Are You Responsible for Comments Left on Your Blog?

If you run a blog, are you responsible for the comments left there?

I always thought that I was NOT responsible until I received a subpoena last week about a court case I wrote about 10 months earlier. I have to testify and give personal information about the commenters on my blog. I guess the defense attorney wants to try and get the case moved outside of Maynard Massachusetts where people don’t know about this blog.

Ahhhh this blog is read nationwide and so are the commenters, Attorney Donald F. DeMayo.

Joseph Magno, a teacher at Maynard High School, was arrested on charges of rape of a child, indecent assault and battery of a child under age of 14, and indecent assault and battery of a child over the age of 14. The charges stem from an alleged high school victim. It pissed me off and I blogged about it.

I guess it was my way of expressing my opinion about this after reading it in a Boston newspaper.

So people have been commenting about this page since it happened and a lot of speculation and accusations have come out on the blog. Some slander and backing up of bother sides but again it was their comments not mine.

I’ve received a few interview requests from newspaper and television reporters and TONS of emails from people thanking me for keeping up the “Magno blog,” after my server going down a few times as it wasn’t able to handle the demand from so many readers.

I’m happy to provide a medium for people to discuss this and get some closure and help from what this guy has done to some of these people. I’ll be in Cambridge Massachusetts court this Monday September 25th to honor the court order (Action No 2006-145) but in no way will I give up any personal information or communication I’ve had with anyone on the blog or about this case unless I am ordered by a judge. And even then I will seek counsel beforehand.

I’ve already received a lot of help from Public Citizen who are a nonprofit consumer advocacy organization

To contact me about this subpoena:

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