Popular Bed Wetting Solutions You Can Use

bed wetting solutionsA huge number of children are affected by nocturnal enuresis, or sleep wetting, as it is often called. Although there is no specific treatment for this condition, parents can still find some good bed wetting solutions that work. This sort of problem is most common with children under the age of five “any extreme measures against it are simply not justified.”

However, sleep wetting is a problem and it may become an annoying issue to deal with, both for parents and for the child. While children under five do not have obvious psychological issues related to this phenomenon, after a certain age they become conscious about it. This is when finding appropriate bed wetting solutions becomes important for the child’s social development. Here are some popular bedwetting books you can use to help you overcome this problem that every parent has gone through.

How to diminish the negative effects of bed wetting

While this problem is natural for small children, parents can still take a few steps and reduce the negative effects associated to it. Parents can start by investing some time in preventing the problem from taking place. As part of the most commonly used bed wetting solutions, parents can control the levels of liquid their child drinks in the evening and before going to sleep. Diuretic drinks are those that fall in the following categories: caffeine containing, carbonated and acidic. Stopping your child from consuming them at night is an excellent bed wetting solution. It also helps if the parent trains the child to go to the toilet right before going to sleep. It is important that a pattern is developed in this case and the child will learn to urinate at a specific hour in the evening. This method, combined with low liquid quantities consumed in the evening, has some of the best results in reducing bed wetting at night.

Quick tips for parents to stop kids bed wetting

  • No drinks close to bedtime with caffeine and carbonation.
  • Have your child go to the bathroom every night before bed. EVERY night. Make it a habit.
  • Encourage the child to get up at night and go to the bathroom alone if they have to. Make sure the path from the bed to the bathroom is well lit and clutter free.

Bed wetting solutions – diapers

Although the actual urinating process can’t be stopped, its effects may be reduced if the child wears a diaper. The diaper eliminates all the problems that affect the parents: having to change bed sheets every morning and it also helps the child sleep better and wake up in a dry bed. Older children might be against wearing a diaper, as they feel they are too old for that, so a simple change of term from diaper to night protection is preferable. As an extra protection method, parents should also have protective plastic sheets because diapers are not 100% leak absorbents.

The radical approach to bed wetting medications

Using medication to reduce nigh time urination is one of the most radical bed wetting solutions and, in most cases, the most effective as well. Treatments with medication such as anticholinergics, desmopressin or imipramine are often used to solve bed wetting problems. While such drugs have high success rates, parents should also remember that they are chemical and hormonal substances, and long-term usage may lead to unwanted side effects. As far as bed wetting medication is concerned, the opinions are varied, many parents trying to avoid this solution at all costs and teach the child to deal with the problem on their own.

I say ask yourself if you needed medication to stop peeing the bed at night. Maybe your child is better off without it. Only you and your doctor will know what’s best for your child.

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    • ummm….. can i have you notice it can be a medical issue, and some people can’t help it so keep the rudeness to ur self

    • You know what your an ass! some children can’t help it its not like they want to… when i was 12 i still would pee the bed and it made me veryy depressed because i couldn’t help it. YOUR A HORRIBLE PERSON!!!! DO YOU SEE HOW ONE WORD CAN MAKE SOMEONE SOOO UPSET!!?? IF YOU HAVE NOTHING NICE TO SAY DON’T SAY IT ALL YOU TITTY SUCKING JACK ASS!!!!!!!!

    • how do you get a lazy 7 year old to stop peeing the bed ..she just wont get up and go instead lays in her bed a pees ..we have tried no drinks past 6 pm to rewards and even have tried pullups and she still goes in them …HELP!!!!

    • Ya wanna know something? To all the haters it is a huge problem for me and at one time I almost killed myself as a result of it. I was so depressed and felt absolutely worthless. All becouse of people like you telling people like me that we’re gross and reducing us to pigs. You make me sick buddy. Sick.

  1. im 12 yrs. old and was potty trained when i was 1 around 5 istated again.I hate it i just wish someone could help me!Its really weird because this summer i wnt almost 6 months but when school started i started along with all of the strees it brought.It wakes me up all the time what do i do?

  2. im 14 years old, and i have been wetting bed forever, i live with my auntie and uncle and my auntie used to shout at me when i wet the bed, i had to wear diapers until i was 8, after that i couldt wear them, sometimes i dont wet the bed when im happy i dont but i have stressful liife so i do all the time i cant sleep over my friends house and i dont know what to do

    • im 13 years old and i wett the bed and i know what you mean when your auti yells at u every time i wett the bed my mom will punish me and beat me. I just hate but i really think one of the reasons is that im overweight and just need to lose it. All i want it to do is go away FOREVER it’s getting on my nerves I NEED SOME HELP!!!


