your opinion. Something to think about.

  66. BCN’s loss is NYC’s gain. I love listening to him in the mornings at K-Rock. He is one of the more intelligent on-air talents that I’ve had the pleasure to listen to and he is just a great guy to talk to in general. He’ll listen to your point of view and will make his opinion known without trying to step on toes. K-Rock made a very smart decision snagging him up. Besides, it’s quite evident that a jock is influential when so many people mourned his departure from Boston and then in NYC, he built a dedicated fan base insanely fast – which I am proud to be a part of.

    Keep on rocking my mornings, Carter!

  67. Boston is doing just fine. Nobody’s mourning a dj that got fired about a decade ago.

    NY will wise up one day as well.

    Krock snatched him up about 5 years after he was let go…that does seem like he was a hot property, huh.

    You guys (NY) can keep him and the yankees too. We’re all set.

  68. I went away to college just before Nik Carter went off the air. I hadn’t thought of him in a while, but I still haven’t found a dj that I enjoyed listening to as much him. thank god someone knew how to blend music and talk without ending up as strictly a lame talk show like O&A or toucher &rich. best of luck nik and hope you are doing well

  69. Bobo, I don’t know what you’re talking about. He was let go less than 3 years ago and K-Rock hired him before they switched over to Free FM which was over a year ago. It’s quite obvious you don’t know much.

    • I know Boston radio is doing fine without Nik Carter.

      I know you have questionable taste.

      I know people around here were tired of his antics.

      I know he was let go in 04 and now it’s 08 (which is not less than 3 years).

      So now I know you don’t know how to add.

      I don’t know much, but I know those things, Jetsetter.

  70. Hey, everyone-
    Im listening now on-line to the fabulous N-I-K on KROCK! (weekday mornings)
    All radio now seems to be catering to ‘Short Attention Theater’ types-WBOS just announced the canning of several on-air personalities, including John Laurenti.
    ‘BOS had a great feature on Thursday nights-Laurenti and Steve Morse reviewing recent shows and previewing upcoming events…

  71. Bobo, we are in February of 08 and he was let go towards the tail end of 04. So now I know it’s YOU that doesn’t know how to add.

    Besides, to make a generalization based on what Boston apparently liked or disliked is just childish. Obviously a lot of people (as shown on this site, for example) liked him and still do. Also, what are you doing looking him up on Google if you don’t like him?

    • Jetsetter or Nik or jaydub or Nik or Radio person or Nik or Radio insider or Nik.

      Nik you are not fooling anyone by responding to these posts using different names.

      Obsessed much?

  72. Hahahahahahahaha! Are you kidding me? I’m not Nik. I’m a friend and listener of his. Nik hasn’t been on this site for over a year from what he told me.

  73. Oh sure…nik hasn’t checked this site in over a year!

    Let’s be truthful, Nik checks this site like most people have meals.

    He is constantly looking for his name. (Which by the way he also googles on a daily basis.)

    I still think you are nIk (I know radio insider and radio personality are him).

    His ratings tanked and he was canned from BCN. It’s not a mystery it happens. djs don’t get fired for having all time high ratings…sorry.

  74. Obviously you don’t even know the half of it. He wanted higher pay, the station said no, so he left. Besides, I’m a chick, ya dumbass.

  75. And you know this because you actually talk to Nik, right? And because you’ve worked at BCN and knew everything that went on, right?

  76. something like that. Oh course Nik tells people he left because he needed more money…it saves face for him.

    I don’t know why your panties are in such a bunch because some dj’s ratings fell and he got the boot, it happens all the time. People got tired of Nik. It happens.

    the bigger question is what kind of a lady calls herself a “chick”. Obviously a classy one.

  77. Interesting. Looks like I blew my chance with you.

    You can get back to your fried pork rinds, PBR tallboy and Monster truck rally dvd.

    (Keep the illusion going Nik. We know you are writing all these responses.)

  78. You have to be kidding with this thread. People arguing that nobody cares about Nik Carter years after he left but care enough to argue about it on a message board years after he is in New York.He must feel like Bill Shattner at a Star Trek convention when he told the trekkies it was only a show, move out of your parents basement!

  79. I totally and completely agree. This is kind of ridiculous, considering the fact that they are still looking this thread up to come back and bash Carter some more. This guy is relaxing in his huge Manhattan apartment right now while the rest of these bashers most likely have never even seen a radio microphone in person.

