Tony Soprano is DEAD

Tony Soprano got shot by Uncle Junior? There’s no way that could be the end of Tony. Maybe he’ll have some life altering change when he recovers. Or maybe he’ll loose the fat stomach of his in the hospital. With Carmella worrying about her new Porche, her husband is dying on the floor.

The only thing I can see is that 911 will trace the call and paramedics will show up and save Tony Soprano before he dies. Uncle Junior ran upstairs and hid in the closet like a bitch but that guy is whacked out anyways now. And what the hell did he say right before he shot Tony?

What’s up with no Sopranos previews for next week too?

In a deal that will extend the run of the most successful series in the history of cable television for another year, HBO announced that “The Sopranos” will not end with its next season starting in March, but will continue with an additional eight episodes starting in January 2007.

The drama about a New Jersey mob family has won more Emmy awards than any other show on cable TV and has frequently drawn audiences larger than programs competing against it on broadcast networks, even though HBO is available in only about a third as many homes.

get ready for the new Sopranos season

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