      • Im 12 and i still pee the bed. My mom wud shout at me or even beat me everytime i pee the bed. Im afraid to go to other houses for a sleep over. That causes me to stop visiting my relatives faraway. My cousins knew and one night they teased me along with my aunt n mother. My mother says im lazy but i just rlly cant get up n i dont feel anything comin down wen im asleep. I get depressed regularly thinkin that i guy woudnt want me if they knew n they even say im ugly, that makes it worse so im always cryin but i try to make people happy wen im around them.

        • I am 15 and I pee in my pants.and also take a load of I wore a box of depends underwear for men.and it helps me alot.and I wore baby diapers for it as well so it is okey

    • too all of you that has sayed that they have been having this problem i am a mother i have nevered peed in the bed but my son does he was potty trianed a 1 and did not start peeing in the bed until he turned for 4 i tried the yelling then some one said to wipe him but that dosent work so i just wont to say that it ok please dont feel depreesed i no its hard but please just keep trying kids please dont give up nothing last forevere my son is now 6 and still pees in the bed now we r trying a timer clock that gose off every hour the one that you use to for timing when you cook………. please kids just keep tryin diffrenet things

  3. i am 39 and wet the bed i also wet my pants and sometime poop in my pants so i no
    longer where under where i now where cloth diapers all the time and where plastic
    pants at night

      • I am 39 and was wetting the bed my whole life untill 2 weeks ago I got a nose spray desmopression and havent peed the bed since i have been taking it

        • there is a desmospressin pill now and it works a lot better Ive tried them both and I say the pills because you dont have to refrigerate them and they are easier to take. but take them right after dinner with a sip only a sip of water talk to a doctor im only 14

      • Samantha, You don’t really know the physical and psychological struggles these people are going through so what gives you the right to say that? Have a little heart. Of course they will get married, there are medications available and most people will naturally just grow out of it. Next time think before you speak as most of these people are getting enough hassle from their relatives let alone the personal stress that it causes them so they don’t need you saying things like that. It’s bullying and it’s just not right.

  4. my stepson is almost 7 and still wets the bed every single night. my 4 year old daughter just started doing it the past month almost every night. they are both in pull ups at night time bc i was so tired of washing sheets every day. it got real annoying. i dont know why my daughter does it all of a sudden when she used to not to at all. my stepson has polysistic kidneys tho and his mother abandoned him at the age of 3 so he has major issues still with that. what do i do to help stop this bedwetting??

  5. hello, my son was pretty much toilette trained at night at the age of 2.5 but started to wet the bed more and more 8 month’s later when I got rid of his soother(he agreed to no longer use it) and put him into daycare occasionally. 10 months later my son was wearing pullups evey night. Today he is 5.5 and soils his pullup almost every night!!!!! I have the impression that he has regressed due to wearing pull,ups, I’ve tried not having him wear protection, but 1 out of 2 times he wets the bed, and changing sheets and quilts is a royal pain and time consuming, I try to be calm but it’s stressfull, and my husband thinks we screwed up which is hard to swallow. I’d love some advice

  6. Hello,
    I am Matthew i am ten years old and i wet the bed every night, although I go to the toilet before i go to bed. Please help me with my problem.

    • Maybe try and put some sort of alarm on so it can wake you up in the night so you can go to the toilet. I put an alarm on my phone and it would wake me up in the night and i have not wet the bed for nearly 2 months now (:

  7. I found the thing that helped my children stop wetting the bed was using a reward system. For my daughter, we told her when she had seven dry nights she could have a sleep-over with one of her friends. She was dry in less than a month. (She was about 5.) With my son we used a calendar, putting smily faces on it for dry nights. This helped, but did not solve the problem. In the end it took a combination of solutions including using an alarm.

  8. hi ive 3 children ages 12, 9 n almost 4 all 3 wet d bed. iv neva given out 2 them as i dd it up until i ws 10. bt its gettin frustratin as d oldest is startin secondary school. iv tried everything?????????????

  9. Hi, My name is Laura and I am 12 years old, and I still wet the bed.
    I stopped it for a year and a bit and I thought it was over but it started happening again when I turned 10. My mum and dad have tried so many things to help me but nothing has worked.
    Please help me I am getting very fustrated with it and I want to start sleeping over at peoples houses again.
    Do you have any advice for me?

