The Secret of The Secret

There are many contradictory views on The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. The Secret movie was released on DVD. I didn’t see the movie. I read The Secret book. I’ll tell you what the secret of The Secret really is.

In the book, The Secret, the basic principle is the law of attraction. This law of attraction states that like attracts like. If you are feeling and thinking certain thoughts the law of attraction is going to bring more of the same type of feelings and thoughts. Good or bad.

I do believe in the law of attraction. I think of times when I have been around someone who constantly sees and speaks about the negative side to a situation. If you allow yourself to listen to these type of ideas they do bring more negative ideas into your own head.

Perfect Example of Negative Thought Attracting More Negative Thought

Have you ever had a negative person sit near you at work? The person that is never happy with their job, the people around them or even the entire company that they work for. I have. I’ve allowed myself to go over to the dark side for periods of time. This person was so open with their negative views that it brought me down. I would end up saying “You know what? This place really does suck!”

I had allowed their negative thoughts room in my brain. Once I did that, the law of attraction kicked in. I attracted more negative thoughts. I then perceived my job, my co-workers, even the company as being negative and if I perceived it as being negative it truly was negative. I made it that way with the type of thoughts I was having.

The Secret of The Secret

The law of attraction is the principle of The Secret. So what is the secret of The Secret? It is positive thought and visualization. You may say “sitting around and thinking positively doesn’t work, I’ve done it”. But have you really? I thought I had but I was wrong. You have to get in the habit of thinking differently than you probably do right now.

Instead of thinking “jeez I have such bad credit” You should think “I’m going to repair my credit”. When your thoughts are focusing on your bad credit the law of attraction is then going to magnetize further bad credit. If you are thinking about repairing your credit the law of attraction is then going to magnetize things that will repair your credit.

If you learn to put a positive spin on your thoughts, you are more likely to attract positive outcomes to what you are thinking about. The book, The Secret, goes into more detail about techniques you can use to create more positive thoughts and also about how to visualize what you want.

If You Don’t Completely Buy Into The Secret

So you are finding it hard to believe the principle law of attraction explained in The Secret? Ok. Start off without really thinking too much into it. Just think about the fact that positive thoughts will keep you feeling better than negative thoughts. If you are feeling happy there is no way that your thoughts are negative. It just doesn’t work that way. It goes both ways. If you are feeling down then you are not thinking positive thoughts.

First you start with your actual feelings. Next time you are having an off day and are feeling a little down concentrate on some positive things. You will see that you can actually turn your mood right around. Once you are able to do that, you will see that there is a benefit to this type of thought process. Then maybe you will expand on it. Maybe you will start visualizing some things that you want. You will see that if nothing else, you will feel more positive.

I know that when I was done reading The Secret I felt very hopeful and optimistic. Something that makes me feel that way can’t be all bad can it?

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