Tony Soprano is DEAD

Tony Soprano got shot by Uncle Junior? There’s no way that could be the end of Tony. Maybe he’ll have some life altering change when he recovers. Or maybe he’ll loose the fat stomach of his in the hospital. With Carmella worrying about her new Porche, her husband is dying on the floor.

The only thing I can see is that 911 will trace the call and paramedics will show up and save Tony Soprano before he dies. Uncle Junior ran upstairs and hid in the closet like a bitch but that guy is whacked out anyways now. And what the hell did he say right before he shot Tony?

What’s up with no Sopranos previews for next week too?

In a deal that will extend the run of the most successful series in the history of cable television for another year, HBO announced that “The Sopranos” will not end with its next season starting in March, but will continue with an additional eight episodes starting in January 2007.

The drama about a New Jersey mob family has won more Emmy awards than any other show on cable TV and has frequently drawn audiences larger than programs competing against it on broadcast networks, even though HBO is available in only about a third as many homes.

get ready for the new Sopranos season

36 thoughts on “Tony Soprano is DEAD

  1. Noo Tony can’t be dead. The show would probably lose about 60% of it’s viewers if his character is done. Junior said something not English, probably some foreign war cry that they say when they are about to shoot someone. He’s a nutjob. And I think they didnt show a preview, cuz they would have to have tony in the preview; alive, or in a box. The art of suspense…

  2. Yea no kidding! I can’t believe they didn’t even foreshadow that Tony Soprano was in jeopardy of being shot or even killed. Things are going well between Tony and Carmilla.

    • Are you kidding? Phil Leotardo put a hit out on Tony. Bobby Bacclieri and Silvo Dante had already been killed with a day or so of Tony’s hit. What more did we need to be given to know Tony’s days were numbered?

  3. Tony isn’t dead…
    Just a flesh wound with all that belly. Junior is definitely gonna be either sent to a nursing home or to live with Tony’s sister…which she will not like at all, but she will deal with because of what happened to Tony.
    As far as that hitman guy who killed himself…

    What’s up with Johnny Sac’s wife? It looked like she digitally imposed herself on those photos….
    Last thing…What’s the name of the guy who was on that Celebrity Weight Loss show who got caught by Meadow’s Bf suckin some other guy off…did you see him walk away with the hot dog…I almost peed myself laughing….

  4. I guess the hitman killed himself so his wife gets some insurance money to move to FL, his kid is on drugs and there’s no way out for him now that he’s in the family. GOod to see some old fashion WHACKING going on again on the Sopranos.

    Yea something weird was going on when Jonny Sac was looking at those photo’s with the 2 girls and his wife. Man she’s a biggin!!

  5. Here’s an interesting theory. I am a big fan of Memento, the film by Christopher Nolan where the story is told backward. Could it be that Episode One Season Six is really the end of the story. Will everything this season be a backstory leading up to Uncle Junior gut shooting Tony and killing him?

  6. Art, I love that theory!! I read some preview, of the first show, and it said there was an ‘ironic twist that no one will guess’, so I”m wondering if he IS dead….

  7. Yea I’m not sure what he said but it was somehting in another language for sure. Probally some old Italian phrase you say right before you kill someone.

    The idea of running the whole season in reverse might happen but they wre picked up for another season in 2007 also so I doubt they are going to run the Sopranos that long with Tony Soprano.

  8. Uncle Junior, suffering from dementia, thinks Tony is “Little Pussy” Malanga breaking into his house, and shoots him in the abdomen. Tony is left bleeding on his uncle’s kitchen floor after dialing 911.

  9. Art Riley, interesting theory, but tottally wrong and stupid, I’ve already read the information of the next episode. It isn’t a recap. “Jersey mourns over the loss of a member” which can be the dumbass who hung himself. “Tony has trouble with a buisness trip”……. Thats all.

  10. A small comment made by A.J. in episode 67, “I’m gonna put a bullet in his m/f mummy head”, leads me to believe that A.J. may join the family. He can’t hit Uncle Junior in his present state because he isn’t made, but he could get made and then swear revenge on Junior. Meanwhile, Carmela is in a terrible state. Is Tony gonna be ina coma the WHOLE SEASON?

  11. Worst episode ever. Even worse than the stupid dream episode. not a big fan to spend $15 clams a month for this crap. I’ll have to watch some real sex 8034083429384.

  12. My friend just told me that the word Jr says before he shoots him is Big Pussy’s last name (remember him from a few seasons ago? he ratted and they shot him) maybe jr thot he was pussy!

  13. It’s nice to see Tony alive and the previews show him talking again. I was going to cancel and boycott the last season if Tony didn’t wake up from the coma.

    more wrinkles than an old lady’s c*nt. Best line of the night!

  14. ok i live in new zealand and this season of sopranos started 2 weeks ago 2nd of august, so can any one tell me if tony dies, my girlfriend keeps reading the tv guide to see what happens two weeks before, and thinks because it sez tony gets in trouble on a business trip, that he must survive

  15. haha dont worry, i read it all on the hbo website still hasnt spoiled it for me, but my girlfriend is doing the “i told you so”.

  16. It’s ranting, crazy, violence-seeking, soap opera fans like you who give those who see “The Sopranos” as literature a bad name. Chill the fuck out, man, and start thinking realistically.

    And yeah I know this was six or so months ago, but Jesus.

  17. Alot of people assume that Tony Soprano may be dead and is dreaming about all of this stuff that happens.
    The next time the final season comes on of the sopranos the way I look at it Tony is still alive only in his mind. All of his mob family members are just about gone except for pauile and sil who Sil is still lade up in the hospital after being shot by some Itailns from Italy. The only person tony can rely on at the momment is Pauile. Ferriou the man that carmella is in love with ends up killing tony without the his family knowing about it. Some how Ferriou ends up being with carmella for the rest of his life with the family knowing that Tony is dead.
    Some how Paulie finds out that Tony has been shot again and now is dead. Paulie ends up tellin the family about what happen to Tony. Carmella now realizes that Ferriou had killed her husband and goes after him to try to kill him. And that all I know for right now.

  18. Well as we all know by now, tony did not die. But for all those still wondering what brought on the shooting, I will fill you in. While Tony was downstairs, Junior shouted “Who’s down there?!” Tony responded by calling himself the singer who was playing on the record in the backround. When Junior walks into the room, he shouts “Die Melanga!” Now for you who may not know or remember. Johnny “Pussy” Malenga was Juniors old enemy from the first season. Junior originally wanted to whack pussy in their favourite dining establishment. But when Tony had the place burned down, the hit was dropped. So because Junior had lost his mind, he had thought Tony was Melanga breaking into his home to try to kill him.

  19. yes hes dead, the series ended. How come when darth vader bit the bullet no one was saying, ahhh hes not dead.
    the last few seconds was us in Tony Sopranos body, not hearing or seeing anything because he was shot in the head by the guy going to the washroom. Tony ruined alot of lifes and therefore the hit could of came from anyone. Meadow was the guardian angle who wasn’t there to protect Tony, leaving Tony the only one seating on his side of the table which gives the guy a clear shot to tonys head from behind.
    Tony dies with his family witnessing his death, which is what makes it the worst hit of the series. But we don’t see this since David Chase gave us the last few seconds of Tony Sopranos life in his body. hence the black out and no sound…. death.

  20. So glad Fat Tony got it. Gandolfini is a fat bum, how’s his career doing now? Hope you saved your money pig turd.

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