Stephon Marbury Supports Michael Vick – Open Mouth Insert Basketball Shoe

Unlike Stephon Marbury of the New York Nicks, I don’t consider Michael Vicks “alleged” animal cruelty to be a “sport”. Stephon Marbury spoke out about his thoughts on the Michael Vick federal dogfighting charges while promoting his new basketball shoe…his publicity people must LOVE him.

I haven’t had too much to say on the whole Micheal Vick dog controversy…until now. I just figured that saying Michael Vicks acts of animal cruelty were horrible and atrocious, is like saying that I think Cancer or AIDS is bad news.

So Stephon Marbury thinks that dogfighting is a sport just like hunting, only it’s kept behind closed doors. Is this one of the stupidest statements you have heard in a long time or what? Of course dogfighting is kept behind closed doors…it’s illegal. That pretty much shoots down the dogfighting is a sport theory.

I understand that the people who were involved in the dogfighting think that this is a sport but keep in mind that there are some people who would consider hunting and killing humans to be a sport…it still doesn’t make it right.

More Than The Comment Is The Timing

Did Stephon Marbury actually think that while promoting the release of his new basketball shoe in Albany, NY that this would be the perfect time to speak out in support of Michael Vick? This can’t be something that he talked over with his people. “Hey I’m going to show my support for enemy number one…that will get America buying my new shoes.”

Queue The Damage Control Team

I wasn’t the only one who noticed the incredibly bad timing of Stephon Marbury’s supportive comments about Michael Vick. It seems that some of his “people” must have noticed this also.

As of today Stephon Marbury has changed is tune. Earlier today Stephon Marbury released this statement: “What Michael Vick did was wrong, and he has admitted his guilt,” Marbury said in a statement released by the Knicks to New York newspapers. “He should be punished. However, he should be given a second chance, as others have received for more serious crimes.”

Fair enough. But when asked about his opinion on this whole subject matter in the first place Stephon Marbury should have replied: no comment.

What Have We Learned?

If you are promoting something like, oh I don’t know…the release of the Stephon Marbury’s Starbury One shoe maybe you shouldn’t be speaking out in support of someone who has already admitted that they have committed a crime. This goes for whether or not you think this person deserves support…just keep your mouth shut.

5 thoughts on “Stephon Marbury Supports Michael Vick – Open Mouth Insert Basketball Shoe

  1. A sport is a sport whether it’s legal or not. Just as a drug is a drug whether it’s legal or not.
    So much pure hypocrisy concerning so-called animal “cruelty”. It doesn’t matter how many cattle prods are used to train those prancing “dressage” horses for competition. And those horses are considered “pets” too.

    Steroids used in Beef production result in Bulls too powerful to be allowed to mate with Cows, which are given so much estrogen they are abnormally soft and fragile. So Bulls are forced to have sex with each other.

    Add to this the practice of feeding cattle the brains of other cattle.

    Yes folks, Homosexual, Cannibal Cows.

    It’s OK to if our cattle are forced to adopt the habits of a Jeffrey Dahmer it seems.

    Some folks keep mice as pets. Some folks would feed the same mouse to their pet snake.

    It’s still legal to shoot a horse with a broken leg if I’m not mistaken.

    When you think about it, Michael Vick isn’t being convicted of a MORAL crime. He’s actually being convicted of the crime of bad taste.

    Come on folks!! Meat packing companies are still allowed to have rat feces in their meat products. And then market the product to HUMANS.

    American outrage is so disgusting.

    Police can shoot unarmed citizens hundreds of times. AFTER THEIR DEAD. And there is no universal AMERICAN outrage because of the color of their skin.

    I guess PITBULLS are now ahead of BLACK PEOPLE in the AMERICAN CASTE SYSTEM now.


    Because we are still supposed to beleive that TAWANA BRAWLEY’s SURVIVAL INSTINCT would not have made her claw her way out of a plastic bag if she were conscious when she was put in.

  2. I believe that it past due. Its over with Micheal Vick is a great Football player,and what he did was indeed wrong. But he has already admitted so an been punished for it, a little harsh but still. there are still today men, women, and even children being kiddnapped and killed. people!!!
    But micheal Vick is still being poporotzzeed for just fighting “dogs”.
    what about the people. like Jeana 6!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Lets talk about something else, it’s not like he ed someone, kidnapped someone, caused a threat, or blew something up, or threatened America!!!

    These people need to leave Micheal Vick alone an let him do what he needs to do now to get his life back on track.

    like i said before he’s admitted to the fighting, and punished for that, to much i think but still.

    Where is the justice about these people coming up missing, kids being killed, and African-American boys being put on trial for fighting but not just them were fighting???

    14th amendment needs to be read!!!

    No what Stephon Marbury said was not the stuppidest thing i ever heard, this is!!!
    these people downing Micheal Vick Making cards an websites to let him know what he done was wrong- I THINK HE KNOWS HE EVEN SAID SO!!!

    Were are the websites to all these people there kids?

  4. Hes not saying dogfighting is a sport and therefore should be allowed. Hes merely pointing out the hypocrisy of Michael Vick getting into such trouble because of animal cruelty while people are still allowed to hunt and kill animals for sport and pleasure.

    Why can a person go out and shoot an absolutely defenseless deer with a high powered rifle but if they put two dogs, trained to fight, and each with atleast a chance of survival, (something that the deer being picked off by a hunter from hundreds of yards away does not have) in a fight, they go to prison?

    Its bullshit, people dont give a a crap about the treatment of animals until they find a famous scapegoat to attack.

    People are allowed to train their dogs to go out and attack other animals while hunting, so whats the difference between that and dogfighting?

    I love animals and am in no way supportive of dogfighting, but there is just way too much hypocrisy.

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