    • Laura, me and u r exsactly the same i am 12 and wet mi bed i stoped for like a year and i started again at 10 and i am so terrified of sleepin ova mi friends house and wettin there bed lol…

        • i am also 12 and i pee the bed too. it never stopped and it makes me fell really upset… none of my friends know i wet so i hide it from them. when they stay the night they can’t sleep in my and i just make up dumb reasons… i have never stayed the night at anyone’s house except my grandmas. someone please help.

          • Same thing with me oh n Alexia r u Jamaican n plz im not tryin to bash u r anything but its just the way type it seems that way, see i gave u a smiley face (:.

    • I’m 12 too and i still wet the bed. I hate it so much and even though I have a shower every morning before i go to school or out I know i still smelll.
      I hate sleeping over at peoples houses and I get so upse basically every morning. I tried keeping a diary to record my sleeping patterns and i would write about if i had a drink what did I read or wach on TV before I went to bed and It didn’t work.

  10. Hi, My name is Hannah and I am 13 years old, and I still wet the bed. It is started to get really annoying and I just want it to stop. I went to the doctors about it and he gave me this spray that you spray up your nose. It does work but I don’t want to have to keep using it. Sometimes I don’t use it and I don’t wet the bed, but sometimes I do. I always go to the toilet before I go to bed, but I am a very deep sleeper so I never really really wake up in the night to go to the toilet.
    I don’t want to wet the bed all my life.
    Have you got anymore advice for me ?

  11. I am 23, and i’ve been wetting the bed everyday of my life! =( there has been just like 3 or 5 days out of the year where i dont wet it. BUT i am so ANNOYED!!! and Im so ugh!!! i feel worthless! its such a shame!!!! im tired of it! my parents dont understand it, i dont either when i try to explain that IDK why.. I tell them its not really me deciding to pee myself. WHy would anybody want to wet the bed? I never had friends stay at my house and i never go anywhere, all because of this. i feel trapped!!! i just wanna cry because i dont want to pee forever. SOMEONE please help me. its so EMBARRASING!

    • Russell, my heart goes out to you. I am 45 and have been bedwetting my entire life. Not every night, but enough to be a pain. Don’t cry, honey. Just keep trying to find the cause, or learn to cope with it in a way that doesn’t limit your options. Hugs.

    • Hi,

      I’m 22 yrs old & will be transferring from community college nxt fall to a UC…I’m just scared of living in a dorm b/c of my issue πŸ™ It’s only at night (almost every night) and I’ve heard that I’ve got primary nocturnal enuresis (based on research)<<<which is where you wet every night since the day you were born.

      I remember going to the doctor as a kid & after some tests they told my mother that everything was completely normal (like my bladder…I remember having to hold my pee for a very long time while they did like an ultra sound<<I guess to test my bladder capacity??).

      It just really sucks to have this & feel like you can never be with someone you'd really like. This issue may be due to me being a deep sleeper when I hit REM; whatever the reason, it's very stressful and I don't want to ever give up finding a solution that won't be hazardous to my health.

    • I’m 21 and I know how you feel, I’ve the same medical issue too. It has made me feel embarassed and worthless so many times..but I know its just a test and that later it’ll be all alright(even though if it never stops). Though mum and dad shout at me, I know they still love me they are just anxious too as well. My mum n dad say the same thing that I do it on purpose and I reason with them. Look I know its hard, but its life..my dad says that if you’re going through something bad and that you feel like God is giving you the hardest time only just remember that some one out there is going through a lot worse; like some child just lost their parent, or some one is dying of hunger or far worse.. Just try to count your blessings πŸ™‚ please don’t ever feel embarrassed, or alone..please be happy :

  12. I’m 22 years old. I’m a female. I still wet the bed. Is so annoying and embarrassing. I live alone and every boyfriend that I have had sleep over I have pee on them. Its so disturbing and I’m running out of lies. I currently have a boyfriend and he is good. I don’t want to lose him. Today I pee on him for like the hundred time and played like I was sleep when I realized what I had did. I heard him mumbling under his breath and cursing. I don’t know what to do anymore. I’ve tried not drinking after 8pm, using the bathroom before sleeping, but nothing works. I told him I pee the bed because I have wet dreams (which is a lie that he no longer believes). I’m so tired of this. This has been going on since I stopped wearing diapers. I used to get beatings for peeing in the bed when I was little and now I realize that it wasn’t my faullt then and it isn’t my faul now. I don;t purposely do this. Sometimes I just want to break up with my boyfriend and commit suicide. This situation is draining my life. I’m the only one of my parents children that still pee the bed. Why me? I want to be normal. I have to do laundry everyday and sleep with plastic on my bed because of this! I want to wake up dry! Why do I have to live like this? What is the cause of this? Is there a cure? What type of doctor specializes for this condition?