  80. Nik would feel exactly like Bill Shatner if all the trekkies hated Capt Kirk.

    (I agree with the guy that says Nik is posting all the pro nik posts himself or he has some intern do it.)

    Funny story, I was at a party (at Marina Bay) and Tom Brady was there. Tom was telling someone how he hated going on the Nik Carter show. Because Nik was such a clown.

    Oh well.

  81. Are you really so thick as to think that so many people on here who post pro-Nik comments are directly affiliated with him? Maybe they (myself included) really do like him as a person and on-air talent?

    And Tom Brady really shouldn’t be talking about being a clown. The guy royally fucked up during the last Superbowl and also dumped his pregnant actress ex for Gisele. I’m pretty sure he’s the clown after he sucked Eli off back in February.

  82. Aren’t you one sassy little lady.

    (Gisele is a trade up in anyone’s book…can’t fault a guy there.)

    You should probably get back to work, Nik needs another cup of coffee, intern.

  83. Gisele may be a trade-up, but the fault still lies with Brady for leaving his ex…after leaving her pregnant.

    If I was his intern, I’d be in a much better position than you, at least. I’d have an incredibly talented on-air personality and voiceover teaching me the trade. And what would you be doing?

    ..Oh, that’s right. Looking him up on Google.

  84. Oh I’m sorry….I was just making another multi-million dollar deal.

    And you were telling me how your hero is teaching the intricate details of how to pull off the perfect “bi-day”.

    Someday soon you’ll make someone a nice stripper.

    Aim high Ma’am.

  85. You were securing another multi-million dollar deal, which is why you were eavesdropping on Brady’s conversation and not actually talking to him yourself. What a winner!

  86. I live in Jersey City I listen to Krock and met Nik at a few Krock events and he has always been cool and approachable. Who can sensibly assume that every pro Nik post was written by Nik? rofl he’s on the radio with thousands of people listening. it makes more sense to me that one person would be writing all of the ANTI Nik posts. Don’t assume if somebody’s obsessed with him he’d be obsessed with writing back.

  87. This is funny. I know someone who worked on the show. They said Nik does respond to these posts (under dif names like radio insider…get it?) He even has interns respond like fans.
    It doesn’t make him a bad person.
    All those dj dudes like themselves a bit.

    That Brady shit is funny stuff too. Brady is the man (no matter what some ho in Weehawkin says).

  88. HAHAHAHA!!!!! Pedro was at a party with one of the most popular sports figures in the world and he just happened to hear him complaining about Nik Carter? HAHAHAHAHA! What a tool!. No one believes that lie anyone who heard Brady on bcn knew he was having a good time!. He hated it so much he did it year after year, sure. Some local radio station forced Tom Brady to do something he did not like doing! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Pedro, another internet liar!.

  89. Well that’s funny, stilts, because I know Nik personally and talked to him about this site – which he said he hasn’t checked in a long long time. He does like himself quite a bit, but not so much as to pretend to be other people. He knows he has a lot of fans and if he wanted to state his case, he wouldn’t do it anonymously – but under his own name.

  90. Ummm…no he wouldn’t.

    “Oh Hi Nik this is your “personal” friend JS…do you write responses on that site under assumed names? No…great…let me go write a post about how cool you are because you talk to me a lowly intern on your show.”

    Sounds about right.

  91. Okay, I don’t know what it is with morons on this site assuming I’m his intern, because I’m not.

    I found this website a few months ago and saw some of the mean comments posted on here and also definitely thought that he tried to retaliate under names like “Radio Insider” so I asked him about it. He answered in all honesty that, no, it wasn’t him. Yes, he answered to some posts up here in the very beginning (under his own name), but he didn’t go out of his way to comment on here after that because he knew it was a waste of time since people are going to have a chip on their shoulder because of him no matter what.

    I respect him very much and will try to defend him as much as I can because he’s had to go through a lot of shit in his life to get to where he is now and certainly doesn’t deserve it…especially not from idiots like you, stilts. You know, people that think they know exactly what he’s all about because they KNOW HIS INTERN.

    Let me tell you something about interns: they don’t know shit. The only times they probably saw Nik was when they had downtime after folding all of the station t-shirts once a week. Trust me, that’s no claim to fame. So please, you and your intern friend can get over yourselves.

  92. For the record…Tom Brady was not the super star he is today when he lived in Marina Bay. He went to parties. I was at one. Not a big deal.

