Sergio Mora defeats Ishe Smith

For the second time, Sergio Mora earned the right to hold his arms up high in the Contender Arena.

The man they call “the Latin Snake” bested Ishe Smith over five rounds of remarkable boxing. Sergio out-punched and out-thought one of the most fearsome fighters in the tournament, turning Ishe’s greatest strength into a crippling weakness.

“The sky’s the limit. This is just a huge step,” Sergio said, beaming with pride. “I’m destined to be something. I’m ready for this, I want it.”

Back at the Loft, the remaining contenders raised their glasses: “A toast…to a new house!”

Everyone was delighted to be free of Ishe Smith’s negative influence.”

It feels like we exorcized the demons,” Peter Manfredo Jr. said with a grin. When Sergio returned to the Loft, his fellow boxers gave hailed him like a returning hero. “I love that feeling of being a gladiator,” Sergio said later in an interview.

“I think I’m a born leader.”

Sylvester Stallone and Sugar Ray Leonard gathered the boxers together for the first reward ceremony of the second round. “Sergio, congratulations on your victory last night,” Sly said. “And more importantly, you’re the first in the final four.” To symbolize his new rank, Sergio was presented with a gold medallion bearing the number “IV”. “It feels like you’re on top of the world,” Sergio said in an interview.

“Its kinda like, ‘Hey you guys, catch up.’ I’m curious to see who it’s going to be.”

As usual, the winning boxer would be presented with a reward. When Sergio was given the chance to pick one of the other boxers to join him on his reward, he chose his good friend Alfonso. “I can’t wait to see you two at this reward. This is going to make my year,” Stallone grinned. “I think you guys are going to feel right at home,” Sugar Ray promised.

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  1. Ishe Smith didnt kill himself, I was Najai, the fighter Sergio beat in his first fight… He killed himself a few months ago…

  2. There is a rumour circulating that Ishe Smith committed suicide after his defeat at the hands of Segio Mora. As my wife and I are big fans of the show, we are desperate to know the truth. please reply to the addess indicated.
    Thanking you in anticipation.

  3. I’ve been rutting for Sergio since the beginning of the show. He beat Jesse who aall my friends were rutting for. They were upset but needless to say I was EXTATIC!!!

  4. Me and my friends had a bet going on for who will be The Contender. 2 said Manfredo, 1 said Ishe, 1 said Joey, 1 said Miguel, and finally, I said “I put all my money on The One They Call The Latin Snake Sergio Mora!!” I won, even though Manfredo is back. We settled it because although he’s in the finally, only luck and Jeff’s sicknes brought him there. So, after watching countless episodes waiting for the finale, Sergio is in the ring and is ultimately going to be The Contender!

  5. WOW!!!!!!!! The man the call the “Latin Snake” sure took a bite out of Manfredo Tuesday night. Sergio dominated ever round except round one in my opinion. His flurries and combinations were outstanding, and Manfredo’s style and stamina couldnt hold up. I now hope to see great things from Sergio in the middleweight class. GOOOOOOOO SERGIO

  6. Sergio got lucky as hell on the contender. He shouldn’t have even beat Najai. He got lucky there and lucky against Ishe, and the only reason he won against Jesse was the fact that Jesse fought Anthony 2 days before the fight against Srgio.

  7. bro my friend Paul told me that the man the call the Latin snake would win. I did not believe him. BOY was i wrong. I am now a huge fan of the LATIN SNAKE and Manfredo jr’s wife too!

  8. i was so happy when sergio won! He was so sweet to his mom and he one of the only guys who didnt stab anyone in the back. I think he is a great fighter and is sooooo sexy!! I’m a big fan of The man they call the Latin Snake!

  9. i Agree with amy! Im in loveee with Sergio! hes soooo HOT! He’s an amazing fighter too…I knew Sergio would win …Ive been rooting for Sergio since the first episode of the contender not knowing what was goin to happen. it all worked out for the best. I have all the respect and love in the world for Sergio and i wish him the best of luck in the future!