    • It’s called a urologist. Have you ever seen a doctor before, for this condition? Your parents should have taken you, years ago, instead of beating you. And, realizing it is not your fault, I wish you wouldn’t be down on yourself. Maybe I’m not relating well enough because I don’t wet every night, as it sounds like you do. But you shouldn’t have to make up excuses to give your boyfriend. Just tell him you have a problem. He already knows this, anyway, and any boyfriend worth keeping would be supportive. Then get medical treatment, and make sure your bed is well-protected so he doesn’t get wet, even if you do. They make diapers in adult sizes. If you don’t want to do that, have a lot of padding on top of the plastic, the more absorbent the better.

    • Tell your bf the truth, so you don’t have to stress anymore about what HE’S thinking…after all you’ve been thru with your bf (he already knows you, and obviously sleeps with you) then he should accept it, and if he doesn’t then forget about him.

      You at least past the hard part=the beginning of the relationship, because new partners would leave BEFORE they begin to care for you/get to know you…you know what I mean? If you think about it, the worse that would happen is that you’ve got to wear adult diapers every night & if you want to mess around then you just take a shower.

      It really sux, I KNOW πŸ™

  13. Bianca, I am so sorry for what you have to go through. Did you try setting an alarm so you wake up to go to the bathroom? I was looking on this site to try and find ways to help my son get up at night and go potty by himself. I currently carry him to the bathroom twice during the night to bring him to the bathroom. I think I will just wake him up and make him go by himself. Your parents were wrong to beat you for this. My husband used to get really upset about it, but I told him to give it a rest it is not our sons fault. He is a lot more understanding now, and we certainly don’t blame him. I hope you find some help Bianca. Please remember life is something to be valued and don’t ever think of giving it up over bedwetting. Always remember there is always someone out there who has a much worse problem than yours; be grateful, it could be worse. This is not that bad I’m sure it sucks, but when I feel pity for myself I realize how many wonderful things I have in my life and would never be willing to give it up and to never see my future and all the wonderful things out there that still await me. Don’t give up!!!

  14. Im 16 years old and i have been having bed wetting problems sinse day one, my parents got tired and frustrated of it when i was about 10 or so.. and the doctors even considered surgery,i even tried the alarm thing it didnt work out to well for me, its not everynight just every now and then and sometimes ill even go 5-8 months with out doing it, but then it would happen a few days in a role, i hardly ever drink soda and going to the bathroom before sleeping does help most the time, reducing the amount you drink before bedtime helps alott!! im not to embarresed about it because it happens every now and then to everybody.

  15. My son will be 12 soon and has wet the bed since day 1. With only short episodes of dryness. We’ve done the pull-ups, but now he doesn’t want them any more. He changes his own bed daily and I even taught him how to start the washer. The problem is that it doesn’t seem to bother him, it is just part of his life. He does sleep overs (he has a sleeping bag that he takes everywhere) and brings them home wet. He tried alarm clock and sleeps right through it. I have woke him up every night at a specific time but when my youngest was born I had to slack on that but he would still wake up wet. He does not drink anything after 7:00 and pees before bed. hat else can we try? I would love to see him at least improve some. Thanks

  16. Um well i am like an older age and i do not think diapers are necessary. I also dont think that if u change the term to night protection that it will make them feel better.

  17. My name is Nicci, and I’m 19, and I used to wet the bed, until I was about 15. In the past few months I’ve moved in with my boyfriend, and changed a lot of things about my lifestyle, and about 4 months ago, I started wetting the bed again.
    After 2 or 3 times, my boyfriend noticed. It’s so ebarrassing being fully grown, out of my parents house, and every week or so, doing the one thing that makes me feel most like a child again, especially now that I sleep with anothe person every night.
    Does anyone lse out there do this? Or did this?
    If so, what do you do to cope? and what did you do to help yourself stop?
    I’ve done all the tricks. Somehow I always wake up right after it… please help.

