Brush Up on Your Mobster Slang Before The Sopranos Final Season Starts

Italian Sopranos slang

Italian Sopranos slangFor those of us that aren’t “connected” but wanna sound like we are, I’ve put together a list of some mobster slang words and their meanings. I think this will come in handy should you find yourself at an Italian wedding, an Italian Bakery or in your living room watching The Sopranos and pretending you’re “in the family” (oh, like I’m the only one that does that).

Goomba – Term of affection or respect.
ex: That Tony Soprano is a stand up guy, a real goomba

Zu – literal translation is uncle. Term used as affection and respect for a senior member of the underworld.
ex: Uncle Junior was considered a zu until he shot Tony Soprano.

Shylock – a financial racketeer who loans money with enormous interest rates.
ex: I borrowed money from Jimmy the Shylock and had my legs broken because I couldn’t make my weekly payment.

Junk – Narcotics
ex: Christopher Soprano was hooked on the junk.

Made – When an associate of the family is formally inducted into the Mafia. A made guy is a member of the family for life.
ex: You can’t whack Tony Soprano he is a made guy.

Friend of ours – a term used to inform one member of the family that a new acquaintance they are meeting is also a member.
ex: I would like you to meet Pauly Walnuts, he is a friend of ours.

So there you have it. Now maybe when the Sopranos final season starts you’ll understand the mafia slang a little better.

You can feel like one of the crew. Next you’ll be ordering at a deli calling the hot capicola “hot gabigole” and mozzarella cheese “mootzudel” just like the Italians do.

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