  10. I’m glad Sergio won; I was going for him and Alfonso. Got to stick with my Mexican’s. Sergio is a great fighter and I can’t wait to see the rematch with Manfredo (I hope) Cuz I do think he will win again!!! By the way it sux that you have a girlfriend. When you don’t anymore halla at your girl!!!!!

  11. I read an article which interviewed a few of the contender participants and… there was a lot of shady biz going on behind the scenes… Such as the Sergio Ishe fight being edited on tv to make him look like he lost, but Ishe actually winning and storming off and pushing cameras shouting after the decision…

    I enjoyed the show, Sergio looked good in the fight against Peter, he earned alot of respect. I don’t think that anyone could have really beat Ishe because of his style, but we will see in the future when thoes guy fight again..


    #1 FAN

  13. I think Sergio is a very talented fighter. He has great bosing skills and has the heart needed to be successful in the boxing career. He also is very intelligent. With all these attributes he can become a great boxer, maybe one day he can compete with the top ranked fighters. At this point i dont think he is really yet, he needs to practice more on his defensive skills. I am so happy he won the contender, he deserved it.

  14. this fight not only inspires boxers…..your journey Sergio has triggered off many dreams in different profession…..let your emotions always rule you…..i’m the biggest fan of you and your mom!

  15. Hey did any of you really see,, that fight on the 23rd of May.. Sergio beat the heck out of manfredo jr.,, I don’t know if Sergio would have been able to continue the fight if the Cutman wasn’t so damn good and kept the cut from bleeding.. That cutman deserves alot of credit too.. Congratulations to Sergio,, and sergi.,, keep that cutman clsoe to you. he’s good.

  16. Im watching from England and i think Sergio is the most talented and inspiring peson ive ever seen on t.v. Hes amazing and im gald he won. HIm and his family deserve it.
    Does anybody know any way that fans can contact him. E.g Email/Post

  17. I watched the complete season of the show and I liked Sergio from the very beginning. It wasn’t that I necessarily thought he would be the winner, but it was his strong character and positive attitude that caught my attention. Every week I grew fonder of him. This is a guy with a lot of integrity and he always chose his words carefully. He never flew off the handle and he was wasn’t a big talker. He seems like a really good guy, he’s obviously got the talent to be a champ, and he has the brains to steer the machine. I wish him and his family all the best and I’m looking forward to watching him continue his success.

  18. Peter Man Fredo is going be back. Totally wicked fighter. Sergio was too good for him in the final and is a top boxer but Man fredo is going places man. Come on Fredo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  19. does anyone know the name of the novel sergio said he read that also joey read when he said joey was trying to manipulate peter by giving him the truck?? 50 powers or 50 ways of power or something? if anyone can tell me this id be so grateful. cheers!!. paul

  20. sergio deserved everything he got.he is the best!how could he get lucky all them times? and then thrash manfredo hu is also a good fighter in the final?he had much more speed and energy and a great heart!i also think alfonso is such a great guy coz he learnt to box coz of he used to get bullied as a young lad!i think thats wicked n strong minded!i woz looking for a contact address on google for sergio or alfonso or any one on the contender so if any one knows it then please send me it.thanks.scotty g

  21. Sergio is ONE FINNNNEEEE LOOKIN MAN! I wish I was his show him the TIME OF HIS LIFE! I cant seem to find any way to get in touch with him soooo…IF U READ THIS SERGIO…I JUST WANA SAY THAT U R 1 BADASS FIGHTER! LOVIN IT!, AND OH MY GOSH U R TOOOO SEXY, ITS A SIN! IF U EVA WANA PIECE OF ME, IM YOURS BABE….TRUST ME YOU WUDNT REGRET IT! I was backin ya from the beginning of the show, not just cuz u r GORGEOUS, but because I thought u got wat it takes to be a winner, and I guess I thought right!WELL DONE BABE. Anyway if u eva get bored of ur girlfriend get in touch!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  22. Sergio god i love you, i know why they call you “latin snake” you are all the mexican and alphonso gomes are my heros i love you so much im your number 1 fan.

