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In 3 months, voters across the Commonwealth will head to the polls for the critically important 2006 election. It has been 20 years — far too long — since we elected a Democratic governor here at home. Massachusetts, like so much of the country, is ready for a change.

That’s why the Democratic Coordinated Campaign in Massachusetts has organized a series of cookouts in support of Massachusetts Victory ’06, the impressive grassroots organization that we Democrats are building to help Democratic candidates win in 2006. Several cookouts have already been held, and a dozen more are planned throughout the Commonwealth that you can sign up for today.

I’ll be at the Lexington grassroots cookout on Sunday, August 13 to show my support for Massachusetts Victory ’06, and I hope you can join me. If you cannot attend this cookout or if you simply live too far away from Lexington, please consider participating in another cookout or making a donation in support of Massachusetts Victory ’06.

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A “Summer of Democratic Action” is underway. That’s what we are calling the key summertime organizing initiative for Victory ’06. And it is all about neighbors talking to neighbors and fighting for a better future for Massachusetts. Already this month, in every region of the state, hundreds of precinct captains and volunteers are engaging in door-to-door canvasses, phone banks, house parties, and cookouts, spreading the Democratic message. With your help and participation, we can further build this program and strengthen the fall campaign effort.

I know what incredible things you can do when you join together at the grassroots level. I saw it throughout the 2004 campaign when you knocked on doors, picked up the phones, passed the hat, and helped us turn out a tremendous vote for Democrats in the general election. I am convinced that you can make that same extraordinary impact this year.

Yes, I would like to attend a cookout | No, I cannot attend but would like to make a donation anyway

I hope you and your family can join me on August 13 or attend another cookout to support Massachusetts Democrats. Together, with a Democratic Party re-energized at the grassroots, and with outstanding candidates offering strong leadership, we can achieve victory in November.

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