    • Nicci well what can i say I’m 19 years old I do still pee on bed yes I’m embarrassed to say but I’m always positive that one day this will go off. And 5 months ago IDK how this happen but i stopped peeing on my bed like for 1 month, how idk, but i’m always thinking that one day this will come to an end. So always remain positive, dont drink too much water soda, ect, use ur cell, put it on the bathroom and set an alarm like at 1 or 2 A.M. all those things help I know they will. O yes and use the toilet every 15 Mins for 2 hours they say it help :). People… one question why is it that i drink a lot of water and i don’t pee on bed, and believe I’m not lazy, im not, it just happens, but why did that happen?that i drink a lot of water and nothing happen?. And people dont be embarrassed about it, just remember dont go to too much house for sleep overs, I mean for ur safety :). So nicci try those things.
      Oscar Ortega

  18. Im 12 yrs old and i pee the bed nearly everynight im getting really sick of it now and want to stop but when I try I always end up weeing the bed. My mum and Dad have tryed to help to by not having a drink after bedtime and waking my up in the night I really need help and if you have any tips reply to this please I really need HELP!!!!!

  19. Charlotte i to am the same age and have the same problem…..this has helped me a lot….go to the bathroom every 15 minutes for 2 hours!!!!! i swear it really works πŸ™‚ have fun…lol

  20. I have just turned 13 about a month ago and I can’t remember a day when I didn’t wet the bed(besides occasional dry nights) and I’ve had it up to here(rlly high) and or I’m rlly pissed off about this and I’m tired of having to go to sleepovers( not only cuz of this problem but some of my friends r just idiots) but to get back on topic I’ve just started 2day staring an alarm at 1 am and I wanna create a habit to wake up at 1 every morning and I’ve read that it takes 30 days to start and break a habit… So I’ll see if this works… Hopefully because it is pretty embarrasing and it just plain sucks!!!


    • My son, 9, is a bedwetter and I see that you are swearing about this peeing every 15 minutes for 2 hours. How much are you drinking in that time frame. And is it everyday?

    • DIAPERS work on a regular basis but if your pee is to heavy it can go throught the diapers trust me i tried and i only went one to two days a week dry and im sick and tired of it AKA IM 13 YEARS OLD!!!!:(

  22. Im 14 yrs old going on 15 and i still wet the bed. my family members are getting tired of it and i dont kno wat to do. to me rite now, its amazing at how many ppl hav the same syptoms an the drs cant do a dmn thng about it. but i tried alarms, my mama tried diapers, i got whoopens(not by my mama), didnt drink b4 bed, went to the bathroom b4 bed, did anything i cud. even ate less sugar if tht helpd. but i wet the bed everyday and if im lucky i dont wet the bed


  23. Hi Everyone,
    I understand how frustrating wetting the bed every night can be. And please know there are tons of kids who struggle with this every night. The absolute best solution is a bedwetting alarm. You must train your brain to recognize the full bladder signal and then to wake up. You will sleep through the alarm at first and need someone to wake you up BUT if you stick with it you will begin to hear the alarm yourself and wont need help, after a week or two of hearing the alarm and getting up your brain begins to register the full bladder signal. The key is to stick with it… do not stop wearing the alarm until you are dry. It usually takes about 6 weeks, but sometimes if youre really committed to reacting as soon as the alarm goes off it only take a few weeks. My son used a malem bedwetting alarm and he went from wet every single night to dry every single night in about 6 weeks.

  24. Hi. I am 18 years old (male)and going to be getting married in about 2 weeks. I have a job and go to school. a couple of weeks ago i woke up and had slightly wet the bed (just enough to wet my underwear, not even get on sheets). i found it strange but didnt think it was a big deal…..well, i am now awake (at 5:30am and have been since 5am) because i wet the bed, full out this time! i distinctly remember having a dream that i was using the bathroom, and as i did i was looking out a window and it was very obvious to me that i was in the city that i will be moving to shortly (when i get married………) after the dream, i immediately woke up and somehow just knew what had happened. could this simply be due to stress and nervousness? or is it something that i should consult a doctor about? I wasnt even a chronic bed wetter as a child and this has only happened a few times, as i mentioned…..what advice do you have for me?

    • i had the exact same experence(the pee dream) the other night i am also 18 and i am a college student.i have no ideawhy this is happening my friend but if you happen to figure it out befor i do let me know what you foun.

  25. I Keep Wondering if this problem has anything to do with having a Overactive Bladder, I am 27 yrs old still wetting the bed, I hate to Admit this to anyone, I dont even have a g/f becuz of this. I wet the bed every night, i do sleep heavy though. When i Went to see the Doc, he prescribed me some pills and that helped but only when i take them. I am trying to avoid diapers, I did ruin so many beds in the past to where i am now sleeping on an air mattress.

  26. i am frickin 11 years old this isn so freakin annoying my super sensitive bed wetting alarm goes off i cant sleep im so tired its 3 am i have had enough i went to the docters they said try it i wet every day almost its so sad sometimes i hate my life

  27. hi I’m JAKE (i rock) I’m ten years old Ive wet the bed since i was born.I stopped for about a year when I was 8-9.I used an alarm pad, that made me stop.But now i use goodnights.I try to hide it but, sometimes i just say i spilled water but its getting old.My mom my dad and my step dad have helped a lot.They have taken me to the doctor and everything i wonder if i can stop?My mom is looking into getting me medication so I am able to go on trips with my friends.

