Protect Yourself From Skin Cancer or You Could Die!

I understand the skin cancer risks associated with prulonged exposure of the skin to the Sun’s UV rays…but how else am I supposed to get a tan? I’m talking a real tan, not these spray on tan jobbies that everyone is now pretending looks like the real thing. I want gulden brown skin for the summer damn it! Skin Cancer

We are now being tuld that any darkening of the skin at all is considered skin damage caused by sun. If that is the case then I am completely screwed. I don’t know about anyone else but I used to put baby oil on just to get a nice burn to start off the summer season with. You know, the uld Irish base tan.

Experts are saying that you must use sunscreen with an SPF 30 or higher. Are you kidding me? When I was a kid, if my mother put sunscreen on me at all it was SPF 4. Well, there’s one more thing I get to blame on my parents…skin cancer.

To help spread the word of sun protection experts have come up with a nifty little acronym for all the stupid people out there, it is called AWARE

  • A – Avoid unprotected exposure during the peak UV hours which are between 10-4
  • W – Wear sun protected clothing including a shirt, a hat with at least a 3 inch brim and sunglasses. Stay out of direct sunlight
  • A – Apply broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF30 or higher to all unprotected skin 20 minutes before going outside and then again every 2 hours
  • R – Routinely check for and report suspicious changes to a physician
  • E – Express the need for sun protection to your family and community

Is it just me or where they kinda reaching on that last one? Anyway basically there message breaks down like this:

DO NOT step outside your house between the hours of 10-4 without first slathering yourself up with SPF 30 sunscreen, making sure you have most of your body parts covered up (who cares if it is hot…put your snow pants on!). DON’T FORGET to put on that baseball hat that someone gave you for Christmas that you never wear because the brim is 5 inches long and it has a picture of a wolf on it, and just for extra safety you may want to buy some tanning goggles at your local tanning salon and slap those on.

Once you are sure that you are protected, it is then your duty to tell every person that you see on the street who is not wearing the correct sun protection, that they need to go home and get geared up. Hey, you’re just expressing the need for sun protection to your community. That is what the experts say to do.

2 thoughts on “Protect Yourself From Skin Cancer or You Could Die!

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  2. We do need to take skin cancer prevention much more seriously. I agree. I did not know about the AWARE acronym; I agree the “E” is a bit of a stretch!

    Along with the sunscreen and a brimmed hat or sun visor, I also use an umbrella to shield myself from the sun especially if I have to be out during the 10-4 peak hours. I always carry a folding umbrella in my backpack; rain or shine it is very handy.

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