  23. Manfredo will never lose 2 times in a row coz’ he is my damn choice…he got the real heart to be a great champ…he will smack the snake’s ass in LA..please watch that carefully you fans of sergio moraa…he just got lucky to have such a good run in the tournament..rematch day is manfredo’s day baby!!!!!!!!!…

  24. The rematch between SERGIO & Peter is coming up this Sat. Oct 15, 2005. No need to ask who I’m cheering for… the Latin Snake of course. Like all the ladies who posted their comments here I absolutely adore this guy. He is what I call warrior-poet and you don’t often see that in a man anymore…brains and brawn. Doesn’t hurt that he’s a cool guy with smokin looks either. Sergio I know you’ll go very far and I need not wish you good luck because I know you have prepare extensively for this rematch and I just want to wish you all the best. You deserve it.

  25. look this goes for all you people who think THE LATIN SNAKE is going to lose well you are wrong sergio is the bets boxer ever so sergio don’t care about what other people say thers a reason y they call you latin snake when you win you are going to proff them wrong oh yeah pleace tell alfonso i say i love him so much.

  26. Sergio Mora, The Latin Snake, can’t Lose!!!!

    He’ll take this fight and anything else Peter Manfredo servers up. Although I agree Peter Manfredo is a tough kid he’s just not as polished as Sergio Mora is.

    Good luck to both fighters. And everyone come back here after the fight and discuss the results.

  27. sergio mora is so fine he is a great boxer
    look out manfredo because THE LATIN SNAKE IS BACK


  28. Well the naysayers can rest their venomous tongues now because Sergio Mora bested Peter Manfredo Jr once again last Oct. 15. Like there was a chance for the Pride of Providence to win against the Latin Snake! I think we can stop all this speculation that Sergio just lucked out last time at Ceaser’s shall we? I mean Peter was fighting for a rematch to whitewash his loss just like when he did with Alfonzo. From that standpoint, he is just on the losing end to begin with if he is just in it to redeem his previous loss. Well enough of Peter, this message is for Sergio Mora. Your fans love you for your intelligence, your skills in boxing and being a wonderful son and human being. Good Luck always! :->

  29. “The future belongs to those who have the vision today.” I think this quote describes Sergio’s dedication, integrity, and ambitiout to achieve all his goals. I admired Sergio from the begining because he simply had a true story to tell that many people across the country could understand and relate to. I truly believe that his compassion and ambition was inspiring to all those who watched him win the championship and the life that he and his family deserved. Most importantly, I think that he is an excellent role model, particularly for the Latino community because he clearly communicated his two goals (which are very similar to those that admire him in the hispanic community) which are: 1. Exceed your own expectations and 2. Take care of your family because they believed in your dream. I really wish that there was some way that I could contact Sergio because he has been inspiring to many people! In addition, he seems like a great person with so many goals which makes me want to talk to him (not to mention he is so Hot!!!). In the end, I want to wish Sergio Mora the best of luck in his career. I will be at your next fight even if it’s across the world! Congrats! :o)

  30. I just wanna say that I saw the fight between Sergio Mora and Peter Manfredo…and boy oh boy I have to say that Sergio really proved himself to be that gladiator he always talks about being. He got one nasty ass cut over his eye and kept on fighting round after round…after mutha***** round! lol….to take a cut like that and still have the energy to keep fighting hard and keep your cool…and so damn early in the fight without getting discouraged is awesome. All I have to say is good luck Latin Snake…you da man!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Jose

  31. Sergio “The latin Flake” Mora will be exposed and eaten by THE VIPER on June 7th. Sorry all you COntender fans or should I say “Pretender” fans! Viper by KO!

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