  28. I’ve wet the bed since forever. I want to stop, I promise you I do, but I just can’t. I’m a JUNIOR in high school. I’m 16 about to turn 17 in less than a month. This is ridiculous……someone help me please!!!!

  29. Hi,
    My names Emily & I have been wetting the bed ever since I can remember. Γ‡urrently I am thirteen years old and I have just started setiing an alarm at night. I set it at 1:00 a.m since I have to wake up ever morning at 6 a.m; including the weekends! So yeah. If you had set an alarm and has worked for you, I would really appreciate it if you could reply. Thank You.

  30. Hi, I’m 13 & i stopped wetting my bed at a normal age. But I just currently started again about a month ago. I have currently wet it four times since it started back up again. I don’t know what to do or if I need to see a doctor or what. I told my dad & he just blows me off. I’m really social & I’m afraid that one day it’s gonna happen at my friend’s house. I really want it to stop. I think it’s because I have to pee but I’m too lazy to get up & actually go because I used to wake up fine & now I have to go & I just go in my sleep. Just give me an opinion of what I should do. Thanks.

  31. ok if you have a proplem with bed wetting it could be the course of weak bladder or even the symptoms of a childs bladder you shouldnt be embarrssed about it its not a rare,heaps on people around the world have the proplem its pretty much a commen thing
    i have only one solution
    set your alarm for in the middle of the night any time between 12 & later well it pretty much dappends of what time you go to your work and go bed so what ever time make sure you go to the toilet befor you go to bed so you at least have a 94% you’lle not wet your bed
    im not quite sure because im only 12 but im sure it worked for me i stopped at the normal age so im talking about the advice that i used
    make sure you mantane your drinking habbit so make sure you drink more in the day and less at night so that pretty much all i have to say

  32. hello everyone im 16 and still wet my bed. its very embarrasing and ive tried everything i could but nothing works. im a heavy sleeper and i think that has something to do with it. however it only happens every now and then. sometimes i go months and sometimes i go days. its really annoying and i want it to stop. if theres anything anyone knows can you please reply it would be much appreciated. thank you.
    also *sighs* im a guy

  33. Hey folks. My son’s 10 and I’m trying everything, including me getting up in the middle of the night. My son sleeps through anything. I tried the link a the top of the pate and it took me to a restauratnt website. Is the another link available? Thanks all,

  34. I am 15 years old and about to finish my First year in high school. My parents are divorced and when I got to my dads house he gets very angry when I we the bed. I still do wet the bed almost every night and I am so SICK of it. I just want it to stop. My non is trying to help me but it hasn’t been working so far. I used to use an alarm and that started to work, then unfortunately it broke and I have started wetting the bed about every night. I just want it to STOP!

  35. o my gosh i thought is was the onl one!!!! im 13 and turninq 14 sep.11 and i cry becuz i wet the bed and my little sister doesnt and i live with my mom and i like to sleep in her bed and i cant becuz i wet it and she yells at me andi hate that and i pray HARD and my grandmother does too wen i sleep ovr her house and i still wet the bed but wen i was lik 4-6 i didnt wet the bed wich is crazy!!! i got the spray but i stop using it idk y but im a havy sleeper and my mom wakes me up at night and i got to he bathroom befor bed and i still wet the bed and i think it got worse becuz now its everynight :'( im so sick of it becuz i think this might be forever and i cant got to ppl house and i hate messinq up my bed cus my mom yells wen i was 9 she beat me but now she just yell and complain but she dosnt understand that i cant help it:””””””””””( but she say im just lazy but who wants to wet the bed i like wakinq up dry and sometimes i hide it and lie and im just happy i no im not the only one thats makes me feel alot better i think i might show my mom this web site omg im tearing up becuz i NEVER told or talked about it and wen me and my lil 9 yr old sister argue she sed thats y you pee in the bed and im scared becuz one day i might really hurt her about saying that to me no body knows wat i really go through only you guys so THANK YOU for sharing this curse lol becus i finally melted and told someone… again THANKYOU

  36. i’m 14 and i wet the bed almost every night, i have a friends sleep over in a few weeks and i don’t know what to do. i did’nt wet the bed when i was 6-7 but then it has just got worse since.

