Scary Video – How Pepsi Reveals Maggots in Pork

Can someone please explain how Pepsi can bring out maggots in raw pork? As said on the title, it’s a 2 min clip of an experiment some couple conducted. They basically tried to draw maggots from store bought pork by pouring diet pepsi on it. I think you will find the outcome very surprising. not for the faint of heart.

WARNING: NOT FOR FAINT HEARTS!! After seeing the Raw pork and coke video. I decided to pour (not pepsi but) DIET pepsi and the result horrified me! Watch the video until the end to believe it.

So it got me thinking. What does Coke might have affected our stomach? Damn. I heard that the worms in pork doesn’t die even though you cook them. Not sure if it’s true or not but anyway, think about the effect of Coke to your stomach.

Feel free to share your scientific insights.

pepsi-maggots-video maggots-in-pork-video

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