    Athletes often have to do things they don’t like to do (radio shows, interviews, appearances).

    Is is to hard to believe that Tom Brady found Nik Carter annoying? Lots of people do. Read these posts.

    I don’t care one way or the other about Nik. He’s a dj…no big deal. He was actually funny sometimes.

    (Alpha Pest actually works for Kroq…click on his name, it takes you right to the kroq site….Nik’s station. He’s someone else responding because Nik asked him to…but then again…I’m a liar.

  93. Alpha Pest is someone who works for K-Rock, not KROQ (which is in L.A.) – get it right.

    As for the posts where people bashed him, refer to David C’s post. He pretty much summed it up.

  94. sorry…I got my call signs all mixed up. K-Rock…K-Rock, OK I got it.

    Are you Alpha Pests intern as well?

    Do you share a cubicle with David C?

    (Nik you shouldn’t obsess so much, dude.)

  95. Alpha Pest is a ‘pest” it’s what the O and A fans are called. His link is O and A one of their fan sites they talk about a lot. If Nik was posting secretly why would he post krock web site as the link? that would not be smart. He’s a dj no big deal so why still bashing him when he is long gone? get over it.

  96. Because they have nothing better to do. Did he ruin your lives in some way or another? What’s the point of obsessing if you don’t even like him? I don’t get it…

  97. I am listening to him now on krock but if you are in Boston with Tom Choke artist Brady and he is in New York what is your beef?.

  98. Guess none of you ever had to actually work with him. He stole everything that he ever could. He was not a nice person. And he liked to screw his interns which is absoulutely tacky. Ask any of his Producers what they think of him, especially the female ones. Not bitter, just truthful.

    • I worked with Nik at 101.9 RXP before he got canned. I was an Intern in promotions. Nik was kind of a dick at best who couldnt take as good as he could give and he definitely didnt like it when someone dare make fun of him. But besides the stiffler attitude, you could tell he was getting lonely and acting kind of desperately to still dress young and hip when he was losing his hair and growing old. After I left I heard he got fired for cursing out the stations golden boy, pinfield and fucking a couple of the female interns from the sister station, Hot 97. but trust me, no young 20 something I knew of working for RXP, at least while i was there, was getting with him.

      • So true! It should be part of intern orientation that boning the ashy old man with bitch tits isn’t a prerequisite.

  99. Loved nic carter. Used to be a big radio-head back in my youth living in Taunton. I don’t know why theres such a pissing match going on in here, but he was a great DJ and frankly, if you’re pissed about antics like bi-day, why your wrath isn’t turned to AAF, I just don’t know.

  100. I despise Nik Carter, with every fiber of my being. He’s nearly 50 now and still trolling for 20 year old ass on the social networks while claiming that he is 34, LOL!!! (if you’ve ever seen him naked – he looks like Grady (from Sanford and Son). He’s a failure as a man and disappointment as a son. I Google his name once a week in the hopes that it will return my search as “Has died horribly and painfully in a firey explosion.” When I tell you, dear folks, that he is a cruel, abusive, fucked up cunt, I hope that you heed that warning and stay away from him. I’ve never met a more twisted fuck in my entire life. I am grateful that his dumpy ass is NY’s problem now. Good Riddance, Douchebag..

  101. Having worked at BCN for roughly the first year Nik was there back in the 90s, I can say that I remember thinking his show was fun enough–I really admired the station and its djs–but I still to this day can’t understand why he went out of his way to harass and personally attack me regularly–entirely without provocation. I was friends with his producer and was young enough and excited enough about working at a radio station I grew up loving; all I wanted was to enjoy this experience. Nik was one of a few reasons I left BCN with a very bitter taste in my mouth. A big disappointment.

    Whatever his professional talent, and I can see many love his work, I really wish he hadn’t taken out his personal issues on me. I only hope it was an exception and that he’s grown more mature since, but frankly I wouldn’t ever treat anyone that way.

    I stumbled on this site doing a search to recall a dj’s name; I’m glad I did because I feel better having gotten that off my chest.

    • Not much has changed.
      Viacom created a show around him, VH1 sunk a ton of money into promotion and marketing and his attitude shut the whole thing down – fast!
      One minute they are gaining affiliate momentum, the next – done!
      The announcement was made here on the 16th – he hasn’t answered one fan inquiry or well wish on the OnTap Twitter or Facebook Page since.
      No one needs reassurance the decision to dump it was a good one.

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