  37. i’ve been wetting the bed since i was born and now im 14 and i dont know how to handle it cause im scared that 1 day ill be with a girl i like and end up wetting the bed i always cry about it too thx for the tips ill try each one of them

  38. I am almost 15 and I still wet the bed occasionall. I also take imipramine andd it works really well, and I have only taken it for about 6 months! I am where I dont even have to take my meds any more if I dont wnt to. As lo.g as I go to the bathroom before bed I am fine. Before I had the meds I could go to the bathroom not drink anytjing not even sipps of waterbefore going to bed and still wet the bed. I recommend this. Medication it has really helped me.n

  39. I’m 18 almost 19.. And I still wet the bed. I get very frustrated. Because I’m so old, I always go pee before I go to sleep, everynight. But sometimes I wake up in a puddle. And it sucks, sometimes it doesn’t happen for a long time, and I think maybe I finally grew out of it.. But then it happens again.. It freaggin sucks. Does this ever go away? Or am I going to have to deal with this until I’m 70, or older. Like does this never go away?

  40. Im 15 nearly 16 and i still wet the bed nearly every night ive taken tablets and sprays ive tried pad and bell alarms but NOTHING has managed to stop it for more than 3 months. My bed wetting is really getting to me to the point where im feeling pretty depressed. One day im going to have a husband and what am i supposed to do? sleep in another bedroom? it sucks. when does this stop? when i was 10 they told me 12 when i was 12 they told me 14 now im almost 16 and it still happens i just want to be normal, why me?

  41. hi iam saba iam having a problem of bed wetting plz help me wat can i do for dis give me a tablet name which is suitrable for me iam 20 yrs old female
    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me

  42. hey it’s grace for thoughs who dont know me i was the 12 year old that gave you some tips before so again i got some peoples emails and so ,i put down some more solutions to help you guys with bed wetting that may help you.As i said before there are other people that have the same problem it’s pretty normal.Now here are my solutions first of all as i said again in a comment theres always seting ur alarm every hour and making sure you go to the toilet even if you can’t make an effort it will eventually help and make sure you maintaining your fluids so drink more in the day and not at night if you realy are thirsty have ice cubes so soon as you need to go to the toilet GO straight away dont hold ok.Second when i was young my mum would give me this icey ole things that would not make me go to the toilet it work but the thing is i dont know what it was called sorry i was young at the time πŸ™ .For people that have a deep sleep its good to play something loud so you dont go in a deep sleep and eventually you ‘ll walk up and you’ll know when you need to go “make sure the music or radio is loud o you will be in a light sleep” wwhen i was younger i did that and i would have dreams that i needed to go and then i would walk up and go.Or go put a pad or a thin liner so you actully feel when your going .and lastly why dont you go to your G.P and discuss with them your problem and that actully give you technologey that when you in bed and tells when your going to the toilet and bleeps really loud so you walk up and know when you need to the toilet but thats if you have a health and medical card and if you have a mum or dad that wants to help im sure they would take you to the docters know they a some solutions to help you with your bed wetting good luck guys . πŸ˜€

  43. Use bathroom right before the bed.
    Train your bladder during the day by holding pee for 5-7 min. more than you can do it regularly.
    Drink a little cup of pure honey water ( 1 Tbsp honey + cup of water ) before the bed or just pure honey.

    It’s not a lot I could remember now but there is so many different natural remedies.

  44. If you know around what time you pee at the night,just put an alarm for 15 min before and go to bathroom.Even if you don’t know exact time try to find out it by putting alarm on different times.

    Good Luck to everyone!

  45. hi I’m James and I’m 25 i wet the bed sometime i don’t have a drank for a good 5 6 hours and i stall wet the bed i have been to the doter and tables and don’t work can u tell me what to

  46. I’m 9 and i sometimes pee to bed and no matter what i do it doesn’t work. PLEASE help PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEAAASSEEE

  47. am samuel i do wet the bed am 18, when i was in high school, i do wet the bed,my jenour year i stayed at the last room, they think i did it proposely i was beaten black and blue sumtime i sleep at the class,now am true with my high school heading to college,i know God will stop at the right time. Just have faith.

  48. Bedwetting is sad, and a hassle to parents and siblings everywhere. I honestly dont understand why everyone is arguing and ridiculing each other about what they say instead of proposing actual solutions because this article or w.e is not useful AT ALL… really people c’mon.

  49. Am 20 and i wet my bed some time twice a week or more pls help me in short my bladder can not hold the pee even in the afternoon.

