The Laptop Lifestyle I Want to Live

20120802-002053.jpgWoke up from a dream (nightmare?) this morning wondering why I’m driving 2 hours a day to and from a job that can be done from practically anywhere in the world. And why am I putting up with this daily aggravation at a fixed income and making some other person’s company wealthy. As hard as I work it doesn’t matter, I still bring home the same paycheck.

I can see it from the business owner too. They start a company and need help growing it into a profit driven revenue generating machine so they can sit back and profit. So they hire people at a fair wage and demand good work for their salary they’re paying out. They hired me because someone saw an article I wrote about using social media for small business marketing and then offered me a job. I get it.

But I don’t want to have to retire at 67 or so and wished I went out on my own and took charge of my life. I’ve seen relatives of mine stop working late into their 60’s and when it’s time to slow down and enjoy their lives and families, they can barely get out of the chair.

So who am I and who am to complain driving on my way to work at 7:30 am talking into my iPhone recording and transcribing this blog post using Dragon Naturally Speaking? Maybe you’ve seen me on Larry King Live or been to my social media cheating website talking about how people use social media for their personal

Ya see I’m an online marketer, Lowell MA photographer, wannabe entrepreneur and Dad. Those are my hobbies, passions and jobs. Not in any order of importance of course. I’m always thinking of how I can work less and achieve more.

So on my way to work and stuck in 5 mph traffic on the highway I’m thinking what can I do to put together and create a website or online business where I’m the boss. There’s plenty of “get rich from home” books out there you can read that will hype you up and start making Millions from the comfort of your poolside chair. I’ve bought some of them and I know for a fact that they’re not all that practical.

It’s smarter in my opinion to create a sustainable business that will generate revenue regardless of trends, seasons or the economy. I’ve built websites and sold them for great money but that money goes away quicker than you acquired it and then your left with nothing. One website I made sold for $30,000 a few years back. I put $10k in the bank and the rest of it disappeared into furniture, flat screen tv’s, vacations and even loaning a friend money who conveniently disappeared shortly afterward.

Last night I was looking at a list of all the domain names I own. If there was a decent website for each one I would be in a great position.

But there’s not. Know why?

It takes hard work to make money online. Enough traffic and revenue where you don’t have to constantly sit down at night at the dinner table and look over at your 10 year old son and think that you’d like to spend more time with him.

Like tomorrow.

Like you don’t want to go to work and run meaningless weekly reports for some executive that doesn’t care about them much or even understand them.

So what I’ll be doing over the next few weeks is documenting what I’m doing to build up my business. I’ll share how and why I’ll be doing things so those that read this can follow along. Maybe if you decide to do the same share in the comments or send me an email.

3 thoughts on “The Laptop Lifestyle I Want to Live

  1. Ken

    How, thanks for sharing your story. Watched the Larry King interview…..tough stuff to deal with.

    Really looking forward to seeing your progress on building a sustainable business.

    I totally get what you’re saying about the balance between creating businesses and time with the family.

    I could spend significantly more time building websites, however it would take away from the time I spend with the kids and my wife.

    Everything is a balance and time is the limited resource.



  2. I hope you’re doing well now. I’m just starting myself, but I’m taking this as a hobby that I can use for another job involving a service company. It will take a lot of effort but I do hope it pays out in my older days.

  3. Thanks for sharing your great story. I really see your points and from my point of view you’re really doing the most you can given your situation.

    And as Phil Jensen said; everything really is a balance. But I think you can achieve that balance, but maybe tip the scale more towards the family bit as money always seem to come around anyway.

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