  50. Hi i’ve been wetting the bed every day ever since i can remember, until i turned 12, when i turned 12 i told myself i am not going to ever wet the bed again, i pretty much tackled my problem psychologically but there would be a few nights when i’d still wet the bed, so now i don’t drink at night! and my bed wetting stopped for weeks, even months, the longest i went was 5 months but i still wet the bed after those months, but i’m making lots progress, and i’m glad!

  51. I have been peeing to bed for the last 3 weeks.At first my mom
    had me wear pull-ups but they would leak.I’m very small for my
    age so last night she came home with size 6 pampers and they fit.
    They held but I don’t want to wear pampers to bed!!! HELP

  52. Use bathroom right before the bed.
    Train your bladder during the day by holding pee for 5-7 min. more than you can do it regularly.
    Drink a little cup of pure honey water ( 1 Tbsp honey + cup of water ) before the bed or just pure honey

    nice idea

  53. I came on here cause I was worried my 3 and 4 year old had started abed wetting again. and I was reading all comments and I just feel so. BAd now for shouting at my children I don’t mean to get mad but I am 24 and have 3 children under 5 and its so so hard my partner left me not long ago and yes yes I dothink this has been a set back for kids. I wish I could give you all some advice but I can’t. I Do hope you get the help you need x

  54. Do other guys wake up wet and it feels o.k.? Every now and then I wake up ‘wet’ and it always to the same dream πŸ™‚ I seem to know I am wetting,but I still can’t stop….them’s the breaks πŸ™‚

  55. Very annoying waking up ‘wet’ πŸ™‚ I am a guy and it doesn’t seem to matter if I drink before bed or not.I know I am ‘wetting’,but it still doesn’t stop me πŸ™‚

  56. Hi im 24 and still occasionally wet the bed i am married and my husband understands its not deliberate accidents happen. To any parents on here do not hit your child or yell at them your just making it worse.i was hit and yelled at punnished and forced to sleep in the bath tub at times.it hurt cause i couldnt help it still cant your children cant either.trust me they dont want to wake up like that.

  57. for what it is worth: I used to wet my bed nearly everynight from age 5 to around 10. I stopped wetting my bed around the time i hit puberty and…ahem…. learned how to masterbate. i truly believe the orgasms made some musclew down there stronger, it is the only connection I can make. l;ike i said, for what it is worth. happened to me.

  58. it is very repulsive,mundane,obnoxious and embarassing wen a teenage undagoes nocturnal enuresis….imagine a teenager of 16 dat wld soon get admission into d university bed weting.omg.
    If u tink natural cure and medications arnt working,then why dont u turn to God,he is d great physician.

  59. look im 13 its what autumn and i turn 14 in december i used to be a deep sleeper i recentley had an opetaton done on my nose glands called adenoids this helped me to sleep less heavier and get less sik i have tried meds like desmomelts that go under ur tongue ive tried oxybutitnin wich u take be4 bed ive tried the alam wich was usels cos i have plastic on my bed so the alarm got wet and broke but i did use it wen it worked for about 2 months and each time my mum woke me up i was wet i used to go on camping trips and have a tennt to myself but i got soooo scard that someone would find out i had a scan done o my bladder wich showed up fine i dont drink fizzy drinks dark coloured drinks or citric drinks eg cola strawberry or ornge ive wet the bed since 5 im potty trained i hold my pee and i try and do a pee iven if i no i cant im a boy 13 like i sed plz help my mum used to beat me im jamaican but she got so fed up she actually says she doent care ane more ive ben seeing he doctor fo 3 years now every 6 monht i see her and i rite a journak or diary on wat i drink wen i go to bed and if i wet or not the longest ive gone dry in a row is about 4 days my bnan prays for me ell at least she says she does but ive never been to a sleep ova no ones eva been round mine because my room reaks every day i go to skool i smell and i no i do i polished of 2 colone bottles in 3 weeks someone help i fuking hate my life once i slept on the toilet so that my bed wouldt get wet im sik of dis i just wanna let the miserygo and my mum and brother suffer from the snmel as wel someone plz heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp soz for ieng so long i had to get that of my chest im so sad i just wanna die thnx for reading plz help thnx

    • Why is wetting the bed such a bad thing? I can’t help it.I wear protectives but I still feel guilty.I don’t know why,but just feeling down and feeling a wet patch upsets me.As a guy I feel defeated.I do know it is no big deal;cleaning up might be a hassle,but that is about it.I don’t know,but I think the idea of wetting the bed is the worst.No control.

  60. Hi, meds help alot, I take them I still do it 3 to 4 times a month it doesn’t bother me, I used to get punished as a kid for it. to all of you, keep your head up it’s Okay everyone. think positive

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